Friday, April 29, 2011

Coming Soon! Hev Hayes: "The Wardrobe Blazer"

If you don't know by now I love fashion. My first love has always been the art of clothes.
I wear many hats in the beauty field but wardrobe is my favorite. My friends and family are always asking me for help with their wardrobe and I love it.Now I have the opportunity to help many others find their personal style. My new column HEV HAYES: The Wardrobe Blazer will be featured in Liberated Strands Magazine.  I will be answering all wardrobe related questions such as...

What can I wear with white skinny jeans?

How can I define my waist line without wearing a belt?

I'm short but want to wear long skirts...what should I do?

Can you wear boots in the spring and summer?

Does this peak your interest?...  Men and women can ask me questions and I will respond with my expert experience in fashion.You can send me pictures of your outfit, shoes, suit, bag, etc that you need help with hooking up. I will respond with pictures and also places to find  great deals to create your look.

Email me at 

Make sure to include your first name and the area you live in. I know people read my blog in other countries and would like to ask questions. Feel free to email me your wardrobe questions. Thank you for your support!...