Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Ugly Side of a Black Man's Beautiful Skin: Razor Bumps!!!

Yes, I said it "The Ugly Side" because we all know its not cute. I love a man with a fresh cut but when you see those nasty bumps it's a sad case. The crazy thing is a black man will still walk around like their the hottest man alive. You know you see it when your looking in the mirror. Now is the time to do something about it. If your a Mama reading this blog please pass it along to your brother, daddy, husband or son. My sister told me she believes many black men and women would benefit from this topic. I know your on the edge of your seats believing there is some kind of magic potion you want me to tell you about. Well, you know what there is lol... but first let's find out the cause of razor bumps.

Most often when black men shave their hair it will curl back into the skin. A bump will appear in the skin showing the skin is inflamed. Its basic cause in and effect with razor bumps.

Another cause can be bacteria being present in the skin because your barber might not have cleaned his clippers.

    Simple Solutions & Prevention

    Make sure your barber is keeping his/her tools sanitized.

    Now here is the magic potion in the bottle. Believe me it works. Tend Skin will work wonders on preventing razor bumps and removing them. Check out their site at or go to Sephora to purchase this product. 

    Also try Tea-tree products you can find Tea-tree products at The Body Shop. Tea-tree oil helps clean out the bacteria in the skin. Look on for the oil. 

    Use facial brushes. Scrub your beard before you shave. 
    Brushing before you shave raises the hair up out of the follicle and prevents it from coming back into the skin. 

    Now aren't you happy you stop by to listen to MAMA. 

    -  Peace

    Juice Face

    My sons are always asking for juice. Today I woke up to my oldest son standing next to my bed begging for a juice box. I'm surprise juice doesn't seep out of their pores. As I think about this, I must share one of my top black skin care products. Juice Organics BRIGHTENING CLEANSER is one of the best alpha-hydroxy acid cleansers I ever used. You can look on the back of the label and understand the ingredients. I also used their BRIGHTENING MOISTURIZER. I love this product for women of color because it helps remove hyper-pigmentation(dark marks).
    No lie, I used it for 2 weeks and saw my dark marks start to fade away. The products will tingle at 1st because of the AHAs. Don't let that stop you from continuing to use the products. They sell a small kit if you want to try it out first. When you start any AHA treatments make sure to use a sun screen and a hydrating moisturizer. Also use this treatment at night to prevent sensitivity to the sun. Your face will become dry in some areas so stop using it for a couple days and then come back on. The product is very affordable. Check their site out at A clear complexion is just around the corner. Oh yeah, I almost forgot my Baltimore Mamas you can find this product in Giant Food stores!!! Well Mamas catch you later... until then keep it tight and keep it right!

    Blaque MAMA Award of the week goes to...Michelle Obama

    People can hate on her all they want but I must say this woman keeps it tight. I could only imagine how busy her schedule is on a daily basis. She seems like a good mother and most of all has her husband's back. Critics have compared her to JFK's wife Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis but I believe Michelle has a style of her own. Hello! Black women are the originators of style. The lady is a classic. My hat goes off to you Michelle for being a MAMA and still remaining to look fabulous.

    Makeover Quickie 4 Bizzy MAMAs

    Hey, Mamas on the move! As we rush through the day at times we forget about ourselves. A quick look in the mirror to check your appearance before you leave out and that's the last look you get the whole day. Don't you wish you could look fabulous like the star mommies you see on t.v. ?They look like they have it all together, but I guess we would too if we had their money. Fear no more, here are some quick steps to a Bizzy Mama Makeover.
    • First cleanse your face . Then mix your favorite moisturizer and liquid bronzer in your hand. Smooth the mixture on you face to achieve a beautiful glowing complexion

    • Second apply 2 coats of mascara to your lashes for that wow factor!

    • Third apply your favorite lip gloss. Make sure to brush your lips with your tooth brush to achieve smooth plump lips

    Look for these products at your local drugstore। Looking great should be simple and cheap.

    Now I hope you can go out everyday feeling a like a Star Mama.