Monday, August 2, 2010

In a boyz world

Hey Mamas,

   Last week my heart way beating fast as the lady traced over my belly. The baby looks perfect I was told but I really wanted to know what was the sex. I closed my eyes then opened again to see...yes its another boy. I cried because I was hoping for my daughter. No...another little boy. At that point I was really sad and disappointed and no one could understand it but me. I came back to the waiting room to see all my sons sitting there quietly and strangers looking at my boys in amazement. They are so well behaved I have heard many times while out but I know better. I remember in the past as an teenager I was boy crazy. I was always involved or looking for some guy. Its amazing the irony and humour God can have with you. I had to set my emotions aside and see what God wants me to learn from this circle. I can't say I fully figured it out all the way. One thing I do know I was given these beautiful boys that will grow up to be great men that will love me forever. So I'm happy with boy number 6. I'm happy to say I'm having another little man in my life that will love me and likewise I do the same. While I'm trying to understand the lessons God wants me to learn the boys will be right there with me. My disappointment fades and I look forward to the future and a life without circles.

-Peace&Many Blessings