Sunday, November 7, 2010

For Colored Girls ...BB Mama's review

     I finished out my birthday week with a bang and what better way to do it was with my close sisters. My twin and I chose to have a movie and dinner night with our friends. I must say this was a really nice week and if my sisters are reading this thank you! We went to see For Colored Girls and I must say I was blown away. My mind is racing with so many thoughts in how I embraced this movie. The movie was raw, real, and took a deep look into the lives and souls of  black women. People may ask which color are you but I cant say one. I came out  of the movie theater feeling like a rainbow. I identify with each lady and their struggle in some way. One of my friends said she could also identify with the men in the story and I could understand it. The men had issues within in them that many can relate to in their lives as well.

      For Colored Girls is based off a book and play by Ntozake Shange.Its amazing this book of poems were written many years ago and still ring true and can touch the hearts of many. The story covers issues such as sexual assault, physical abuse, death, life choices and much more. The ages of the women vary and give the plot variety and depth. I love how Tyler Perry kept the monologues in the story and how they came in randomly like songs speaking to your heart placing together puzzles of their lives. In the movie each woman had a color they betrayed and you get to see how their colors change through life experiences they encounter.I don't want to give away too much but the movie stays true to the hearts of black women. Black men might already think this is a male bashing movie but its not at all. The movie more so goes into the depths of issues  black women have faced or may experience in the future. In all of the women I have experienced similar issues. Be ready for a wound to be opened and thoughts to be provoked in your mind of your own life. I cried , I laughed and I screamed at some of the images I saw. I mainly cried holding back tears because I had no tissue. So bring plenty of tissue if you are a cry baby like me. 

     I truly enjoyed being able to see beautiful women of color act out roles without being betrayed as buffoons in a comedy, the neck rolling diva, or the bitter angry black woman with attitude . The women in For Colored Girls can be you, your mother, sister, your aunt or your friend. You might at the end identify with all or just one. After the movie I saw other women wiping their tears away and going on to face their lives. In weakness we find strength to move on. Dark times my occur in your life but a light will be at the end of the tunnel or shall we say a beautiful rainbow. If you saw the movie I know you understand my words. If you haven't saw it ... go see it! For Colored Girls is a must see.