Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Booty Pop....WTH!!!!

Hey Mamas,
I was up late watching T.V. and this commercial comes on about this underwear called Booty Pop. White girls can now have a black girl's booty with just the right amount of padding in underwear. I remember when white women hated our curvy bodies and called it fat not phat. Jennifer Lopez was talked about so much she went and worked her butt out until it turned into muscle. Now celebrity white chicks want the big booties and spend big bucks to have the curvy assets. In the commercial they say no surgery needed just slip on a big booty...lol. What happens when these guys find out they have flat pancake butts? Sorry white girls our natural beautiful curves are God given. Everyday in the hood an average black girl is walking around with a Kim Karddashian booty. Serena Williams will never need some Booty Pops and neither do I. So the next time your looking in the mirror saying this and that needs to be smaller... just love what God has given you. Some little white girl would die in surgery to have curves like yours.
-Peace My Bootylicious Mamas