Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mommy's Temper Tantrum

Often times I find my self asking others,how do you deal with the stress of being a mother? I get different answers that will sometimes help me but really hasn't stopped me from having a tantrum or two. Yes, Mamas have temper tantrums too. If you say you don't then you might not know how to identify it. A child's tantrum comes from not getting their way most often. A mother's tantrum comes from bottled up frustration, stress, or reoccurring problems. So how do you calm down a mommy tantrum? Here are a few of my tips that may or may not work. Sometimes you have to scream or stomp for a couple minutes.

  • Remove yourself from everyone and breathe
  • Take some time out to read the bible. (I usually read scriptures about anger)
  • Keep a journal and write out how you feel and things you go through as a way to vent out any emotions you might have.
  • Take time to pray about your situation or problem.
  • Get a punching bag and beat the crap out of it. LOL
  • Go running for awhile, it sometimes clears the mind.

If all else fails do your "Rumpelstiltskin Dance" until you get it out, lol. I'm just playing think about what is really making you mad and go from there. Try to fight to get over the anger and find the source of it.

-Peace Mamas

Friend or Foe

When we grow up we learn about friendship and enemies. The process of choosing between the two can be hard for some and very easy for others. At times we tend to call anyone a friend because they are nice to us or talk to us frequently. What is friendship based off of? Is it the girls you grew up with for years? Is it the co worker at your job? Is it your sister? Is it the woman you met a few days ago? Is it the person that sent you a friendship email? It is said you must try a friend to find out if they are worthy or not to be called one. As women I find a lot of black women will say I don't deal with women because they are too catty. So some women will find so called friendship among men. Other women only have a few they are close too. While others run in cliches of women. Experiences happen to make you choose any of the choices above. I wonder at times could friends you believe you tested be enemies? I have seen many times before lies, secrets, and most of all jealousy circle around friends destroying relationships. Friends can be the medicine of life but be careful who is feeding you poison. Conflict will occur in relationships but honesty, trust, and loyalty must be the foundation in order to resolve any problem. In closing of this blog , I examine my self to say have I been a good friend? Think about it, I know I will.

-Peace Mamas

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Beauty Health Tip

Hey Mamas, want to know a way to have a good start that will last through the day?

A simple thing you can do is stretch in the morning. Before you do anything stretch out your muscles. You will feel so much better. We often unconsciously stretch our limbs while sitting at work or in many other places that have you stagnated in one position. You don't have to exercise to stretch or be a certain age.

Many benefits come from stretching such as

  • More energy throughout the day
  • Helps the circulation of blood
  • Enhances your coordination
  • Increases your range of motion
  • Reduces muscle tension.

Remember to use stretching and your daily wake up routine and get the little ones involved. Your body will thank you.

-Peace Mamas

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lies from the start bring dirty shame

I woke up a little early than usual because I had left on the T.V. Surprising to my eyes the Jerry Springer show was on. It's not a habit for me to watch this show but something made me not change the channel. I saw a black woman sitting on the stage with her legs crossed waiting for the show to begin. Taking a closer look I knew she was a man. A Mama knows her own kind,lol. Jerry starts asking her questions about her being a man and when did she become a so called woman. Well this man has been pretending to be a woman since he was a child. He had begun his sex change but hadn't got rid of "bob". The man had got in a relationship pretending to be a woman. When he revealed he was a woman the man beat the living crap out of him. So now he must come tell another man he has lied about the truth of his identity but of course on national television. So they bring out his boyfriend that comes out and kisses him on the lips. He tells his boyfriend (Shawn )he is a man. Now the shock on this man's face words can't express. I wont ever forget his face. We all know what happen after that, he wanted to whip the she man's ass!!! I'm sorry there is no other way to say it. She man tells him I didn't mean to hurt you and all the cliche madness a she man would say in that type of situation.
The relationship started off with lies and illusions. Often we begin relationships like this and wonder why it comes to a shameful ending. She man knew he was a man and had his boyfriend moving in knowing the lie he held within. At times we lie so much we begin to believe our lies are true. If you start off with false images of your self instead of showing the real you only a negative outcome will manifest. On the other hand the boyfriend should had really examined the person he was getting involved with. Shawn jumping in head first with the love of she man's beauty, moved in with her after only 4 months. Mr. Shawn never paid close attention to his mate to know she was a man. The crazy thing is he slept in the bed with she man. Sometimes in a relationship the evidence of your mate being a liar is right in front of you, but you convince your self all is well. Both sides are to blame for the shame that comes from lies. The sad thing is Shawn forgot we live in a sick world where lies are the foundation of society.
-Peace Mamas

Friday, December 12, 2008

A better reflection

In "the 2ND gate of hell" I wait for my number to be called. While waiting a woman comes in with her daughter. The lady next to me knows the woman and they greet one another. "She gets on my nerves... I can't stand her", said the woman with the little girl. I look at the child and then look at her. The woman stands there looking at her daughter annoyed as the child smiles back at her. The little girl is full of life with light in her eyes and a sweet little voice. I smile at her and think she looks just like her mother but better. The mother doesn't look that great, but I believe once upon a time she looked very similar to her daughter.
Life has taken over the mothers looks as the child is full of youth. Our little ones are only better reflections of us. One day our children will have little ones that are greater than them. I have a mini me that looks just like me. I look at his eyes and see me. I only hope that he is better than me. As I look at my own reflection I wonder has life got the best of me? Will my own children see the frustration and tiredness in my eyes? I don't cast judgement on the woman I saw but she made me wonder about my self. Our mirror image doesn't just reflect from a mirror but reflects also from our child's eyes.
-Peace Mamas

Be careful what u say...

Hey Mamas, If your not from Baltimore then you wont know our Mayor Sheila Dixon. She has been a little firecracker lately. I write this blog not to say how great she is but how selfish she has been. Ms. Dixon received a raise in her salary while others lower on the scale suffer. Its been reported the city council use money on frivolous things and spend tax payers money. Ms. Dixon gets on television and tells the public she deserves her raise and has a family to support. I'm thinking and no one else works or has a family. I say do a good job as Mayor first before you say you deserve something. After seeing how others reacted about her response Sheila now wants to donate her raise to charity,lol.
Sorry Ms. Dixon, your too late you said how you felt and you cant take it back. What would you see if you remained in front of a camera? Many people on reality shows always say after the show that's not me they edited it to make me look bad. Words can't be changed after you say it on live television. Often we say things or do things to others that cant be taken back. You can say sorry but that person wont forget your words. I my self have said harsh things to others. I think its even worse when your in a high position on the news speaking reckless. Words to the wise listen more than you speak, choose your words carefully, and think about how your actions might affect others. I know we all have to work on this but Sheila you can't erase your words by saying you had an epiphany over night. You were selfish and all of Baltimore knows it.
-Peace Mamas

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Give me a minute to my self !!!

I get up 3am usually on the dot. I don't know why I guess that's the schedule the little boy in my womb has me on. Around that time I get time to my self to think, eat(yes I eat 3am in the morning), read, or study. Today my ritual was rudely interrupted by a crying baby boy sliding down the steps to find me downstairs on the computer. You never know how grand your me time is until someone ruins it. As I type my blog Mr. Pharez is laying on me now pinching my lips.

Everyone needs a little me time. Mamas definitely need a little me time to reflect upon their day, their thoughts, or to just get caught up on anything they haven't done in a while. My twin will sit and read a magazine cover to cover and don't interrupt her,lol. I find that amazing because I just look at pictures half the time. Take out a minute to your self everyday. I promise you wont regret it. Hey, if a certain little on tries to interrupt it act like their not there, lol. Well That's it for me today Mamas, I cant ignore the face of a certain little one that wants me to go back to sleep with him.

-Peace Mamas

The Growth of a Great Woman

My sister, my close friend, my ace, and the list can go on forever is getting married. I am so very excited for her because she is an amazing woman. When I first met her in Owings Mills Mall I never knew what our relationship would become, but I watched her grow into a new person. The girl I knew became a woman before my eyes. I know after she is married her growth will continue.
When your a little girl all you do is think of the day you will be older like your mother or big sister. You blink your eyes and here you are in the midst of growth. Growing up doesn't end when you become a woman it continues and keeps changing. Some women look like women but still act like girls. Some little girls look like young ladies but try to act like women.
Growth is a process that Christ will guide you through. You don't have to push or force the process. As a woman growing into something great recognize the opportunities before you for that change.
A caterpillar would never change into a beautiful butterfly if it never made the cocoon...
Peace Mamas

Friday, December 5, 2008

Give the gift of a beauty this winter

Treat your self or someone else to a nice beauty treatment this winter!
Buy gift certificates for someone special...

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Beauty Tip Reminder

Hey Mamas,
If you forgot the best way to not have crusty lips this winter you must do this...
When you brush your teeth brush your lips as well. you can do it during or after. Always do this once a day and your lips should stay chap free.
Don't forget give your lips some hydration after a good scrubbing.
-Peace Mamas

Beauty Tip 4 a Wonderful Morning!!!

Hey Mamas! Need a morning energizer treatment.
Here are 2 ways to get you bright and refreshed for the day.
Play up beat fun music while washing your face and putting on makeup.
Scrub your body with a Coffee Scrub!!!
All you need is 1cup of coffee and some shower gel.
Mix it together and get scrubbing!
Have fun!!!
-Peace Mamas

Life is full of disappointments

Two days a go I got the news I'm having a little boy. I was very disappointed because I really wanted a girl. I thought I would have tons of girls not 5 boys, lol. Yes, I might sound selfish and ungrateful and sorry if I offend. I felt just like the frowning little girl in the picture. I was sad and had my time to be upset and disappointed.

Life can be full of disappointments but we must always remember the good things in our life. There is nothing wrong with being disappointed. My girl Qee let me know it's okay and I know that because I wont stay in that feeling forever. I can't say this is the last baby for me. I will leave it in the Lord's hands. I love my boys never get it twisted but that wont stop me from wanting a girl.

Times are getting hard and there will be major and minor disappointments in you life. Your life wont wont seem so bad if you keep in mind all the great things & people within it. Feel disappointed but don't stay there and let it fester. Keep it moving Mamas!!!

-Peace Mamas

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We all sometimes have 2 hang up the cape...

I saw my mother do it all from taking care of us, going to work, picking up my father, and so much more. As a child I never stopped to think how hard she worked. In my mind that was how she was and liked doing those things. Although sometimes we would hear her fuss she still was the one cooking and cleaning until we were old enough to help. We still depended on her for many other things.

Now I have my own children and find it funny that they don't care if your tired or sick they want you to do it all. I went to my doctor last week and she has in her mind I have it all together. I guess because she believes most of her patients with a lot of children and on the next one look like a train wreak hit them. I come in dressed, hair, and makeup done. The only reason I do this is because I don't want to lose all of me. I do say to women that do it all in the household and outside the house, hang up the cape sometime and just relax.

There will always be more laundry to do, a dirty bathroom to clean, another trip to the store, and the list can go on forever. I realized that sometimes all won't get done and I wont beat my self up about it. I haven't all the way learned to say no to everything I must or want to do. I have decided to stop worrying and sometimes sit down and say that will have to wait. I will take my cape off and the "S" on the chest because sometimes I can't do it all. Ask me about my fun filled week coming up and I tell you something different,lol.

-Peace Mamas

Monday, November 24, 2008

Times R Hard so Sale your Goodies!!!

Hey Mamas, I woke up to the very early morning news. I will not say what time but I still had on my complete outfit from the day before. Please keep in mind 3 things I'm pregnant, have 4 sons, and had a birthday party for my son that is 3 yrs old. No, let be honest I fall asleep in my clothes all the time. Maybe I should be like my oldest and put on pajamas on at 2pm in the afternoon, lol.

Well getting back to my story. The news was showing this young lady that was going to be a prostitute because of hard times. It was at a ranch in Nevada where prostitution is legal. She told the news reporter she filled out application and sent out resumes to over 30 places. I don't know if she was telling the truth or she just wants to be a hoe. The crazy sick thing is they glamorize this whore house like come one come all ladies and sell your self to survive. The madame over the place said a lot of women have been sending applications to her. She even her self complained that selling booty has gotten slow. Now the high rollers that come in her place rather put food on their table than have an orgie party. Well, that was a tough decision. Booty or food , um um mm let me think food! I'd rather clean someones house, work at a fast food place, or something before I sell my self for a living. I wasn't really shocked by this crazy world until I heard a that a woman that is 72yrs old sent her application,lol. The economy is going down, but keep your heads up because going down for a buck is not the way.

Isaiah 33:6 And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times, ...

-Peace Mamas

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Searching 4 Baby girl

If you don't know by now I have 4 little boys. I love them dearly but since day one I've been wanting a little girl. Growing up in house with so many women I thought I was bound to have girls. My first son I hoped was a baby girl and so on and so on. At each ultrasound I laid there hoping not hear those words "it's a boy!". Yes, I was disappointed and cried sometimes too. After I saw my little boys face I was happy. I can't get that longing for a girl out of my system. Yes, I want to have fun dressing her up and all that comes with the frills and thrill of baby girls, but there is more than that to my longing. I'm pregnant again and haven't found out the sex of the baby. I stay up at night wondering if she has arrived. The waiting sometimes feels like torture to me.
I want a little girl because I always wanted to raise my daughter to be better than me. You always want your daughter to not go through some of the things you went through. I know you can teach a boy all these things but it's different. A bond between a mother and daughter is special. If your a good mother your daughter will always cherish that bond. I dream of the day my daughter getting married, having children, and carrying on me. I wait for them to say "its a girl!!!". A little princess for me. So cross your fingers for me even if you have your doubts, lol.
-Peace Mamas

Heels of Glory

Kiss those crusty, cracking and ashy heels goodbye. I know some of us Mamas have this problem but fear no more, I have a trick to share with you...
You need 1. Stidex pads
2. Vaseline, coco butter, or something
thick 2 coat the skin.
3. Cotton thick socks
First wipe the Stridex pad all over the heel.
Then spread the Vaseline over the heel.
After that put the sock on over the foot with the combination spread over the heel.
Do this on both heels for 5 days and you will have smooth heels.
I don't know if this works for the entire bottom of the foot but try it. I saw this on Oprah not too long ago and it peaked my interest. The lady sharing the tip said the salicylic acid in the Stridex pads helps to remove the dead skin. I say try it and see for yourself .
-Peace Mamas

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

True Class: We always bring it!!!

Yesterday, I was checkin for Michelle Obama. I was very proud to see her stand out like the starlet she truly can be. Mama was dressed in a Narciso Rodriguez original. I looked at the other women on the platform wearing ugly suits and here comes Mrs. Obama styling like no other. Mama is in a class of her own and does it with much grace. All I can say is the dress was beautiful.I remember her saying to Jay Leno she got her outfit from J.Crew We can make a thrift store outfit look like it's worth millions. Take note from Mrs. Obama 1st lady of class & style. She shows us being a lady is wonderful, feminine, and doesn't have to cost a fortune.
-Peace Mamas

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Beauty Business is still on top

It's not amazing to me that even in this horrible economic times "the beauty business" is still making money. As times get harder cosmetic sells soar. After 911 happened it was reported that spa services, cosmetic sells, and hair care were at a high. Saying all this when the going gets tough buy a new lipstick. We all know that won't take away the problems we have but it sure is nice to look good. Feeling better about your appearance can always be a boost. So go out and buy that one favorite beauty product you just cant live without. I think I'll go buy some mascara, that's my favorite beauty product. See you in a beauty store near you!!! If your feeling guilty remember Blaque Beauty Mama said it okay to treat your self 2 one thing, lol.

-Peace Mamas

Cognac: Sweet to the mouth but even better on the feet

Hey Mamas, it's that time to look for the hottest boots that will have heads turning. The new fun color is "Cognac". So sweet on the feet , I bet your toes will be thanking you. When you go out shopping for some lovely pair of boots or shoes "think cognac" before you pick up the black or brown pair. If you got money like that get a pair in all 3 colors. A girl can never have too many shoes.
-Peace Mamas
Happy Cognac shopping!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Through the clutter and drama

Hey Mamas,
I'm up to my neck in mess. Trying to find a way out of the clutter. Have you ever just looked around your home and asked your self were to begin? I know all you neat freaks are shaking your head no ,but I have 4 little boys that make it their duty to destroy. I clean up one room and the other one is trashed. I am starting to give up on a clean home. My mother tried to help me with laundry but it still didn't work. I will say the load has gotten crazy and I'm getting advice from all ends but I have to decide when will the mess end. I need a maid but I don't see that happening anytime soon. I'm just venting my frustration of a messing home that needs to be resolved. My first step is to get all my cleaning stuff and decide which room I will tackle. While everyone is dreaming, I'll be up probably mopping the kitchen floor that will soon be a mess again. I guess that's the life of a Mama sometimes. My day will come when my 4 boys will be cleaning the house and I wont lift a finger.
-Peace Mamas

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Honeyful Fall Attracts Bees this season...

Speaking of honey in my recent blog , I got to watch on Oprah the interview of the cast of "The Secret Life of Bees". I think its a must movie to see. I don't go to the movies often but I think this one is worth it. I love movies with some type of emotion and substance.

The movie takes place in the 60's. Its about a family of three women and a little white girl and another black woman that enter their world on the bee farm. The movie has many layers to it. the characters seem very intriguing to understand. If I go you know Mamas I will write a blog about it. I'm already giving it 2 thumbs up! The movie comes out October 17Th so mark your calendars and check it out. You might see it before me. I like to go see movies when all the hype dies down. I don't want to hear nobody smacking on popcorn or kicking my chair, lol. Well check it out when you can and have Honeyful Fall.

-Peace Mamas

Dip Your Self in Honey this Fall!!!

My prediction for Fall's newest must have scent is "Honey". As Erykah Badu had said "Honeeeeey yeah you so sweet!" I must have this for my beauty cabinet and I suggest you do the same. Carol's Daughter has a new product called SweetHoneyDip...ChocolateBrownSugah Scrub . You can pair this product up with SweetHoneyDip...ChocolateBrownSugah body butter. You will be so sweet for the fall season and prepared for the cold weather to come. Use the scrub first and then the body butter. I say this because you want to get rid of all the dead layers of skin so the body butter and penetrate the skin deeper into the the pores. You know what that means silky smooth honey skin all season long. Use the sugar scrub once a week to see honey fabulous results. Get these mouth watering products from Enjoy ladies I know I will.
-Peace Honey Mamas

Mama on the go: Nicey Nash

I was in the car yesterday coming from work going towards my mother house to pick up the boys. Switching through the radio stations I found myself listening to a interview. If anyone has heard her voice it cant be mistaken. Nicey Nash is on the radio being interviewed about her being a mother, being an actress, etc. What caught my attention the most was the guy interviewing Nicey asked her about taking her children with her on auditions. I found it shocking and funny. Nicey didn't deny it, she told him she took all 3 of her kids to interviews. Nicey also explained she had to do what she had to do during hard times.
The show that gave her a name "Reno 911!", she told the interviewer she took her 3 kids on that interview. While waiting too long for her audition for Reno 911, Nicey Nash goes into the room where the show is holding auditions and asks them"Are we going to get this horse and pony show on the road?". They ask her why "You have some where to go? ". She tells them "Yeah ya making me late, I have to take my kids to Chuckie Cheese." They ended up hiring her. Nicey felt she got the role because she was the most one comfortable in her own skin. I had to tell my Mamas that story. Nicey Nash is a mess but so funny at times. Well, I was inspired by her because although she has children that doesn't stop her from aiming high. People say once you have children its over but Nicey had three jobs at the same time with Reno 911!, Clean House, and a reoccurring role on the Bernie Mac Show. Just because your a Mama don't mean you cant be more than that. Reach for the stars and do it big no matter what the situation may be.
-Peace Mamas

Choosey Moms choose 2 be a slob?

Hey, Mamas. Hope I haven't been gone too long. Sometimes we have to go through life to write things worth reading. Speaking of going through life, I was watching Desperate Housewives new season. Well it was fast forward to the future of each character's life. If you watch the show you would know Eva's character Gabrielle is usually the sexy beautiful Hispanic woman on the show. Now that they have fast forward to the future she is a wife, mother of 2, and has lost her beauty.

I have no problem with her having a husband and kids but, I do have a problem that the writers or whom ever has depicted her character as busted and sloppy after having two kids. She still has a wonderful body on the show and the kids are not that young. I understand they are trying to show a change in her character but why must they betray mothers of children like they are a mess? Eva's character looked a mess and there was no reason for it. Her character Gabrielle has money.

I have 4 boys and pregnant and I don't go around looking a mess. I don't have money like that but trust I still make it happen. I have some bad days but majority of my day I'm looking right. You choose to look like a slob and blame it on the kids and marriage. Sometimes you may lose your way on how too dress because after the babies your body changes. Looking a mess is not an option 4 me. I still sometimes wear heels with my 4 sons and pregnant. If you want to be a slob and blame it on being a mother that's your choice. I choose to be fabulous with even when I become an old woman with gray hair. Mamas with kids don't let your beauty fade its still always there.

-Peace Mamas

Friday, September 19, 2008

Peeling away the layer: Where the inner beauty dwells

While Keisha is at the MAC counter buying the newest trend of makeup to look wonderful to the world, I'm standing in the mirror trying to see through my eyes my soul. The "layers" we hold make up the core that lies within us. We always want someone special in our lives especially the ones we hold close to our heart to know every layer of us. We say to our self they should want to get to know all the layers of me. Appearance attracts the man, but will it keep him there in the long run? The black woman is sick of cheating, lies, and dogs. I hear it I see it everyday. Some women say "I must have loser posted on my forehead because that's all I get". I say you are in some way what you attract. If we are to treat and think of our selves as trash will we not get that in return? Our layers are deep but have you peeled back every layer to see the core within. When the flesh is gone will your spirit shine? Its not the make-up, hair, or clothes that make you. It's your spirit that can out shine the flesh. The core of you is your spirit. Looking at your self and being honest with the your self might help you find it. I found my spirit through "the truth" and Christ. A black man that came in the flesh to show us perfection that showed us the way. He is real and he is in me. Deep within the layers is a spirit that lives and breathes the positive, you just have to pray the Lord helps you find it.

-Peace Mamas

The Black Family: It lacks luster when it used 2 gleam

My mother taught me the meaning of "family" and the bonds it holds. I never understood it entirely until I had my own. During slavery times white master would do everything in his power to destroy the bond of the black family. One way are another we held together. Even if daddy got sold up the river because the family was too strong with love. The little boy would remember his daddy's presence. Mama would keep his memory alive to her children. Now in the present the "black family" is dying but we refuse to see it. The bonds our ancestors would never break we cut everyday. Sleeping around and having children with just any man is okay. Father's not being within the family unit for both mother and child is at a rise. Seeing a black man take care of his children is not a norm and looked at like a side show project to others. Our respect and dignity has vanished. Many black men never really make bonds with their family when older and lack to have their children get to know their family. Why is that so common in the black community? Name one black child that will say "I dont really know my mother's side but I do know my father's". It's always the other way around. If both sides of the families' blood run through this child there should be a bond on both. I say I will break the cycle becauseI am raising boys that will become men and have families. I will teah them the bond of family and their children will grow up to know their father's family. Our children hold our legacy. Let us keep the black family alive to push forward to forever. Sorry if this blog is too much for you but my thought are real and run deep.

-Peace Mamas

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Who is stealing our babies' image of beauty?

I was watching Dr. Phil. Yes, I was watching Dr. Phil. Don't act like you don't. The topic of the show was about the "N" word. On the show Paul Mooney was mentioning about how they did the doll test in the 1960's and then recently did the test again. The children when asked which one is pretty the black child would choose the white doll. The same test in the past was given recently and it showed the same results. I found this sad but not shocking. My close friend was telling me her daughter was making fun of her lips. She told her mother her lips poked out and were big. I laughed when my friend told me this because I was like wow she has lips just like yours. Who told her big lips were ugly? My own son doesn't like to wear his hair out and has a problem if I let his little brother wear an Afro. Where did he get this? I know I didn't teach him to feel that our hair must be tamed to be beautiful. What about the children that chose the white doll in the test? We must surround our children with the beauty of black images. Read to them about it. Have beautiful black images on the wall. Media, strangers, or maybe sometimes we have tainted our black children's views on beauty. They say: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Through the eyes of a child we have the opportunity to guide them the right way. I refuse to let my sons feel they are ugly in this society. Let us always examine the thoughts and words our children bring to us. The black woman today with her hair dyed blond and fake blue eyes could had been the little girl playing with the white baby doll. Her mama never told her what was beautiful she just knew from what she saw on television. Think about it...

-Peace Mamas

Get Royal this Fall!!!

Mamas, Fall is approaching fast. I just recently did a blog on a black queen, so I see this fitting to go with the "theme" of royalty. Purple is the "it" color this season. Purple in beautiful jewel tones will have your closet updated and turning heads. Not only can you wear this color in your accessories but try to incorporate fun jewels tones in your clothes. You cant go wrong with purple. Also try yellows and grays to give purple a pop in your wardrobe. Do this trend right Mamas. I don't want to my girls out on the street looking like Barney. I know that was corny but on a real note check your self in the mirror. If you have doubt in your mind about your clothes, change your outfit.
-Peace Mamas

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Good Hair, nappy hair, etc...

"Oh, yo baby got some good hair." People say that about my oldest all time. I reply "What's good hair?" Really what is good hair? I believe my son's hair is beautiful but my son Skye's hair is beautiful too. Skye's hair is a different texture but that's what makes it beautiful. The diversity in texture and color. A lady told me yesterday at work she used to go see a friend of the family at a nursing home every week. She would come to check up on her and give her some company. The lady is 90 years old. Well the lady at my job said she had a short little Afro when she saw her and the lady said to her "How you gonna be yellow and have short, nappy hair?" She said it really hurt. Back in the day if you were yellow you were suppose to have" good hair" and long hair. They would say you must got white or Indian in your family. Really listen to the ignorance we speak among one another and to one another. I guess my niece that is light or what people call high yellow didn't make the cut. She has very thick beautiful hair that is easy to manage. God forbid she walks around without it done. Well then she is just walkin around like a lil ol' yellow buck wheat. All of us nappy head folks should just put ourselves in "Black Face". If Christ has nappy hair then why are we ashamed. Revelations 1:14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire. Now that scripture doesn't describe the white man you see displayed on a cross with stringing long hair. All black hair is good hair. Happy to be nappy, happy to be wavy, happy to be curly. All of our hair is beautiful. Our hair makes us unique and beautiful. Think about it.

-Peace Mamas

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hidden Blaque Beauty: The Queen Charlotte Sophia

Don't adjust your eyes or look twice. Yes she is a black woman. Queen Charlotte Sophia was beautiful and intelligent. She was the consort of King George the 3rd and yes he was black as well. The mother of 15 children and queen of England. Queen Charlotte contributed greatly to England. Some of her contributions are still known today. She created orphanages, maternity wings in hospitals, and much more. I just wanted to inform you Mamas on a beauty unknown. Society doesn't want you to see how great you are. We come from royalty that carried themselves with dignity.When can we call ourselves queens? The title of a queen must be found within. The title wont make sense if you don't show it and live it. Read up on Queen Charlotte Sophia. The essence of a Queen comes from the beauty you already possess.
-Peace 2 The Queens

Whatever happen 2 "Classic Beauty"?

Hey Mamas, sorry 4 the absence
but I'm back. You ladies know
I can't write unless I feel it or live it. So this is what I've been thinking, what happen to us? I wonder at times where has the black woman's style gone. We had classic beauty once upon a time. Now being lady like or being unique is non- existing. We would rather wear tight jeans all the time then to dress like a lady. Funny thing happen to me recently. I was out dressed like a lady with a hat on and walking with my sons. Two other black women go pass me with their pajamas on and scarfs around their head. They look at me like I'm wrong for being outside. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. Classic beauty has been thrown out the window. When will we reclaim the respect and dignity our sister, mothers, grandmothers, set for us in the beginning? I remember when I was younger I was about to go out on a date. My grandmother was visiting and she saw what I had on. She told me "Leave something to the imagination." I was mad at her because I didn't understand she wanted me to cover up to show respect for my self. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way. All I can say is I learned. I was born a lady I just had to realize it. We all have classic beauty. Let it shine!!!

-Peace Mamas

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Beauty of Being MAMA

Solange Knowles has gotten alot of negative views for being a young mother. I'm a young mother my self of 4 beautiful little boys. I give credit to Ms. Knowles on the fact she is honest about motherhood. I remember when I was pregnant with my youngest son my doctor asked me how do I deal with the other boys? I told her they are very helpful and try to do little things to help me out. She laughed and said most mothers say their other children get on their nerves or drive them crazy. I thought to my self they do get on my nerves, drive me crazy and so much more. Motherhood has it's ugly side when your alone with the kids and all of them make you want to hide in a closet. Even in those horrible moments you find the beauty of being a Mama. When your child lays their head in your lap. When my oldest son tells me I look pretty and I know I look a mess. One of the boys finally eats all his vegetables without me making him sit there at the table all day. I could of thought back to all the negative days with my children and tell my doctor I cant stand my children. I didn't go there because I know the positive out weighs the negative. I'm proud to be a young Mama. I find the beauty in being a mother when I can look at them from a far and watch them be little boys having fun. Sure, motherhood has it's bad moments but it don't last forever. Soon I know my little ones will be men and I hope to see them deal with their own children. Right now I'll enjoy being their Mama and them being my little boys. Enjoy motherhood try not to take it as a burden. Finding the beauty in being a Mama starts with you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hope 2 Be Your Favorite

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-Thanks Mamas, peace

Coming Soon Teen Skin Care Classes

Coming soon in October, I will be teaching a Teen Skin Care class
@ Na' Klectic Hair Gallery& Day Spa. So be ready 2 mark your calendars for a time and date. I just wanted to give all my Mamas a heads up on the class. The class will be geared towards young ladies of 10yrs old to 18yrs old. The classes are to inform young black women about their skin. I want them to go home and be able to identify blemishes, choose products 4 their skin type, and feel confident about the skin their in. The classes are fun and hands on. An Q&A discussion will follow after class. Please know that some of the cost of the class will go towards a mini teen facial. The young ladies will receive their facial by appointment with me. Mothers, aunts, grandmothers etc. are able to sit in on class 4 free.
If you have a daughter, grand-daughter, sister, niece, or friend that you think will benefit from this class please email me at Just make the subject TEEN SKIN CARE CLASSES. I will send you a update of the time, date, cost of classes, and how 2 RSVP for this event. Please pass on information to others that may be interested.
Thank you, Hope to see many young ladies come out to my class.
-Peace Mamas and lil mamas

A True Blaque Beauty Mama Indeed...

I was thinking about her while I was washing the dishes. My sister means so much to me. Courtney Hayes is not just a MAMA but has so many hidden talents. This girl can capture life moments with just a camera phone. Her great talent in photography is God given and a beauty to see. She is a great mother to 4 beautiful children and wife to a righteous husband. I love her for so many things, but the one that stands out the most is she has always been there in my darkest moments. Always giving me advice and caring how I feel. Funny we didn't start off being so close when we were younger. Now I cant go a day without calling her. Our children are more like siblings than cousins and our family is tightly bonded together. Courtney is naturally beautiful and doesn't even know it. She is my big sister and best friend. I couldn't ask for more in a friendship and life long bond. I don't have to say I love her because she already knows. Courtney Hayes a true Blaque Beauty Mama Indeed, need I say any more.
Do you have a great friendship with your sister or sisters?
Sometimes we need to tell our sisters these things before its to late or because they just need 2 here you say it.
Think about it...
-Peace Mamas

Blaque Mamas in the Olympics: What a beauty 2 see

Where would the Olympics be without us?My sister and I were on the phone both screaming at the television. We weren't just screaming for USA but black women in general. I don't care if they are from Jamaica, Cuba, Canada, Virgin Islands, etc. these women are sisters. They have such style that even before they start running you know they mean business. I like to see the different skin tones and the beauty of their running. I'm happy to see Mamas doing their thing. If you have a daughters or sons show them these things and talk to them about the beauty of our people. We have a God given style of our own that is a beauty 2 see.
-Peace Mamas

Monday, August 18, 2008

Black Men Need Luv 2

When we think of beauty and pampering we usually think of treating ourselves or one of our fellow sisters. What about the man in your life? Black men need pampering too. I know my husband works hard all day. I'm sure you Mamas can relate. We are so used to them being strong that at times we forget to pamper them. If you live in Baltimore and you have a man in your life that deserves a little TLC. Look no further I have the solution.

For Him: A 30 minute facial dedicated to the special needs of a man. Treatments for ingrown hairs, mustache, & beard will have you turning heads. Enjoy a facial without all the fluff but still beneficial to your skin. ($45)

I provide this delightful service @ Na'Klectic Hair Gallery and Day Spa

36 E. 25Th Street

Baltimore, MD 21228

Call & make his appointment today! 410-889-0287

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Beauty of Art

Matthew Rice is a true artist. I say this because he wasn't trained to do it. His talent is God given and beautiful to see. You can go to school for basic skills but no one can show you how to open minds and hearts through art. He is a pro football player but now is focusing on his art work. Rice's art work is well thought out with meaning to captivate minds on subjects we avoid. He lets you take a small peek at his life through colorful canvas of images abstract and visual. You can purchase prints of his work. I know, I will support this brother in the future. Check out his site . I'm sure you will enjoy. I know I did. The saying "You can't judge a book by it's cover" fits him so well. Look at the site and you'll know what I mean.
Support a brotha...
-Peace Mamas

Mama of the Week:Vanessa Morales bka Mashayachaah Labyaah

Mama of the Week is Vanessa Morales. My big sister 4 ever. I had never been friends with a Hispanic sister before so Vanessa was one of the 1st. I met her through a site we both like to look at and talk to others about the truth. Our friendship came from our first conversation about eyebrows. We both love makeup and beauty so we already had a common bond. Our strongest bond is Christ and I know her friendship was God sent. Vanessa taught me so many things I will always remember. She introduced me to Puerto Rican cuisine that my oldest son loves. Her chicken rice and beans are off the hook. Not only can she cook but writing beautiful touching poems is her specialty. She is very humble and loves hard when you become her friend. Vanessa has a kind heart that touches others. My sister and friend you are great never forget that. Go do what you have to do to meet your goals. She knows what I'm talking about. I love you very much.
P.S. Mamas tell another sister how special they are. You never know what they are going through.
-Peace Mamas

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mamas Let Me Know...

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You never know I just might touch on the topic you suggested.
-Peace Mamas
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Shades of Brown

I can remember like it was yesterday Mamas, when I had this encounter with ignorance. I was dropping off my son at school. The doors were closed to the classroom so we had to wait. Another mother and her child waited at the door with us. She asked me "Is that your son?" I felt confused and said yes. She began to say that the little boy she had wasn't her son but was dropping him off for a friend. Funny, how I assumed that the little boy she had was her son without judgement of appearance. She then begin to tell me my son reminded her of her son. I get that line so many times I would be rich if I got money for it. I thought in my head really you think so. Then she went on to say people always think that her son is not her child because he is lighter and has "good hair". Not only did she comment on that but then begin to talk about her friends. I think this is where I felt sad. Her friends are very dark in complexion and had a child together. The child came out light brown. The sister said thank God the child came out light brown, because she would have no hope in the appearance department if she had her parent's skin tone. You know Mamas I had to interject in the matter because she was saying this madness around small children. I told her black is beautiful no matter how dark the skin may be. Not only did I tell her that but I told her Christ is Black. Rev1:14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; 15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a FURNACE; and his voice as the sound of many waters. Something burned in the furnace won't be white or light brown. Now would you say Christ is ugly if he came down in your presence?
I saw the ignorance and self hate and felt sad that she has lost out onthe beauty of black skin. We come in so many different shades of the earth. We can be as dark as the soft soil, reddish brown like clay, and light brown like the sand on the beach. Christ made us beautiful like him but we let society and other people brainwash us to think differently. I have seen so many times on t.v. a black man say " That baby ain't mine, she too light!" Two light brown people can get together and have a dark brown baby. My twin is dark brown and my other sisters and I are a lighter brown. People would ask us why is she darker than us. Mamas, we have to retrain our thinking and not pass it on to the next generation. I heard my Grandma say crazy stuff like "All that yellow wasted." I cant knock her because she came from a generation that were taught to hate their skin. It's time to come out of the slave mentality that has been embedded in our heads. We are much better than that. Christ compared us to a speckled bird , Jeremiah 12:9Mine heritage is unto me as a SPECKLED bird,the birds round about are against her; come ye, assemble all the beasts of the field, come to devour. We come in array of browns from the darkest to the lightest of the spectrum of brown. Let us remember who we are and love the skin were in.
-Peace Mamas

Thursday, August 14, 2008

F is 4 Fibromas

I remember my Grandma having small dark brown bumps on her face. I sometimes wondered were they freckles or moles. I never really understood them and assumed most black people just had them.Morgan Freemon is another man I saw with these small dark brown bumps on his face. I graduated from Aesthetics School and they never really touched on black skin. So my questions were never really answered until I researched black skin my self. Our skin is so unique and different from our white counterparts. I decided to specialize in black skin as an esthetician because its an area not touched to often by the aesthetics world.
Well, if you read the title remember it. The dark brown bumps are called small fibromas. That word may sound scary Mamas but the lesions are non-cancerous and normal in black skin. Fibromas are small growths made up of fibrous tissue. They are not to be confused with moles, skin tags, or freckles. Although they can be considered in the same family. Most commonly black skin will produce fibroma. I know for me I had started to get them after having my first baby. I actually like them but some people don't like them on their face. Fibromas can be easily removed if you really feel like they take away from your appearance. I don't think Morgan Freemon would be him without them. I see it has our own special characteristic for our skin. F is for Fibromas. Now if some one asks you " Are those freckles on your face?" You can respond, " No, they are called fibromas." LOL
We learn something new everyday...
-Peace Mamas

The Beauty of Fatherhood

The Olympics is going crazy over Michael Phelps, but I had the real black super swimmer as my dad. It's funny no matter how old you get if you had a good or bad father you remember everything they did. I compare my father to Michael Phelps because my sister and I were on the phone reminiscing on how my dad would take us swimming. Every summer it never failed he would take us to the pool. We couldn't swim but my father could very well. I would watch him swim and think he was a dolphin. When he would swim under water and let us be on his back I thought he was a super hero. I don't think my father knew he had that affect on his daughters. My dad was just being a dad. It was natural to him exposing us to new things that he already knew. He never knew the impact he made on me from just the normal things he did in life. A boy or girl that has a good father will be able to see
way more potential in themselves because they know their from someone great. My dad is great in so many things but it was those moments when he was just being him self that I cherish the most. Teaching me how to ride a bike, helping him plant a garden, taking us to different parks, and much more I have received in my life as a child from my father. The beauty of fatherhood comes from the look on the child's face when he or she receives that love. Along with that look he or she is storing in her memory every moment. I love you Daddy, I see the beauty in your fatherhood.

Jealousy: Makes Black Women Have Green Eyez

I was talking to my friend yesterday about how I
perceived her when I saw her picture. I told her I thought
she was stuck up. I was told many things about her
but none were negative. When I saw how pretty she was
and how others talked about her I made my
judgement. The funny thing is people would judge me
based off appearance and think I was stuck up.
Thinking back to seeing her picture I wanted to really
examine why I thought that of her. When I met her
she was one of the most down to earth women I ever met. She even invited me in her home when I first met her and we were basically strangers to each other. My question to Mamas is what makes you jealous of another sister?

Do you believe that sister looks better? Does that sister dress better than you? One thing my mother always told me is there will always be someone that looks better. Someone may do something better than you, but does that take away from who we are as a person? I had to apologize to my friend because I was wrong for the judgement I gave her in my mind. If you continue to envy others you will never see the beauty you have within your self. Every woman is special in her own way. Not only are black women special but Hispanic women are too. Hispanic women are sisters too. Lets stop hating when a black man marries a Hispanic woman. We have green eyes in many ways towards one another. I admit, I my self have been a green eyed hater. When will it end? First find the beauty within you and all other things will fall into place. If we let jealousy continue only bitterness will begin to show its ugly head. Sorry Qee, I love you. If you did that to a sister apologize and fight to erase the green eyed hater.

-Peace & Love Mamas

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Soap & Water : "That's all I use"

I had to write this blog Mamas, because I hear so many times people telling me they only use soap & water. At times some people will tell me all I use is water. Do you really think your skin is clean? We didn't just use soap and water back in the day contrary to popular belief. We tend to as a people except the history some one has told us in a text book or taught us. We used many natural products to clean our skin like herbs and olive oil to hydrate our skin. We were not a people that walked around half naked with bones in our noses living in huts. Even as slaves we were creative in creating beauty products. Some of us have gotten lazy and don't want to take the time to truly care for our skin. So some of you maybe wondering what's wrong with soap and water. Water is OK but when it comes to cleaning that's not enough. Do we jump in a steaming shower jump out and say I'm clean? Now I must go to using the soap on the face. Bar soaps are way too harsh on the skin. Soap strips your skin of all it's natural oils and make your skin produce more oil. I have seen many women walk around like Casper the ghost from the fatty acid residue that bar soap leaves. Don't blame your habits on Grandma. Find a home care regimen that is great for your skin type. I give advice on home care regimens. Email me at and I will be glad to help. I'm not just a talker I put things in action. I want to help and I get on the Mamas who do this because your better than that. We deserve so much more but allow ourselves to have less. Take care of your skin Mamas.

Future Artist on The Rise

When I met her I would never guess she could sing. When I found out she could sing I would never guess she could rap. Laneta Downing is an artist on the rise. I compare her to Mary J. Blige but the girl can rap just as well as she can sing. Her voice touches your spirit and a way that I can't explain. You have to hear her perform and then you will understand. I have heard this lady sing Happy Birthday and people cry. Hopefully she will be coming out with another sister soon. I know Laneta will go far and I wish her all the success. Her voice is blessed and she can flow better than many female rap artists. She is humble with her talent and sings about positive and righteous topics. Don't sleep on this sister. Hope to soon be posting her music in the near future. Love you Neta Peta, lol.
Everyone has a beautiful God given talent. Be humble with it.
-Peace Mamas