Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mama Alert: Summer Kiddie Fun @ The Movies

Hey Mamas,
You may be wondering what to do with the kiddies this summer. Many times we let our little ones watch movies at home but why not get them out the house for awhile. A Cinemark near you is having Summer Movie Clubhouse. You can purchase 10 shows for $5 or a $1 per a show. My Baltimore mamas can take their kiddies to the Cinemark Egyptian 24 out at Arundel Mills.
You can find a location near you...check it out
Have fun with the kids this summer!
-Peace & Many Blessings

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My 2nd grade bully

Hey Mamas,
Don't ask me if I remember her name...I don't think I can tell you the first letter of her name. I do remember how she made me feel. I do remember her face and the nasty words of hate that came my way. She was my bully and for awhile she made 2ND grade a kiddie hell for me. In her eyes my hair was ugly, my voice was weird, and my clothes were the most hideous thing she ever seen. Secretly she would sit next to me at lunch and say cruel things and I would move away from her. I was shy from another state and I didn't want to cause trouble. I had in my head stay away from her as much as possible and she would leave me alone. I was used to name calling at a young age. White kids in Indiana would call you a nigger to your face and laugh about it.
So there I was 2ND grade in Baltimore getting called more names. Never thought I would be picked on and hated by a little girl that looked like me. One day she said so much and I held it in for so long I started to cry. She laughed and then I walked off towards my sisters. We were waiting for the buses to come. My older sister Courtney asked me why was I crying? I finally told her about my bully and she told me to point her out. Courtney walked up to her holding my hand. She asked my bully was she picking on me and my bully said no. I told her yes she was and Courtney told her if she messed with me again she would beat her up. My bully never messed with me again after that.
Tonight on the news I see all this bully awareness going on. Little kids wanting to commit suicide because of their bullies. What I learned from my own bully experience is a bully is insecure about them self. The sad thing is the person being bully doesn't see the weakness in the other person they only see it in themselves. After second grade I never had another bully because I decided in my mind I would always speak up for my self. At times I was scared to tell someone to stop being a butt head towards me because it was a boy but then a another lesson came. The lesson from boys being jerks around that age was because they liked me and were too childish to say it. In this day in age I see bullying in many forms. I have once watched my oldest son excluded by other little boys his age. What I saw from him is he always bounces back and knows he has his family. Thank God for my father and mother giving me plenty siblings. I never felt alone. Talk to your kids about bullying. I tell my sons you should never be a bully and I build their confidence enough to let them know no one should make them feel like their nothing. Now is the time to talk to our kids about this epidemic that has been around for decades.
-Peace & Many Blessings

Friday, May 21, 2010

Do It Youself:Long Lasting Lip Wear!

Hey Mamas,
When we eat or drink it's always bye bye lip color.
At times long lasting lip colors don't really work or can be a little on the expensive side. Fear no more I have a quick trick to achieve long lasting lip color all day.
First choose your favorite lip pencil.
Outline your lips with the pencil and then color in your lips with the pencil.
Apply some lip balm. chap stick, or lip gloss on top of the lips...
Take a lip brush and blend.
You did it yourself...long lasting lip color!
Quick and simple
_Peace Mamas

Pretty in Pink Facial

Hey Mamas,
Every woman needs a little pink in her life and why not put it on your face. I saw this "Pretty in Pink Facial" on the show The Doctors. I wanted to share this facial with you. I put my own little spin on it. Try it this weekend and feel Pretty in Pink.
You will need...
Guava Fruit cut up in small pieces
Plain Yogurt
Grape Fruit Juice squeezed from the grape fruit
One Grape Fruit cut in small pieces
a bowl
a paint brush , facial brush to apply the mask
a small spray bottle
What to do:
First cleanse your face with a cleanser and warm water.
Then mix the guava pieces, grapefruit pieces, and plain yogurt together in a bowl
Make sure the mixture is blended well into a paste.
Brush the mask on the face and leave on for 10 minutes.
Rinse the mask off and mix water and the squeezed grape fruit juice together in a spay bottle.
Spray the mixture on your face and blot with a tissue
To complete the facial apply a nice moisturizer on.
Have fun!
Also I will be giving Pretty In Pink Mini Facials@ an event coming soon in July!
Keep a look out for updates...
-Peace & Many Blessings

Style Alert:Summer's Hot Things

Hey Mamas,

All you fashionistas hope you like keeping up on the latest trends. The "Tribal Dress" is the new hot little trend this summer. Whether it be short or long this look is nice for everyday and going out with the girls. The shoe to match this sweet print up with is leopard shoes. Flat sandals or a strappy heels will do to finish this hot summer look. Summer's hot color is geranium. Try this color on your lips, nails, accessories, and clothes. A pop of bright reddish orange will have you turning heads. Well...mamas if you go shopping any time soon try these fashion trends.

-Peace & Many Blessings

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Quick Natural Face Lift

Hey Mamas,

Are you sick of looking tired in the face? Sometimes there are very simple solutions for making your face brighter and younger. A natural face lift is what you need and I have the steps to achieve it. Follow these quick and easy steps and get a fresh look on life.

  • Exfoliate your face. You can use a facial scrub or a chemical exfoliant. Keeping your skin nice and smooth makes your face look vibrant.
  • Use an eye cream around the eyes at night. Even if you are 20 something it's never to early to take care of your eye area.
  • Keep your eyebrows arched and cleaned up. Don't over pluck the eyebrows too skinny. Try to keep natural looking brows. Make sure to keep them neat and free from unruly hairs. Nice eyebrows will open the face up and brighten up the eyes.
  • Wear eyelashes! You can get the individual lashes put on or wear the ones that come on a strip. Make sure the eyelashes look natural.

Follow these quick and easy tips and I'm sure you will never look tired.

Peace & Many Blessings!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hey Mamas!

Kimora Lee Simmons makes mommy life look fabulous everywhere she goes. Her life I guess can be that fabulous being a celebrity and head over two major fashion companies.
What about the ordinary but extraordinary mothers that are fabulous? While looking at another site I got a great idea. Why not have fabulous mothers in everyday life review places, blog about being mommies, interview people, and cover fun events.
I'm looking for a few good mommies in different states to join THE FAB MOMMY CREW! If you would like to blog,interview, cover events, review products etc... email me @

Monday, May 3, 2010

Let Them Eat Dirt!

Hey Mamas,

One had dirt in his teeth and the other had mud on his shirt. I watched the other boys eat worms and laugh with dirt on their hands. Yes, my boys were eating dirt, mud, and worms last night. Jasiyah begged me to make this recipe that he had at school. Spring is now feeling like summer and all the family loves something cool and sweet. If you like to create quick fun desserts for your little ones try my "Worms in Dirt" recipe....

What you will need...

  • A pack of 6 JELLO chocolate pudding cups
  • Oreos
  • Whipped Cream
  • A pack of gummie worms
  • Milk
  • Cups
  • A spoon
  • 2 bowls

First I dumped out all the pudding from the JELLO cups into a bowl. I sprayed some whipped cream in the bowl and stirred it together. I covered the pudding mixture and placed it in the fridge to keep it cool.

Then in another bowl I tossed in two or more hand fulls of Oreo cookies. Sprayed some whipped cream in and poured a little bit of milk on the cookies. I crushed the cookies up until it looked like soil. You can make the cookie mixture wet or dry. If you want it to be a dry mixture just crush up the Oreos without the whipped cream and milk.

After that I got the cups. I put the cookie crumb mixture at the bottom of each cup. I then took out the pudding spooned that out on top of the cookie crumbs. Sprinkled some cookie crumbs on the pudding and placed the gummie worm on top.

Quick and let them eat dirt!

-Peace & Many Blessings

Mama needed her Mommy...

Hey Mamas,
On this hot and gloomy morning I was thinking of a few weeks ago. I felt so broken down and so small that all I could do is think of my mother. Looking at her in my father in a wedding picture I thought what was she like then. In my self pity I felt broken down like a child and decided to call my mother for help. I was barely able to talk as I cried I need my mommy, I need my mother. My mother didn't have too much to say but that she was on her way. It doesn't matter how old you get you will always still want your mother. As I watched my mother play with my sons and calmed my nerves I knew she brought comfort. As tough as I try to be and not tell her all the things I'm going through I needed her to be there. In her comfort she told me things I needed to hear even if I didn't want to hear them. I remember my sister and I always gathering around her to watch a movie or just to talk. I hope one day to have a daughter of my own to share that bond. My mother will probably want to kill me for putting up this picture of her and my older sister Keha but I love the picture. I love my mother... and that day she was there for me and she brought me comfort to my heart.
Love your mother everyday...I don't need a day to realize how special my mother is to me.
-Peace & Many Blessings