Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pattern Play

Pattern Play
Pattern Play by blaquestyle featuring platform stiletto heels

Mix and Match ...having fun

"The Big Chop!" Letting it all go...

   Its taken a month to write this...

      I was waiting for the words to come out to express how I feel. I've been distracted by so many things in life and the days go quick. Looking inside a plastic grocery bag I see my locks. My long beautiful locks are gone. It took a process to cut my hair. I wanted to cut it but never had the guts to do it. The vanity of long hair and all the glory that comes with it prevented me from chopping it off. I remember standing in the mirror piece by piece cutting and unwinding my locks. While everyone was sleep. I took time by my self to let go. Let go of negative energy and move on. Time for change...10yrs I have had my locks and now they were bagged away in plastic. Locked away energy and memories they hold. At the time of cutting my hair I didn't cry until it was finished. I never got to see my true curl pattern as an adult. I washed my hair and combed it. I looked at my self again in the mirror. I ran my fingers through my hair and touched my wet curls. I felt a release... I felt free.My younger sons will only know me with short hair for now. My oldest son told me he loves me no matter how I have my hair.There are days I miss my long hair and there are days I don't. Its been a month but it feels like a year. I'm learning to love everything about me. My hair doesn't define my spirit makes me who I am.

My journey continues to go as I learn to love and understand me.

-Peace...dedicated 2 her (Not lost but found)