Friday, January 21, 2011

That's So Wedge-tastic!

Wear them now with skinny jeans...
Wear them later with skirts and dresses...
Have fun all year round...
That's So Wedge-tastic!

A Mommy Break

Every mother deserves a break from it all. Last month I got to have a break from the entire family. I must say at first the silence was scary. I enjoyed my evening with great relaxation, a night out , and returning home to peace and quiet. As mothers majority of the time we  forget to self love ourselves. We spend most our lives making sure the family is good. At the end of the day there is no time for mommy. A break is always needed and will help you come back to your family a much happier person. Your break can be a couple of hours, a day, a evening, or a week. A mother should always try to take a break and pamper her self. Why not?...You deserve it!

So I made a fun list of things mommies can do on their break.

  • Have a self pampering day for yourself at home. My sister got me a bag of pampering goodies to use just for me. I did the things I rarely get to do like paint my
  • Stay at a hotel for the night by your self. Order room service or go out with your friends for the night.
  • Get a facial or massage...Its great to relax and get pampered by someone else.
  • Go play a sport or game with a friend or something more laid back like a game of pool. I love to play pool.
  • Go of the best ways to relieve stress.Yoga classes are great!
  • Take time to meditate and pray... The best way to feel better and restored.
  • Take an adventurous mini vacation by your self or with your girls. 
Whatever you do have fun and enjoy your break!

-Peace Mamas

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Winter Skin Cure

The cold weather is here to stay for a while and thermostats are being turned up. During the winter dry skin and chapped lips are common to many young and old. You may wonder why in the winter our skin is usually dry, tight, and flaky. There are 2 main causes for dry skin. The dry heat in your house and the cold weather outside are the major causes of dry skin. Also bar soaps, layered clothing, and not changing your skin care products seasonally cause dry skin. Bar soaps tend to dry out the skin and strip your skin of the natural moisture it produces. Layered clothes can cause friction on the skin and produce the skin to flake more. You can keep wearing layers but you must first make sure your skin is well hydrated. Its a must to change your skin care products seasonally. The products that worked for you in the spring and summer won't always do the best job in the fall and winter. The cure for winter skin can be achieved by these simple steps:

  • Place humidifiers in rooms where you sleep. Plants are also a great way to keep the air moist in the house. You can also place bowls of water on the vents to create moisture.
  • Use body washes that have cream and moisture in them. Dove and Caress have great body washes that help moisturize the skin
  • Try thicker lotions with AHAs(alpha hydroxy acid) in them.
  • Exfoliate the body with sugar or dead sea salt scrubs.
  • Make sure to use products for the face and body that contain a SPF of 15.
Perfect winter skin is only a few steps away!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Neckin Around...

A whole neck of fun!
Scarves and Cowls are the best way to stay warm and change up your wardrobe.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Cute in the face & small at the waist

I recently was asked by my friend "What are some ways I can give myself a waist when shopping for clothes?" Many women have had this problem. Women that have this problem usually have an body shaped like an oval or upside down triangle. The key way to make a waist is to bring the eye inward towards the body. So the next time you go shopping check out my tips below. My tips also work for women with midsection problems.

  • Try belts under the bust or at the waist
  • If you wear a belt at the waist or bust... try black or a color darker than the dress or shirt.
  • Wear jeans that come high up on the waist. Make sure their not "mom jeans" Wearing low waisted jeans leaves room for you to have a muffin top.
  • A body shaper or Spanx ( are great to bring in the waist and create smooth lines under your clothes.

  So fear no more a small waist is achievable even if you think you can't have one!

Winter Lace!

Who said you cant wear lace in the winter...
Find out how to wear it!