Sunday, December 26, 2010

Where my girls @?

I was just recently looking for an old song by the girl group 702. I wanted to play it for my sister to see if she remembered the song. We started naming the songs we liked from 702 and other girl groups in the past. Then we both realized there are no more good black girl groups. In the late 80's and 90's you had En Vogue, TLC, Xscape, SWV, Changing Faces,Jade, and so may more female groups.Can't forget Destiny's Child. Now majority of the time we see one black female dressed like a slut and can't really sing. If the singer can sing she usually sings about sexual things she might want to keep to her self. I'm not saying the girl groups in the past always sang about positive things but they had a lot more class than singers today. I miss the black girl group era that gave us pride to see them perform. En Vogue showed black women how to be sexy with class. TLC told black women to take care of your self and have fun being a woman. SWV showed women how to be sweet but still be a little street. Girl groups showed unity and love among black women. What happened to all the great black girl groups?...

Where my girls @?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I learned something from Rudy Huxtable...the principle thing

Today I was watching the Cosby Show. Rudy had picked out this purple summer dress to wear to her friend's party. Her mother told her it was fall and too cold for the dress to be worn outside.She then went to her father and asked to wear the dress. Her mother caught her asking her dad and Rudy got in trouble for going over her mother's decision. Vanessa was leaving out with her boyfriend Robert to the mall and had on a summer shirt...pastel pink and short sleeved. Rudy saw the shirt and questioned Vanessa about her wearing summer clothes during fall. Vanessa let her know she was older and could pick her own clothes. She told Rudy you need direction from mommy its good for you. Rudy needed to learn the principle of things to move on to greater freedom.

     Okay, yes I did ramble on for a minute but I had to let you know the story. Its funny because my friend I stayed up late one night talking about somethings similar to Rudy's story. When we are young we hate our parents telling us no. As a child you want your freedom and think your parents are being mean. When really your parents are rearing you towards being a responsible adult.  Parents will watch their child to understand what they can do or what they are not ready for. The same principle goes for God. He gives and lets certain things happen to you to see how you handle things. You have to first make sure a foundation is established to obtain different levels of spiritual freedom and physical freedom. You learn the principle of what makes a foundation strong as a child and also as an adult. Every step you make must have some support to it or you will be right back to the same spot. The great thing is when you make the same mistakes if your foundation is strong you can get back up again and keep going. Rudy had to learn she cant pick out her clothes yet with out understanding the wheather. Summer clothes are for summer not fall. Vanessa let her know a jacket must be worn if I wear this summer shirt. Rudy was learning and after she had a good cry her dad helped her pick out a wonderful Fall outfit. If you have the foundation of the basics you can never go wrong. There is always a lesson to learn in life no matter if its good or bad.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

THE BOOK is here!!!

I'm excited to say I have finally finished my book Chronicles of Blaque Beauty Mama Vol.1. It has taken me some time to write it but I believe well worth the wait. The book is very similar to my blog but much of the tips, advice, and lesson will last for years.I will first put the book out in ebook format for people to read online and then start the process of getting my book out there ready to sell. Also my readers that live in other countries over in Europe, China, Canada etc. you can purchase the ebook as well. I'm hearing that ebooks are really becoming popular. The cover to the book is to the right of my blog on the book and it will send you to the site to purchase Chronicles of Blaque Beauty Mama Vol. 1. I'm also in the works of writing Vol.2 so being looking for that soon. I just hope many like my first book. Thanks for the support in advance.

You can also click this link below to get to my ebook site...

-Peace & Many Blessings

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Party Pants

Party Pants
Party Pants by blaquestyle featuring low rise jeans

Who said it was all about the dress this holiday season...

A Silent Cry

          A happy smiling face is not always true anymore. People will talk the game and look like their coping and say nothing but I'm okay. In your mind you take their okays and continue never questioning if its true.We go through out our busy days never really focused on checking on another. It takes only a few minutes to call a loved one to ask them how are you today. My mother calls me everyday to ask me if I'm OK. I love my mother for that because she will do it everyday regardless if I'm having an attitude. Its sad and hurts me to my heart to be so involved with my own life to not hear others silent cries. Whoever may be crying silently may not be dealing with their situation honestly. So many times we bottle our feelings up, lash out at ones close to us, or remain quiet in our pain. You have to be honest with your situation to heal. First you have to admit you have a problem within your self without pointing any fingers. Then you can truly get the help you deserve after admiting the problem you have is within your self. I have looked over more than one person in my life silently crying and didn't see the signs until it was too late. If your reading this and hurting without communicating your pain I strongly urge you to just talk to someone honestly. Talk to someone you trust that is not involved in your pain. If you are someone that senses someone silently hurting be there and call them or let them know you care.My prayers and love goes out to anyone in a bad situation suffering quietly within. Problems always have a resolution even if it doesn't seem like there is an answer.

I Corinthians 10:13 There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.

Your not alone...TTYL

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back 2 Love

So I, Gotta find my way back, way back, to you baby. 
Trying to find my way back, way back, to you baby.
 Gotta find my way back, way back, to you to us, to love 

Who ever said loving one another is easy. At times love becomes even more complicated when tribulation comes. We hate the bad times but love when all is good. Have we ever sat down to think the bad times makes us appreciate the good. Sometimes separating gives you time to reflect and go back to your first love. Love has to be found within your self with Christ first before you can love someone else. We go through endless circles wondering will we ever love again. In our mind so much bad has happen we believe love can never exist again. We  must first truly know what love is... its not an emotion or a condition. So many people will say love is Christ but never really understand the saying. Following what Christ wants you to do for your self first and then to others makes love never end but continue. If I'm doing what I can to please Christ then I will in turn be able to please everyone around me...husband, children, sisters or brothers. Finding our way back to each other in a relationship must first begin with healing within your self. If you cant love alone how can you love another person?

Party Time...Time 2 Dress Up 4 Holiday Fun!

Its a time of celebration and the holiday season is just around the corner. During a time of  celebration parties will come your way. Last year the hottest party dress was the "balloon dress". Now this year you have a wide variety of hot numbers to wear. I'm finding the new party dresses to be fitted, sparkling, sweet heart necklines, and lengths that fit any occasion.Most short party dresses can be paired with open toed short booties or suede pumps.Longer dresses are great with a nice pair of heels opened or closed. Be able to first answer these questions before you go searching for your dress...

  • What type of party are you attending?...Is it a Black Tie Event, House Party, Yacht Party, Office Party...etc.
  • What is the weather and area of the party? Will it be outdoors or indoors?
  • Do you have to travel long or short to get to the party?
  • What are the best features on your body? Knowing this will help you choose the right type of dress.
  • What color do you want to wear?
  • How long will you be at the party?
  • What style are you looking for?
Once you can narrow down those few questions it will be easy to find your perfect party dress.Also think of a theme for your look. You might want to be "Sparkling Vintage Gold " or "Neutral Suede with a hint of Color". Have fun shopping and looking for great dresses. Its always nice to look your best for any occasion.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

She has a gun & she knows how to use it...

         I was watching Dateline about women carrying concealed weapons while out alone or with friends. One particular woman the report was focused on carried a purse that allowed her easily to pull her gun out and shoot. She told the reporter she now carries the gun because she saw her husband shot right in front of her. A man during her husband's karaoke party  was bothering her and was kicked out of the event. After the party  the guy waited for them to come out and shot her husband repeatedly in front of her. In Nashville you can carry concealed weapons inside public places but you cant drink and you must take classes. I think what hit me the most is when the woman on Dateline said that a cell phone and mace is just not enough for her.

     A woman with a gun has been very taboo. Yes, we have women police officers and women in the military that are familiar with regular gun usage. How many women do you know have a gun or know how to shoot one? I remember on Harlem Nights the character Jasmine Guy was playing was sent to kill Eddie Murphy. She had this tiny little gun tucked away under her pillow.The character Eddie Murphy played laughed him self to tears when he found her gun. Back in those times depicted in that movie a great deal of women had guns and knew how to shoot them. Guns and women are not that  common in our society now but should a lot more of us learn to use one. I hear so many times about rapes, kidnapping, and etc. happening to women. I guess a rapist would never be expecting a woman to pull a gun out on him. Let's face it a woman will always be seen as an easy target. If you don't want to go the gun route maybe some self defense classes wouldn't hurt. Let's face it we live in a sick world. So mamas what do you think...Would you learn how to shoot a gun to protect your self?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

For Colored Girls ...BB Mama's review

     I finished out my birthday week with a bang and what better way to do it was with my close sisters. My twin and I chose to have a movie and dinner night with our friends. I must say this was a really nice week and if my sisters are reading this thank you! We went to see For Colored Girls and I must say I was blown away. My mind is racing with so many thoughts in how I embraced this movie. The movie was raw, real, and took a deep look into the lives and souls of  black women. People may ask which color are you but I cant say one. I came out  of the movie theater feeling like a rainbow. I identify with each lady and their struggle in some way. One of my friends said she could also identify with the men in the story and I could understand it. The men had issues within in them that many can relate to in their lives as well.

      For Colored Girls is based off a book and play by Ntozake Shange.Its amazing this book of poems were written many years ago and still ring true and can touch the hearts of many. The story covers issues such as sexual assault, physical abuse, death, life choices and much more. The ages of the women vary and give the plot variety and depth. I love how Tyler Perry kept the monologues in the story and how they came in randomly like songs speaking to your heart placing together puzzles of their lives. In the movie each woman had a color they betrayed and you get to see how their colors change through life experiences they encounter.I don't want to give away too much but the movie stays true to the hearts of black women. Black men might already think this is a male bashing movie but its not at all. The movie more so goes into the depths of issues  black women have faced or may experience in the future. In all of the women I have experienced similar issues. Be ready for a wound to be opened and thoughts to be provoked in your mind of your own life. I cried , I laughed and I screamed at some of the images I saw. I mainly cried holding back tears because I had no tissue. So bring plenty of tissue if you are a cry baby like me. 

     I truly enjoyed being able to see beautiful women of color act out roles without being betrayed as buffoons in a comedy, the neck rolling diva, or the bitter angry black woman with attitude . The women in For Colored Girls can be you, your mother, sister, your aunt or your friend. You might at the end identify with all or just one. After the movie I saw other women wiping their tears away and going on to face their lives. In weakness we find strength to move on. Dark times my occur in your life but a light will be at the end of the tunnel or shall we say a beautiful rainbow. If you saw the movie I know you understand my words. If you haven't saw it ... go see it! For Colored Girls is a must see. 


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In search of the good cookie...

   Cookie Monster always loves one good cookie. Well ok the truth is out... I watch too many kiddie shows and I love cookies. My friend's daughter was over and their family always eats healthy food I would probably never try anything organic if it wasn't for them. After my friend picked her daughter up I saw her cookie left behind. I read the label NOatmeal Raisin. I thought to my self yuck...a healthy cookie. I continued reading the label ...made without wheat or gluten. I have tried certain organic or vegan made food but never really like the taste. I love the way my friends cook their food but never do it my self.

    So after smelling the I decided to try it. I tried one bite and fell in love with the taste of the cookie. My youngest son and I ate the cookie up forgetting it belonged to someone else. Daniele will probably get me for eating Yapah's cookie if she reads this blog. The company is called Sun Flour Baking Company and their tag line is "The Feel Good Cookie". You don't have to feel guilty for eating this big cookie because its a great source of fiber and calcium. Another great thing is the label has all the ingredients on it and you can read every word. It's great to know there is a one great healthy cookie out there with delicious flavor. OK enough cookie talk I'm starting to sound like my boy Cookie Monster(wink @ my buddy Ethan & his Mommy Sab).

If you like to know where to purchase a "Feel Good Cookie"...check out
Try their cookies. I dont think you will be disappointed.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Grass is Greener?

  After having some bad experiences with Cavalier telephone I decided to switch phone services. CLEAR won me over to move on after watching tons of their commercials. My thought was I was moving on to something better. While I waited for my phone to be switched over the Internet service was up with CLEAR.  I thought to myself wow the Internet runs faster with CLEAR. I was hooked and well pleased until my phone was fully switched over and the problem begun. My voice comes in muffled to others and sometimes my phone line is dropped in the middle of a conversation. Now I want to go back to Cavalier but I've came to far to go back. So in my mind I'll just stick it out with CLEAR. I will let them know my problems and hope the phone service gets better with time.

        You may be wondering why the hell is she talking about phone companies. If you really think about it we always have a "grass is greener" moment in life. Sometimes we may wonder if I chose her or him what would my life be like? If I went to this school would I be more successful like Kelly or John. If I was living her life I would be much happier. Life lessons surround us in the smallest matters but its only up to us to learn the lesson. So sure you might move on to someone better sometimes. Other times you can move on and experience someone way worse than the one before. The grass is greener logic is you think "I'm missing out on something better" or "I just want to experience something new".

      I don't think its wrong to try new things or experience new people(like a new set of friends..etc) but you have to weigh out the pros and cons. At the end of your decision if you hop over to the other side you have to deal with the choice you made. Life is full of choices and sometimes you might not know if your choosing the right one. So with decisions and hopping fences choose wisely and if its a bad hand suck it up and take it like a woman or man. TTYL...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Do you have Codependency?

I wanted to write this blog article after talking to a friend. Most people think codependency is the sharing of dependence. You think yes in my relationship we depend on each other. The truth is codependency is a person that likes someone to depend on them. A woman with codependency usually likes to be with a man that treats her horrible, he is very needy, and she does everything for him but never gets her needs fulfilled. She likes the fact that she is needed and may do this with other people in her life that are needy. Basically this woman loves the needy and wants to help out the victim.

    A man with codependency is pretty much the same. He likes a woman that depends on him that is very needy and weak. You may have watched the stories and remember certain male characters such as Ridge or Holden Snyder that loved to be "captain save a hoe". Most times these men would go for the victim. Holden would love when Lily was suicidal or ill. You may say well there is nothing wrong with wanting to help a needy person but a person with codependency usually looks for a person needy and unhealthy mentally. Their need to be needed makes them unhealthy.

  Lets say the needy person doesn't need help anymore...a codependent person will be angry or no longer want to deal with the person that is strong. A stable and strong minded person in a codependent person's life is a threat. Most people have a want to help others and there is nothing wrong with that. A mother and father know their children will depend on them and most times a child will be needy to their parents. As parents we teach our children to stand on their own and grow to be independent. A codependent person must accept they have a problem and find out why they want to be needed. I'm not a psychiatrist but I hope this may help someone that may have this problem. Sometimes we may wonder why do I deal with this person and they are so unhealthy for me. You may wonder why you go over board excessively to make sure this person is taken care of and never taking care of you.

Do you have codependency?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eye & Brow Makeover: Why it can do wonders for the face...

    Sleepless in Baltimore this has been my nights for many weeks. I haven't felt like writing but finally was motivated after attending a spa day for my friend's birthday. My sleepless nights are causing my eyes to look tired and old. I have bags and dark circles...this combo is not  a girl's best friend. A spa day with my girls was at the top of my list. Mama was in need of a makeover and some TLC.

   I was blessed to sit in the chair of top makeup artist Aqueelah Williams. I have recently did a interview about her in an earlier blog...check it out. So back to my makeover miracle. I told my friend a million times I need a transformation on my eyes. I never really had eye brows and my brows grow in a certain way due to an accident that happened as a child. Aqueelah got to work on my brows. When she told me she wanted to shape my brows another way I was hesitant but willing to see the difference. I usually shape my brows in a way that gives me a skinny brow tail but I make up for that by filling in my thin areas. I looked in the mirror and saw Aqueelah gave me more eyebrows than before. I was amazed at the difference. My eyes were looking better already. After applying my makeup she applied single eye lashes on my lash line. She applies them much differently than the Asian women that use krazy glue on your The lashes are guaranteed to last on your eyes for at least 1-2 weeks. I must say I love my new lashes that are still on as I type. When I came home later on I washed my face and saw a brand new person. My eyes are open and my brows are shaped to perfection. It wasn't just the makeup that made me look alive. A true makeover starts with the basics of a great foundation. Always remember take care of the eyes.The eyes are the main attraction of the face and the brows are a beautiful frame. If you live in the Baltimore and would like a brow & lash makeover by Aqueelah Williams...spend me an email (go 2 my contact page)...and I will give you her contact information. TTYL.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Forgiving...and moving on

Breathe in and breathe out...I close my eyes meditate and open.
Yeah, I'm ready to write...release... and move on.

The season has changed and so do many situations in life.Funny how many things remain the same but get worse with time. At times we will truly continue to go in circles never understanding the lesson God wants us to learn. When someone shows you hate repeatedly in your own vain mind you believe acting as cruel as them will solve the problems. I know I have resorted to the great anger cover up. You cover up true emotions with anger to hide how much pain you may feel. Its so easy to do wrong than right. So if another one close to you is hurtful the reaction is to hurt them back. After receiving wisdom and much needed understanding I know railing for railing wont solve anything. That's where forgiveness comes in to play. Forgiving someone even if they are the one hurting you or they dont deserve it. When you forgive you don't have to take on other people's negative move on and be you. Many times I have found my self taking on an other's character and only feeling worse in the end. If you can forgive, move on , and love it will feel so much better. We give over more power than we think to others and only realize it when someone else tells you "Dag ,why you let so and so take control of your feelings like that?". If someone hurts you, hates you, or just doesn't want to change you cant make that problem yours. I'm learning to put Christ first and move on from hate. I cant always look at others and say they are the cause of my misery or pain if I'm the one letting them get in. I choose to move on and look forward to better days.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Look out St. Ives!...You have some competition...

I'm always on the look out for new products in the skin care world. Having a skin care background I will try just about any product once to see if I like it. In my search of what's hot and new I receive a sample of a new great exfoliant for the face. Svetlana Minevich of Future Face LLC has been nothing but generous and kind to me with products and information.  Future Face is on the "Green Scene" creating healthy natural alternatives for skin care. I recently have used Future Face's Vegetable Exfoliator. I would call it a "Fruit Exfoliant" because it contains quince, apricot seeds, and ether oil from wild orange seeds. So you know you will smell a jar full of good stuff. When I first used this product it reminded me of St. Ives Apricot Scrub. The difference about this product is it contains natural ingredients and has oils that leave your face baby soft. I would recommend this exfoliant for people with normal to dry skin. If you have oily skin you might find it a little irritating. Make sure to rub the exfoliant on the skin in backwards circles until the product starts to peel. You must create friction on the face to see great results. I give this product three stars. Future Face has a nice Milk Cleanser that I tried out in the past few weeks. I love the Milk Cleanser to remove makeup. I highly recommend the Milk Cleanser for make up wearers and people with dry skin. The seasons are changing so now is the time to revamp our skin care products too!

Buy Vegetable Exfoliator & Milk Cleanser from me!
Try it out for your self it's worth it

Click link to buy Vegetable Exfoliant:

Click link to buy Milk Cleanser:

Gifted Hands...Meet the talented Daniele Johnson

I went on a short hiatus due to many changes...what else is new. In the life of being a mommy there is always plenty to do and much more ahead of you. In my busy travels I got to take out some well needed time for my self. I was finally able to get my hair treated and styled by one of the hottest natural hair stylist in Baltimore. Daniele Johnson's work speaks for its self. While other stylist are still figuring out how to keep up she is far beyond her years of natural styling. Many people have taken care of my hair but I will say Daniele has been my one true favorite. So while she was twisting my locs I was able to interview Daniele about hair, being natural, and much more. Her thoughts are deep and always make you think. I hope you enjoy the interview...

BB Mama: When did you become a natural hair stylist?

DJ: I've been doing hair since 2002. Labeled as a natural hairstylist in 2005.

BB Mama: Why did you decide to work with natural hair?

DJ:  Natural hair has so much more strength, texture, feeling, growth, and energy...that it made me appreciate it.

BB Mama: In three words describe natural hair?

DJ: Strength, Conductor of Energy, & True

BB Mama: What would you say to a black woman scared to go natural?

DJ: Come see uuummm No, I would say, first observe thoughts as to why you are afraid to go natural. Examine is it truly you or is it the reaction or thoughts of others...and then the conversation starts.

BB Mama: Would you ever work on clients with relaxed hair ?

DJ: Absolutely, but not applying or the application of chemicals.

BB Mama: How long have you been natural?

DJ: For 9years

BB Mama: Why did you choose to go natural?

DJ: I wanted to truly see what I was made of without chemical manipulations.

BB Mama: Is it important to use natural hair products?

DJ: Absolutely.

BB Mama: What products do you use on your clients?

DJ: Natural oils, essential oils and herbal remedies...all that I make and formulate my self.

BB Mama: What should future clients look forward to experiencing their first time with you?

DJ: They can expect to experience good energy.

BB Mama: What sets you apart from other natural hairstylist?

DJ: People would have to judge that for themselves. Check out

BB Mama: Why do you think hair is so important to black women?

DJ: Because its an extension of expression.

BB Mama: What hairstyles do you offer?

DJ: I like to use adjectives to describe my hairstyles. I offer hairstyles as such; stylish, classical, creative, "fly", sexy , cool, simple, etc.

BB Mama: What does Itarah mean?

DJ: Royal Female

BB Mama: How do you balance your career with your personal life?

DJ: Teamwork. My whole household is involved with everyday life. One particular job is not limited to one particular person. Everyone pitches in and helps with everything.

BB Mama: What are your career goals in the future?

DJ: To keep progressing and forever learning.

Daniele Johnson a natural stylist with understanding of natural hair's beauty,creative thoughts, humble, and great abilities to transform the energy of hair. Check her out at


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In the mind of a SINGLE BLACK FEMALE...The Interview

We all know her in some type of way. She is your mother, sister, friend, daughter, or co-worker. Yes, and  once upon a time she was you! We soon forget our single life when we get married and have children. We have watched many shows that focus on the single black woman's life. Living Single, Girlfriends, Half and Half are shows that display how black women cope in society being single and figuring out life. I decided to pick the brain of Miss S.B.F.. I must say her answers were honest and at times thought provoking. In her answers I have to acknowledge my own stereotypes of the single black woman shattered. I now have new view on the black woman's single life. Reading this interview married or single you just might have many thoughts in common with Miss S.B.F.
I hope you enjoy...

BB Mama: How long have you been single?

SBF: Long enough

BB Mama :Why are you single?

SBF: Because I have not met the right person... And I refuse to settle and I've become picky.

BB Mama: Are you looking for love?

SBF: Yes and No....I make inquires and scope men out but.... rarely follow through. I want someone to look for me...

BB Mama: Do you think the perfect man is out there for you?

SBF: Perfect man? there is no such thing....I now know that, and age and experience have taught me that.

BB Mama: How long do you think a woman should date when getting to know a guy?

SBF: I think she should date as long as she can to the point where she knows his spirit, his family, goals, and if he can support a family without me if I lose my job or if I am out of work. lol

BB Mama: Do you think you will know when you've found your soul mate?

SBF: Yes, I think I would know....I believe I will feel like I never have before...

BB Mama: What would you like to achieve or do before being married?

SBF: I would like to have a strong spiritual foundation within myself 1st, travel some, and buy a house.

BB Mama: What do you like about being single?

SBF: My alone time, my party time, my bar time....hehehehe. ummmm, just doing what I want and not having to worry about checking in with anybody.

BB Mama: What do you hate about being single?

SBF: I don't really hate anything about it, maybe dislike things at times. Wanting to stay in the house and sometimes having no one to have movie night with, or go out to eat with... church events where I would like to be with a family of my own there. but after a while you find some peace in it and some enjoyment.

BB Mama: What has been the worse place to find a man?

SBF: I don't think any place is the worse, it determines the type of person your meeting at that particular place...I've had luck at a variety of places.

BB Mama: Do you want children? Why or why not?...

SBF: Yes, because Its natural for a woman to want children.

BB Mama: What age do you think is too old to be single?

SBF: A woman can be single at any age and she can never be too old, because different circumstances make women of all ages single. Society places a stigma on women that if your a certain age like over 35 or 40 your too old to be single.

BB Mama: Do you believe in love at first sight?

SBF: No, I don't...its more like lust at first sight. Love at 1st sight? How can you truly love someone at first sight? I dunno...

BB Mama: What has been the worse thing a married person has said to you?

SBF: Married people don't say bad things to me because I'm single, usually they give advice about there own marriages and what not to do....

BB Mama: Do you have married friends?

SBF: yeah.

BB Mama: What do you like to do as a single woman?

SBF: The same things married women like to do! lol.... be with friends, family, relax, church....I don't think my daily activities are different than a married woman besides me going out more often to lounges, parties, and bars. Oh I like to go by myself and get pedicures and manicures... but a married woman might enjoy that too.

BB Mama: Being a single black woman use 3 words to describe it?

SBF: This is funny....because I don't have 3 words to describe it. ummmm, nope. blank.

BB Mama: What would you say to other black single women looking for love?

SBF: I dunno, I have no advice I don't have anyone either.... I guess don't give up, but I have to tell myself that too soooooo......

BB Mama : In the future how do you hope to see your life?

SBF: A righteous husband soon then later kids... and a

Monday, September 6, 2010

Life in Rewind...

In search of some study material I pulled down a box full of notebooks. I found some old journals I have kept from the past years and decided to read them. I read over some pages of a journal I kept from 2001. Yeah, I'm a pack rat and keep almost everything. I laughed, cried, and wondered at the things I wrote at such a young lady's life. If I could go back in time to talk to young Hev I would tell her not to worry so much, stay focused, and so much more. My words of wisdom on love to young Heather I have plenty. I might scare her by telling her the bad things she might experience in the future. Although time travel doesn't exist for me at times I wish I could change some things in my past. Reality shows are kind of like time travel. You can watch people's lives in the past and know their future. I was watching some reruns of a reality show and I thought to myself  did these girls ever think they would be enemies. In the older episodes of the reality show they were best friends. Now in 2010 you see them in interviews spitting venom on each others name. We never know what's in store for us in life.
We just keep on living hoping whatever is to come it just might be better than before.

Eating In The Dark: Mama put down the cookie!

OK...I'm a night eater. My cravings come at night and I love to eat junk. You can find me eating cookies while the open refrigerator gives me enough light to stand in the dark. I know I'm getting bad when I really don't care about how much I consume at night. I know its wrong but I'll eat something sweet and then drink a bottle of water and tell my self that was your healthy choice for tonight. I know I'm not alone with the sweet tooth night cravings. Some people might like to eat salty food at night but sweets are my thing. So next grocery visit I have a plan to turn around my bad prego night cravings. I have to before I'm a fat girl and not a phat girl. Its easy to pack on the pounds while pregnant. I have a plan and I wanted to share it with my preggers & night eating readers....

  • Drink lots of water with meals and in between. Water can fill you up and make you eat small amounts of food.
  • Have fruit rinsed off and cut all ready in Ziploc bags for quick eating.
  • A nice trail mix can be nice for when I want a little salty sweet treat.
  • Also have vegetables in bite sizes rinsed and ready to eat.
  • Dark chocolate Raisinets are healthier to eat instead of the milk chocolate ones.
  • Keep a box of Chocolate Cheerios in the house to eat dry with out
  • Maybe granola bars can replace my cookies
  • Stop buying junk food period and only have healthy options for me and the boys

    So I will see how it works out and update you later. Its late right now and I'm trying finish this chocolate cake before I go on my healthy eating voyage...ttyl

Happy 200 blogs BB Mama! :How Blogging gave me a voice

I started blogging in 2008 and now I have hit the mark of 200 blogs. I am amazed at this accomplishment. Who would ever think the quiet little girl from Indiana would have a voice to speak her mind and others would listen. I found out my love for writing in high school but really my true love for writing came from journal writing. I remember watching The Color Purple and how the characters wrote back and forth to each other. I cant remember which character wrote letters to God but after reading the book and watching the movie I decided to do the same. Then years later  I wrote a beauty article for my son's school newsletter for parents. After writing for the newsletter my love for writing was sparked again. I found out about blogging on blogspot and now you have yours truly Chronicles of Blaque Beauty Mama. I have shared my tips, tricks, advice, and  life lessons with all. I thank all my readers, followers, and even the closet BB Mama readers that would never tell a soul their a fan. Thanks for reading it means alot to me. I found my voice through blogging and I can only hope it gets stronger with time. I still keep a journal but its nice to share my thoughts with others. Keep reading!....

More to come...interviews, beauty reviews, trending fashion and mommy life stories.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hair done, nails done,...oooo no look @ her face!

While your dancing to Drake's song Fancy did you ever think "pizza face" doesn't fit the description Miss Fancy Pants. I find it to be a horrible problem among black women to leave their skin as the last priority. Washing your face with bar soap and rubbing Vaseline on your face just wont cut it. Sorry mamas a great amount of us don't have Lena Horne's genes to just apply Vaseline on our faces and wake up spectacular. If your first thought is to make sure the hair, nails and clothes are right please remember your face is the first to be seen. You just might be fancy but the blemishes and dark marks will over shadow your wonderful look. So now is the time to get your skin healthy and blemish free.

Follow these simple steps and be "Fancy" From Head, Face, to Toe!

  • Find out your skin type... Are you Normal, Oily, Dry, or Combo?
  • Start off with the basics Cleanse, Tone , & Moisturize
  • Try spot treatments for your blemishes.
  • Look for moisturizers with a SPF of 15. Yes. mama you need to protect your skin from the sun as well. Black skin loves to produce pigmentation. If you pick a pimple the skin will produce more pigmentation to protect your skin. A dark mark will protect your skin before it does the job for you.
  • Don't pick pimples!
  • Visit a esthetician once a month to get your skin properly cleansed.
  • Try to use an exfoliant for the face at least every other week.
  • Masks are fun and can bring extra care to the skin. Try using a mask twice a month.
  • Find a great dermatologist if you are really having horrible skin care problems
  • Drink lots of water!
Try some of these steps on the list. Make sure to keep up with a skin care regimen day and night.

 Now is the time to make your skin the first priority!

The New Corduroy On The Block

   Autumn is making its way here and your ready for the nu nu trends. Well the new kid on the block is skinny, soft, textured, and comes in a variety of colors. Skinny Cords the new alternative pants for fall. You love your skinny jeans, leggings, and jeggings but skinny cords are calling you from across the aisle. Don't be scared to wear them their easy to match up with any shirt or boots. Skinny Cords are a must have for the fall. I call them a great staple item in your wardrobe. You can dress them up and make them casual. I know just about every store will have them so choose the right color and the best fit  for you. Dare to wear the new kid and I promise it wont embarrass you.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ask Hev...Why can't I use lotion on my face?

  My close friend inspired me to write about this topic from a question she asked me yesterday...

"Hey,Why is it good to use a moisturizer for your face? Is lotion not good enough?"

  I love her question because many think its ok or good enough to use lotion on the face. The fact is lotion is only meant for the body and not for the face. You may be thinking I don't see the problem its all skin. Yes, the face and body is all skin but they each have different pore sizes on the top surface of the skin. Pores on the body are usually small and the pores on the face are large. Molecules in lotion are imagine a big bubble. Now visualize this large bubble on top of the point of a pin. Lotion slowly seeps inside the tiny pores on the body. The large molecule is time released slowly going in the skin to hydrate. So if you put a large molecule in a large pore it will pop right in and clog the pores on the face. Moisturizers are made for the skin on the face. They will slowly time release, balance out and hydrate the face correctly.

You must cleanse, tone and then moisturize to make sure you moisturizer works properly. A toner is a must with a moisturizer. Toners restore the normal balance of your skin while your moisturizer can hydrate effectively on the skin.  A simple and great toner is Witch Hazel. Also make sure you are using the right hydration. Find out your skin type before you go looking for a moisturizer.

Here are some of my all time favorite moisturizers...

  • Murad Energizing Pomegranate Moisturizer
  • JASON Natural Aloe Vera 84 Ultra-Comforting Moisturizing Creme
  • Dove Deep Moisture Facial Lotion
  • Boscia Vital Daily Moisture
  • Boscia Oil-free Daily Hydration
Find these moisturizers in local stores, Sephora, and online
    *Keep in mind its always great to switch up your skin care products seasonally and with other life changes such as pregnancy, the use of certain medications, hormonal changes, and if your nursing.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do You Have The Clown Brow Syndrome?...

Many of us have had the "Clown Brows" or right now as I speak have "Clown Brows". We some how over pluck our brows and then draw over them with a brow pencil. I perfected the clown brows for many years in high school. I don't have that much eye brows to work with from the beginning but then I had the nerve to make them super skinny. I have had clients that barely had eyebrows want me to wax away the little bit of brow hair they have. I know most women love the arch and want their eyebrows to look clean. Beautiful arched eyebrows open the eyes and the face up. Thin eyebrows make you look clownish and surprised all the time. Using waxy eyebrow pencils are a no, no for any type of brow. So you may have the Clown Brows Syndrome or naturally have thin brows and want them to be normal...

Follow these quick and easy tips for the perfect brow!

  • Give your eyebrows time to grow in. I don't care how unruly they may look. Use brow gel and a brow comb while giving your brows a chance to grow back
  • Never use waxy brow pencils
  • If you choose to pluck your eye brows...pluck outside of the brow. Try to keep the natural shape of your eyebrows. You can use a white eyeliner pencil to draw the shape you would like and then pluck around the borders.
  • Your eyebrows already have a natural arch so if you get them plucked, waxed, or threaded tell the person arching them to stay around the natural line of your brow.
  • Brow scissors can be your friend. You can buy them at any drug store. Brow scissors are great for trimming around the brow and cutting down the fly away hairs..(note: this tool is great for full eyebrows too)
  • Finally I will say just don't over do it! You want your brows to look clean but natural.
Also know that the beginning of you brow should line up with the outer curve of your nostril. The tail of the brow should line up diagonally from the outer corner of you mouth. May sound strange but take a pencil and try to do this in the mirror.

A must have for the perfect brow...I love it  and use it every time I do my makeup.

... Its only $3! You can get it at Target or Online.
The brow kit reminds me of NARS and Smashbox's eye kits and it works just as well. It comes with the brow gel and powder that makes a great combination for the perfect brows. Use this kit to fill in and shape out the brow line. I recommend this kit over a pencil any day. It may take some time to master but it works BTW it comes with a little brow brush that works! Try it you will love it.

Say bye, bye to the Clown Brow Syndrome and hello Eyebrow Perfection!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

She is scared to wear her real hair....

  I wasn't surprised when Tyra Banks did a show on black women scared to wear their real hair. On the show she had two women that only wore weaves and one that never wore her natural curly texture. The women on the show were in tears while explaining why they hate their real hair. When did the black woman become ashamed of her own natural hair? I believe it has been an on going cycle for black women to teach their daughters that their hair is ugly. As a child I don't remember loving my hair and being told it was beautiful. I used to put long t-shirts over my head and pretend to have long lavish hair. I know many other young black girls dreamed of long straight "beautiful" hair. Now the nappy headed girl with short hair can buy a bundle of hair and say its hers. As we stand in the mirror we hate our hair. We make sure to take drastic measures to make sure nobody ever will see the beautiful hair God has given us.

I don't blame my mother or any other black woman for the epidemic of self hate. I do blame society and the media. Black women are the top consumers of beauty products and these major companies know that. Big hair companies spend billions on making sure we stay relaxed and straight.I don't think its wrong to wear fake hair but when you cant live without it... that's a problem. A weave should be something you wear every once in a while for change. Yes,mama you bought it and now it's yours but please don't make it a habit to wear fake hair all your life. Deep down in some way a black woman knows she is hating her self by hating her hair.  During the Tyra Bank's show the women that hated their hair had the weaves removed and had their natural hair styled beautifully. All the women at the end of the show loved how their hair looked without a weave. Education and proper care is the key to wearing natural hair. Go to hair meet ups, read books about hair, try different products, find a knowledgeable natural hair stylist, the options are endless. A weave or relaxer are not the only options for us.

Love the hair and skin your in....

-Peace & Many Blessings

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Prego Partying: Belly Dance, Have Fun, It's Okay!....

When my friend asked me to come out for her birthday I was kind of hesitant. Going out to dance and not sit down and eat... Can a prego girl do that? After great positive feed back I decided I wanted to go. My only dilemma came about trying to find something to wear. Searching in my closet I found nothing. Then I realized you want something to hide your belly. So I got over it and realized...duh your cute and comfy! I finally found a great dress to wear and put my own spin on it. I made sure to paint my toes although I struggled, lol. I made sure I felt happy and looked great. After dealing with kids all day and being tired from late nights of no sleep I was ready to have a good time. I had a great time celebrating my friend's birthday. I danced and had fun with my friends and it  was very much needed. Some people will say you have to stay at home while pregnant but I say if your feeling okay go have a good time. A pregnancy is not meant to be hidden. I'm not telling my prego readers party every night and go get drunk...
Going out celebrating with friends and dancing won't hurt you. Christina Milian, Kourtny Kardashian, and many other Prego Mamas have been spotted out having a good time with friends and family. I'm not a celebrity but that night I had fun like

Here are some tips on staying comfy if you choose to party

  • Choose an outfit you are comfortable in.
  • Drink plenty of water before going out and stay hydrated
  • Make sure you eat before you go out
  • Have a friend that will make sure you are okay thru the night
  • Its OK to sit down and relax...friends will come to you while you sit.
  • Make sure you have a safe driver if riding with others
  • Hand rails are your friend use them and a buddies' hand
Have fun every once in a while prego mamas because soon late nights will be diaper changing and bottle feeding!

Clogging Back Into Fall: The Come Back Shoe

We can't forget these Sweden originals...The Clog! We loved them in the 90's and now this fabulous shoe is revamped for this fall. The round toe, short or tall heel, and comfort like a tennis shoes have us loving them even more. Leather or suede the clog is making a come back into women's wardrobe. How can you wear these adorable shoes?...

 Clogs are versatile and can be worn with skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, skirts, and dresses. A clog with leather and studs can replace the typical short boot or bootie. Clogs are now coming in suede and variety of colors but I'm loving the solid neutrals. Their a must have in the closet this fall. They work best with casual sexy combinations while giving comfort. So ladies make sure the heels of your feet are shiny and ready for display. You can find you a pair in just about any retail shoe store. The clog is a far cry from the original wooden shoe. Clog your way back into fall!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Pity Party

My grandmother would always tell me tears wont solve the problem nor will it make anything better. I was a cry baby as a little girl and I sometimes still feel her resurface. We all have had a pity party at least once or twice in our lives. Some of us live are lives in a pity party and believe the world is against us. Maybe not everything is going our way so we just want to sit and wallow in depression. I can say I've been there. Depression brings heaviness upon our spirits. We get down and stay in a dark place not knowing how to get out of our despair. The Pity Party makes you feel alone but other types of friends will come and join you and none of them are positive. Okay we get down but in my pitiful moments I decided to get up out of my depression. I know God has much better in store for me. If you get down don't stay there forever. There will be moments of sadness, pain, and grief but choose to move on and find the good in your life. The Pity Party is never fun. Keep living and looking forward to the good no matter how hard it gets.

-Peace & Many Blessings

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BB Mama New Product Review: BUTTER HANDS

Hey Mamas,

     I'm always washing my hands or having them in some type of water. My hands tend to peel at the end of the day from all the cleaning and washing I do in the house. I have tried to put lotion or coco butter on them but after I wash my hands their back to being dry. Then Miss Oops Butter Hands came into my life and my hands are feeling brand new. I had to put this product to the test so I applied it once and went as I regularly do during the day. I washed dishes, washed my hands after diaper changes, washed clothes, and washed up little people. My hands still felt nice and no peeling. It felt like my hands were protected throughout the day. BUTTER HANDS has and SPF of 30 in it which is great for sun protection. It also has Sesame Seed Oil and Indica Seed Butter that keeps your hands hydrated without the greasy residue. I'm hooked on this hand cream that comes out the same color as butter with a sweet smell. Miss Oops Butter Hands gets The BB Mama Approval! Now you can buy this lovely hand cream from my shop...

Check it out buy it and love it!
Just Click on the Link Below

Monday, August 9, 2010

Why a HATER Hates?...



          We all have probably wondered why someone may hate us. Did we give them a reason to hate? Maybe that person never had a reason to hate you. I do know you can compare a hater to a bully. A hater usually isn't someone your scared of's more of a pest or an annoyance to your life. A person that hates usually has low self esteem and lacks confidence. You can see these same qualities in a bully. A hater can be someone very close to you or someone you don't know. At times we feel sorry for a person that's a hater because their life revolves around trying to make someone else feel bad about their self. A hater only wants someone to feel exactly like them. All that time spent on hating instead of building up their own esteem to stop hating and be happy. If your not aware of the devices of a hater you can find your self being just like them.
          A hater hates because they hate the person staring right back at them in the mirror. Some where deep inside the person their hating they wish to be like. Learn from a hater to keep loving and move on. It was once said it takes more muscles and time to make a frown. Life is not worth the time to be unhappy and to be angry. I say if your a hater or find your self slipping into hater mode... take a good look in the mirror and ask your self is this really worth my time. Its very easy to be negative than to be positive. You never know when its too late to make a change so why not do it today.

_Peace& Many Blessings

Friday, August 6, 2010

GET THE LOOK!!!: Today we feature Jazmine's Dewy Look

      Jazmine Sullivan is already making waves with her new single Holding You Down. We are loving her music and also loving her new soft look. Jazmine showing a very delicate side and playing up her beautiful features gets an A plus from Blaque Beauty Mama. So you may be wondering how can you copy this fabulous natural dewy look...Read further down and I'll tell you how.

You will need:
A black eyeliner
Black mascara
A bronzer
Hot Chocolate Mama lip balm (Get this by going to

Now GET THE LOOK!!!...Dewy Natural Face here we go!

  1. Make sure you hydrate your face with a nice moisturizer. After that if you are using a liquid bronzer apply that  all over the face. If you have a powder bronzer wait that will be the last step!
  2. Draw a thick line along the upper lash line with the black eye liner.Then line your bottom lash with a thin line.
  3. Take your Hot Chocolate Mama lip balm and place some on the eye lids and smooth it out across the eye lid. Smudge and blend it some into the eyeliner.
  4. Smooth some Hot Chocolate Mama lip balm on the cheeks and lips.
  5. Now get your powder bronzer and brush it on your forehead, cheeks, eyes, and chin.
  6. Finish your Dewy Look  by applying your black mascara last.
Simple steps to get Jazmine's Dewy Look...


-Peace & Many Blessing

Soul Sistah Cosmetics...Hoping for success!

A long process for the sisters of Soul Sistah Cosmetics will pay off in the end. Years of planning lip balm formulas, the names of the products, and so much more. Courtney and Heather Hayes move forward towards the future of their business with high hopes to make a mark in the cosmetic world. Soul Sistah Cosmetics theme of products come with names like Hot Chocolate Mama. Caramel Kisses, and Brown Eyed Sugah Girl. The style and names of products take you back to a theme of blaxploitation. Blaque Sugah their logo girl is beautifully profiled on products with a natural fro. The sistahs of SSC are working hard on future products that will have customers coming back for more. They take pride in their products being all natural with great scents that will excite the senses. Heather and Courtney are just starting to embark on their journey but have no plans on stopping.

Check out their website

Go to their contact page to find out how to order products.

-Peace & Many Blessings

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sexy & Pregnant: Find out how you can keep being the hott one...

        The belly is growing and will continue to grow along with many other body parts. Most women think this is the time to stock up on big t-shirts and sweat pants. STOP!!!! Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and your baby bump should not hide under big droopy clothes. We also don't want to wear too tight clothes that have us looking like we are wearing our pre-pregnancy clothes. So you may be wondering what should I wear to remain or become the super sexy prego mama... You must first understand that being sexy is classy and not trashy. Being sexy comes with confidence and being aware your body's beautiful curves.  Right now mama while pregnant you got curves and all the right places so enjoy it!

Here are some pieces you should add to your wardrobe to spice up your look. Also with your sexy wardrobe check out  little things you can do to be a hot mama.

  • Jeggings: The jean legging with stretch has comfort and style for your growing body. Try pairing some jeggings up with a flowy top that comes down pass the belly and hits the hip. Check out Express for some sexy jeggings that fit your style!

  • Kitten Heels: OK while your pregnant you hate to wear heels. Flats can be cute but we are going for sexy. Kitten Heels or Cigarette heels give you just enough heel and height. Your calf muscles need length for dresses and skirts. Kitten heels come in many different styles just look for the heel! Check out this link and find a wide variety of kitten heels for summer and fall.

  • Shorts: Yes you need some sexy shorts. They are made and such a nice variety of colors and styles. I would start off with black shorts. You can get a lot of wear out of them. Dress your shorts up and down. When being sexy dress them up with your kitten heel. If your a super sexy mama put them on with high heels. Your legs will have crazy length. So while the growing belly is out...your legs are showing off too! Click the link and check out fun sexy styles just for you. Old Navy has a nice selection of shorts in different styles.

  • Try a Variety of Sexy Tops: Off the shoulder...super sexy! Layered flounce silk tops give your belly nice shape and room to breathe. Asymmetrical Knit Tunics are flowy but wont have you look big and bulky. Deep V shirts or simple V cut shirts give your growing bust line nice lines along with that growing bump. If you don't want to shop in maternity stores...Try going to other trendy stores and buy 1-2 sizes up from your original size. Its really all about the cut and style. Don't get locked into empire waist tops as the only style a prego mom can wear. There are many different styles of shirts that flow out or stay fitted to the body and give nice silhouettes around the belly.

  I didn't forget to share my little things you can do to be sexy...
  1. Keep your toes polished. People never would think a pregnant woman would be able to touch her toes. It's a must to keep them polished and try hot colors like red, hot pink, and coral.
  2. Find our your right bra size. Your bust might be growing and you don't want your bust line blending in with the belly...not cute!
  3. A chunky ring, ankle bracelet, hooped earrings, or bangle bracelet are fun ways to make your sexy wardrobe pop!
  4. Stay up on your skin care. Try getting a facial and always make sure your face and body is glowing. Try exfoliating the body and using body and face bronzers for that extra glow factor!
  5. A new hairstyle never hurts. Try color and something opposite of your ordinary style. A new look always makes you feel sexy and confident.
So to all my Sexy Prego Mamas have fun shopping and finding your inner sexy diva!

-Peace & Many Blessings!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Aqueelah Williams: A true star behind the many faces on a cover

Hey Mamas,

Welcome to my new edition of Chronicles of Blaque Beauty Mama. My treat to you and new format is to provide you with great blogs in magazine format. What better way can I start off my new style with an exclusive interview about Aqueelah Williams. If you don't know her name you might have saw her face and name grace the covers and pages of Black Sophisticates and many other black magazines you know and love. Not too long ago I caught up with Aqueelah to find out more about her career and the humble beginnings of her start in the beauty industry. I promise this is a treat... I hope you enjoy

BBmama: When and how did you start out in the beauty industry?
AW: I started when I was 18, my first real job as a receptionist for a black owned beauty/ hair magazine company.

BBmama:What was the benefit of starting out young in the beauty field?

AW: My lack of terminology and industry etiquette afforded me the chance to experience different avenues of the business, constantly given tasks out side of my job description. Being on photo shoots, traveling, modeling I learned everything! I moved up in the company quickly because of the fresh ideas I had. I got hip and stayed with the company long enough to build relationships and freelance with other companies. After a while I was more of a partner/advisor not an employee.

BBmama:What are your talents?

AW: I’m a published MUA, that has had jobs as a production manager, model, modeling instructor, photography coordinator, and wardrobe stylist. Within the last few years I've added lash tech and wig stylist to my arsenal.

BBmama:How did you learn to be a makeup artist?

AW: I'm self taught, some of the tips and tricks I learned from the artist I use to hire for shoots at the mag. Most of my practice was on my self, I had my own formula no real rules

BBmama:Who have you worked with in the beauty industry

AW: My resume includes and is not limited to: Miss USA, Cover Girl Tour, Clinique, Mirror Image Cosmetics, B.E.A.T., Little Mo, KeKe Wyatt, Sicili Sewell, The Philadelphia Eagles (print), and The Baltimore Ravens (commercial).I also have tear sheets from my published work featured in: Sophisticates Black Hair, Salon Profiles, Da Book Magazine, and Salon One. Allen Media Group and Spicer Productions…

BBmama:What are your likes and dislike in the beauty industry?

AW: I like the beauty industry for staying trendy and because of that it has highs and lows for a freelance artist, so that's not consistent pay which is my small dislike however it keeps me on my toes.

BBmama:Tell us one thing you think people don’t know about makeup artistry?

AW:People don't know that its not as easy as it looks, for example to create a "natural" look can require a lot of makeup.

BBmama:What is Powder Room Consulting? When did you start it?

AW:I started the group a few years ago, we serve as a liaison between the client and the beauty industry.

BBmama:What are the services you provide?

AW: I merged my experience with skilled professionals through powderroomconsulting as a platform where artists, stylist, and photographers can provide expert assistance.

BBmama:How is your career now being a newlywed and mommy?

AW:I’m learning every day, its all about balance.

BBmama:What would you like to do in the future in the beauty field?

AW:In the future I want to brand my own "beauty survival kit" and mineral line, and I’d also love to have a beauty supply store.

BBmama: Name 2 words to describe you?

AW:Versatile and highly motivated…

After chatting with Ms. Williams I can agree with those two words.

-Peace & Many Blessings!

Monday, August 2, 2010

In a boyz world

Hey Mamas,

   Last week my heart way beating fast as the lady traced over my belly. The baby looks perfect I was told but I really wanted to know what was the sex. I closed my eyes then opened again to see...yes its another boy. I cried because I was hoping for my daughter. No...another little boy. At that point I was really sad and disappointed and no one could understand it but me. I came back to the waiting room to see all my sons sitting there quietly and strangers looking at my boys in amazement. They are so well behaved I have heard many times while out but I know better. I remember in the past as an teenager I was boy crazy. I was always involved or looking for some guy. Its amazing the irony and humour God can have with you. I had to set my emotions aside and see what God wants me to learn from this circle. I can't say I fully figured it out all the way. One thing I do know I was given these beautiful boys that will grow up to be great men that will love me forever. So I'm happy with boy number 6. I'm happy to say I'm having another little man in my life that will love me and likewise I do the same. While I'm trying to understand the lessons God wants me to learn the boys will be right there with me. My disappointment fades and I look forward to the future and a life without circles.

-Peace&Many Blessings

Friday, July 30, 2010

No Limits with Open Sky

Hey Mamas,

  Not too long ago this week I was getting dressed watching Good Morning America. The story that peaked my interest was about mothers working from home.  I'm thinking to my self I have to watch this. I find out one lady is a blogger working from home reviewing and selling products to her readers that she loves and! I instantly write down the link. Open Sky! I'm running to the computer that's for me. I sign up on the website and a day later I get an email. I get invited to be apart of Open Sky and open up my own shop! The nice part about Open Sky is someone calls you to get you started and familiar with the company. I was called by Matt. He answered all my questions about Open Sky and helped me to feel comfortable about selling.

  So ladies August 10th I'm open for business. My shop will be open and I'm ready to let you know whats hot! I will only inform you about products I love that I know you will love. You will be able to easily purchase my reviewed products from me. Open Sky was the perfect fit for me being a blogger and loving to review great products. We hear about products everywhere but now you can buy from an everyday person like your self. I'm happy to say this will be a new element added to my blog that will get you even more involved with me. If your a blogger or have a small business and great products check out Open Sky. Go to the steps to getting started are super easy! Be on the look out for my Blaque Beauty Mama product reviews. I hope you will enjoy!

-Peace & Many Blessings

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fall for Flats

Hey Mamas,

Fall is around the corner and its time to go shopping. An email from Payless brought another transitional shoe to my mind. Flats!!! or ballerina flats some may call them is the perfect shoe to buy for early fall. Your foot will have just the right balance of coverage and skin showing. You can still wear them in summer and never feel like your breaking out the fall gear to early. We all know retail stores like to bring out the fall apparel quick while summer is on our minds. So... stock up on your flats fast!!!! Check out Payeless
 They are having some nice deals and I just went to Target and saw some cute ones I'm thinking of getting. You can't go wrong with a flat majority of the time. Get yours today!

-Peace & Happy Shopping!

The Token One...

Hey Mamas,

  I remember back in the day 90210 had not one black person on the show. Now we see  a couple of different black faces on the show and one of the main characters is a black boy. In my head I think should I really be jumping up and applauding the fact that one token black boy made it on the show. Yes, its nice to see us on television but why is there such a lack of us on shows. My sons love to watch reruns of Everybody Hates Chris . Now a perfectly decent show is off the air and CW places shows on with no plot and the dialog is boring. You can flip through the channels and every time see a white face. The only time you will see a black face on a consistent basis is  on BET or TV One. What ever happen to great quality black shows like Cosby and A Different World? I still today can watch reruns of both shows and laugh.It was said that during the time A Different World was on t.v. there was an increase of young black children wanting to attend black colleges. I love to see us in comedy but its getting rather played out to see our own always being the clowns. In the movies we see so many token black actors. I'm starting to wonder are these actors not caring at all to be stereotyped. There are a few good shows out there that I like. I am looking forward to The Game coming back on... another  good show cancelled by CW. I also saw a new spy show coming out with Boris Kodjoe and another black actress. Well we will see what shows come out this fall. Obama is president but you still can't get a good foundation of  black shows and movies with great plots and drama. Have things really changed?... HMmmmm....