Sunday, June 8, 2008

Baby luv:You smell so good

Don't you love the smell of a baby. Its the cleanest and delicate smell you probably will ever inhale. I had to put a pic up of my baby luv because majority of the time he smells so good. He smells tasty enough to bite one of his fat little cheeks. Well, that's enough about my baby. Fragrances are wonderful to me when they are clean and soft. Most of us have out grown wearing the Johnson& Johnson baby lotion and powder, but we can come close to it with these following products.Smell like a baby luv Mamas its okay, lol. It's not okay to walk around with white powder all over your chest & neck.

Baby Luv Fragrance List
  • CLEAN perfume: Clean, Warm Cotton, Fresh Laundry
  • Philosophy: Baby Grace & Pure Grace
  • Donna Karan: Cashmere Mist
  • Johnson& Johnson: Melt away Stress Body Lotion& 24 Hour Moisturizer
  • Demeter(Fragrance Library) : Laundromat & Baby Powder
  • Marc Jacobs: Essence
  • Lolita Lempicka: Lolita Lempicka
  • Bcb Girls Metro by Max Azria for Women

-Peace Mamas

Mamas need love too!!!

As Mamas we tend to care for everyone else first. I remember my mother telling me how she went without new shoes so we could have. Well now were older and she has every shoe known to man in her closet, lol. I just wish she took out the time to put a little aside for her self back then. Its not a bad thing to take time out on you. If it's shoes, a new lip stick, or to get a facial take a lil someting out for you. If your reading this and you know a Mama or you are a Mama that needs a little TLC, take her out for a beauty treatment or buy her a beauty product. Mamas give your self a little love. Trust me your love ones will notice.

-Peace Mamas

Blaque Love Throwback: Max & Kyle

Who didn't love Kyle and Max together? I was watching a rerun of Living Single tonight. The episode was about Kyle and Max having a secret love affair in a hotel, so nobody would know about their relationship. The one part that caught my eye was when they were laying intertwined on the bed. I thought wow, they look beautiful together. Their beautiful chocolate skin against one an others was a site to see. Blaque love is beautiful to look at, but even more when you see beautiful skin tones together. So when you're laying next to your loved one or maybe doing something else, take the time out to look at your skin. It's a beautiful thing. It may sound weird, but try it.
-Peace Mamas

Cucumber Cool Down

It's hot out there Mamas!!! The weather already feels like summer is here. Allergy season is here and red, tired, puffy, eyes are the result of it. I was at Walgreens when I found this wonderful eye gel.
St. Ives(Cucumber Eye & Face Stress Gel) is a great product for tired, stressed out, puffy eyes. I love to apply this gel around my eyes at night. It's affordable and works well for it's purpose. I like how it tightens the skin and takes out the puff. Look for it in your local drugstores.

Eye Tip/Trick(Cool the Puffs)
You need 1 cucumber, toner, a bowl and foil

  • First cut the cucumber up in slices.
  • Pour the toner in the bowl and place cucumber slices in toner.
  • Let the cucumber slices stay in the bowl of toner for 15-20 minutes
  • Take the cucumber slices out of the bowl and place on foil
  • Put the cumber slices in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes or until cold
  • Place the slices on the eyes and relax.
  • Place left over slices in a plastic Ziploc bag for future use.

Have fun Mamas!!! Be cool baby... Peace