Friday, February 19, 2010 quiet,

Hey Mamas,
When you have boys they will always try you. My oldest to youngest can give me an headache. The funny thing that I'm experiencing is the hush game. The boys will act up or one will do his dirt and I find out and nobody wants me to tell daddy. In their minds I want them to be in trouble but the truth is I want them to be better. The trouble or bad habits they keep will have them paying for it in the future. When I was younger I remember my mother saying I had puppy love and don't get caught up with certain guys I dated. I would be mad and cry looking at her like you don't know nothing. Then telling her I loved so and so but never looking at the bigger picture and only wishing she would leave me alone. Now I find my self in a similar situation. My oldest son thinks he knows best and I've never been his age before. The truth is even if I tell their dad these things and we talk to them, punish them, or show them the error of their ways... the boys will still make their own choices. Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. So I can only hope and pray the wisdom Christ has given my husband I stays within our sons' hearts and before they make the wrong choice they think real hard to do the right.
-Peace& Many Blessings

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mama's Book Pick of the Week: Nappy Hair

Hey Mama's
It's a must to read to the little ones as much as you possibly can. I remember when I was pregnant with my first son and I wanted to get books for him that he would love. I also wanted to get books for him that he was able to see images of people that related to him. Nappy Hair was one of the books I purchased that day. I read the book to him while he was in my womb and just read the book to him today. He loves this book and still asks many questions about the characters and the story. I love this book because it has a message about why God gave the little girl in the book nappy hair. If you don't have this in your child's library I suggest you get it. Nappy Hair by Carolivia Herron.
-Peace & Blessings

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Going Back 2 Your Roots:Going Natural

Hey Mamas!

If you haven't seen Good Hair you must watch it. For all
the creamy crack lovers of the relaxer it might scare you back to nappy and not straight. I have many women come up to me and ask how did I go natural. When I went natural I decided being natural was the best thing for my hair to grow. I had dyed my hair every color you could imagine. I had the weave, the short hair, the braids, and so much more.It was time for a change to wear my own naturally beautiful hair and love the hair God gave me. So you may be reading this and scared to go natural. I find it amazing we are scared of something that's ours since birth. Natural hair is different but you still can achieve many styles. Ladies considering going natural here are somethings you should consider and know before going natural.

  • You don't have to cut off all your hair to go natural . Natural stylists offer many transitional hair styles so you will have length after you cut off the relaxed hair.
  • Natural hair can be very manageable with the right conditioners and combing techniques.
  • If you want your hair to be straight while natural there are many ways you can do this without perming the hair with chemicals.
  • Different hair styles are unlimited with natural hair. Twists, cornrows, braids, weaves, curls, locks, and so much more you can achieve with natural hair.
  • Find the right Natural Hair stylist that has knowledge on natural hair care.
  • Natural hair needs maintenance. You will still need to get your ends clipped and proper care received to make it grow.
  • If you choose to bleach your natural hair make sure you keep it hydrated and conditioned. Natural hair bleached easily becomes brittle, dry, and will break off if not treated properly.

If your local in Baltimore here are some all natural hair salons to check out:

Na'Klectic: Natural Hair 410-889-0287

Daniele Johnson (Salon Itarah)- 443-447-4685

Mesha Bazemore (Ebony's Braidery) She also specializes in natural hair care for little ones 313-407-6348( she is local in baltimore!)

Happy to be Nappy, Kinky, Free of chemicals and naturally beautiful!

-Peace & Many Blessings

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Small Details of Spring!

Hey Mamas!

Spring will be here soon. Now that I'm looking forward to spring I began to think of the small fun details of spring fashion. The buds will soon be on the trees and much detail should be in your wardrobe. Glitz, sparkle, prints, texture, and color are all the little things to make your wardrobe complete. Look forward to the new freshness of Spring Fashion!

In a Spring State of Mind...Floral, Suede, Jersey, & Silk

Friday, February 12, 2010

Not Always Pretty...

In front of the mirror we stand looking at all of our imperfections. The mirror holds no lies to our belief. At times the image you see in the mirror you are well pleased with the results of a hairstyle, makeup, or skin care product you just used. What about those days when you just don't feel pretty? In your skin you are the ugliest thing standing in front of the mirror. I guess you start from the root of what is making you feel ugly. Is it the extra pounds you gained over the years, pain from verbal abuse, your hair is not done, your spirit is low, low self esteem...the list could go on. Right now in this meantime of the ugly blues you just don't feel like you. All I can say Mamas is I've been there many times before. My advice is to try not to dwell there and do things that make you feel better. Reading your favorite scriptures from the bible can help up lift your spirit . Giving your self some much needed pampering always helps the ugly blues. Buying a little something from the store can make you feel special. Take out time to take care for yourself. When being a mother you truly are the one taking care of everyone else and before you know it your the one looking a mess. Take care of your self Mamas and sometimes put yourself first.


Mama of the Month: Daniele Johnson

Hey Mamas!
Some people may think I'm being bias on choosing Daniele but her works in life will put many to shame. A woman that lives in the now always trying to never look too deep in the past or go beyond the future. This lady is stable, consistent, and comfortable in her own skin. Daniele and her husband have started a natural hair and skin care company from the ground up with their knowledge and talent combined. While having teamwork in her home to take care of her daughter Daniele is always on the move. She is a business woman skilled in her crafts of jewelry, hair, and skin care. I watched this woman work her hardest while she is sick and standing by her word to keep promises to others. A virtuous woman indeed. She shows many other mothers you can live out your dreams with pure determination and drive towards your goals. Daniele is an example of doing it all while being a mother and wife. Striving towards perfection she makes Christ her center. Daniele Johnson you are Blaque Beauty Mama of the Month.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Get tips, tricks, & advice from Beauty Expert

Hey Mama's
You have questions and I got the answers. Do you need help with skin care problems? Cant' find the right foundation to match up with your complexion? Need some tips on how to revamp your style? Ask beauty expert Hev Green... I have all the tips, tricks, and style advice that will have you looking like the Fabulous Mama you should be.
Email your questions to
or inbox me if you are on Facebook
-Peace Mamas

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cure for "The Mundane Mommy Blues"

Hey Mamas,
If your a stay at home mom like me I know you understand the life of a routine. It mainly consists of taking care of the house, kids, cleaning, shopping, doctor appointments, and so much more. The schedule seems jammed packed with things to do but the activity of the mommy schedule is repetitive. You go in circles hoping for something exciting to be added to your day. Well ladies I have some simple solutions to spice up your mommy routine. Check them out...

  • Make play dates with other friends with children.
  • Have Date Nite with your husband once or twice a month.
  • Create a "Mommy Circle" with mothers you know and keep it once a week.
  • Start a book club with friends and meet up every month to discuss the book.
  • Exercise at home or have an exercising buddy to workout with during the week.
  • Join a Dance Class...choose a type of dance you would love to learn.
  • Join a Cooking Class...find new ways to cook food. You can get together with friends once a month and cook together.
  • Art and Crafts are always fun. You can do these activities with your kids or alone.

Have fun ...

-Peace Mamas

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Hand Cure

Hey Mamas,
It's winter and my hands are in need of some TLC.
I constantly have my hands in water. The combination of water, soap, and cold air equal rough reptile hands. I'm sure right now you might have the same problem. Follow this cure for hydrated and smooth hands.

  • First scrub your hands with some type of scrub. Sugar scrubs work great on the hands.
  • Then soak your hand for 5-10 minutes in warm olive oil. You can use grape seed or apricot oil as well.
  • Rinse your hand of with warm water and pat them off with a towel.
  • Hydrate your hands with a thick cream or butter like Shea butter, Coco butter, or my favorite Healing Butter(

Some other extra things you can do to prevent dry hands are...

Always keep a small container of cream or butter next to the sink or in your purse.

Wear gloves while cleaning around the house. My sister told me Playtex Living Gloves fit close to the hands and have a no drip cuff.

Use a sugar scrub on your hands twice a week.

Treat your self to a professional manicure.

Use hand soaps that contain moisturizers in them. Bath and Body Works has hand soaps that have hydrating oils in them that don't strip your skin of its natural oils.

Get a paraffin bath for the hands to give your self treatments or go to a nail tech that can give you the paraffin treatments.

Hope your hands will be cured today!


Monday, February 1, 2010

The Cure Week

Hey Mamas,
When a loved one is sick or hurt in the physical or spiritual all you want to do is help them. I find my self now facing a person in my life very ill but unable to truly help. Sometimes telling and worrying someone about their condition only makes matters worse. If only a cure for diseases came in a magic bottle to take away all the pain. We all know a cure for the mind, body, and soul takes patience, long suffering, hope, and faith. Although I have no remedies for disease I have a week long of cures to simple things in life. Stay tuned ...the cures are on their way!
-Peace & Health