Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sexy & Pregnant: Find out how you can keep being the hott one...

        The belly is growing and will continue to grow along with many other body parts. Most women think this is the time to stock up on big t-shirts and sweat pants. STOP!!!! Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and your baby bump should not hide under big droopy clothes. We also don't want to wear too tight clothes that have us looking like we are wearing our pre-pregnancy clothes. So you may be wondering what should I wear to remain or become the super sexy prego mama... You must first understand that being sexy is classy and not trashy. Being sexy comes with confidence and being aware your body's beautiful curves.  Right now mama while pregnant you got curves and all the right places so enjoy it!

Here are some pieces you should add to your wardrobe to spice up your look. Also with your sexy wardrobe check out  little things you can do to be a hot mama.

  • Jeggings: The jean legging with stretch has comfort and style for your growing body. Try pairing some jeggings up with a flowy top that comes down pass the belly and hits the hip. Check out Express for some sexy jeggings that fit your style!

  • Kitten Heels: OK while your pregnant you hate to wear heels. Flats can be cute but we are going for sexy. Kitten Heels or Cigarette heels give you just enough heel and height. Your calf muscles need length for dresses and skirts. Kitten heels come in many different styles just look for the heel! Check out this link and find a wide variety of kitten heels for summer and fall.

  • Shorts: Yes you need some sexy shorts. They are made and such a nice variety of colors and styles. I would start off with black shorts. You can get a lot of wear out of them. Dress your shorts up and down. When being sexy dress them up with your kitten heel. If your a super sexy mama put them on with high heels. Your legs will have crazy length. So while the growing belly is out...your legs are showing off too! Click the link and check out fun sexy styles just for you. Old Navy has a nice selection of shorts in different styles.

  • Try a Variety of Sexy Tops: Off the shoulder...super sexy! Layered flounce silk tops give your belly nice shape and room to breathe. Asymmetrical Knit Tunics are flowy but wont have you look big and bulky. Deep V shirts or simple V cut shirts give your growing bust line nice lines along with that growing bump. If you don't want to shop in maternity stores...Try going to other trendy stores and buy 1-2 sizes up from your original size. Its really all about the cut and style. Don't get locked into empire waist tops as the only style a prego mom can wear. There are many different styles of shirts that flow out or stay fitted to the body and give nice silhouettes around the belly.

  I didn't forget to share my little things you can do to be sexy...
  1. Keep your toes polished. People never would think a pregnant woman would be able to touch her toes. It's a must to keep them polished and try hot colors like red, hot pink, and coral.
  2. Find our your right bra size. Your bust might be growing and you don't want your bust line blending in with the belly...not cute!
  3. A chunky ring, ankle bracelet, hooped earrings, or bangle bracelet are fun ways to make your sexy wardrobe pop!
  4. Stay up on your skin care. Try getting a facial and always make sure your face and body is glowing. Try exfoliating the body and using body and face bronzers for that extra glow factor!
  5. A new hairstyle never hurts. Try color and something opposite of your ordinary style. A new look always makes you feel sexy and confident.
So to all my Sexy Prego Mamas have fun shopping and finding your inner sexy diva!

-Peace & Many Blessings!