Friday, January 6, 2012


Hey Mamas,

I will first say ...hate it or love it you might not like what I have to say or the things I do. Regardless of my critics I can say I'm truly happy. Eleven years of tears and uncertainty of who I am and was the man I  truly loved the one for me I woke up. I feel like I woke up out of a long nightmare that was called my life. Summer of 2010 I had wanted change but didn't have the confidence nor the will to change and fight for my life. November 2010...I had my birthday and change was heavy on my heart. I deserve better I thought to myself. After a some more crazy incidents in my life with people that so called were suppose to care and love me, I decided enough was enough! A truly special woman(Ariel) one night called me on the phone and gave me the strength to move forward. November 16th was a mark of my independence and freedom.

     I loved a man for many years and only wanted to please him. Nothing is wrong with loving your man but when you lose your self in the process something is very wrong. Who is Heather I asked myself standing in the mirror so many times. Years of abuse can take its toll on your spirit and mind. So after a fight of gaining my independence I have now arrived. I have six boys that count on me to be strong and I will meet their expectations. My new found confidence and strength helped me to go out on dates and feel great with the male energy around me. I hope to one day find true love and be happily ever after but for now I'm so good with being single.

In my new found freedom I got the shock of my life. At my sonogram just recently I was told I'm having a baby girl. I cried and laughed during my sonogram. Finally my baby girl is within me. She came because I changed. No more circles I have learned my lesson. She is within me because The Creator saw I was ready for her and my situation is safe. I look forward to seeing her and giving her all my wisdom. My little queen among many little soldiers that will love her dearly. I'm happy...finally and I deserve every moment of it. No more drama in my life! Peace of mind is golden.

Peace Mamas...(Healing7)