Saturday, June 28, 2008

Out with The Old in with The New

Hey, Mamas my sister suggested this topic so how can I say no. Have you been a little nasty ?Yes, I said nasty. Holding on to makeup because you like the container or had it for years. Yes you are nasty Mama and you know it. I my self have been a victim to holding on to old make-up for years. Well ladies its time to clear those make-up bags out. Open up those bags and start tossing out the old!!!

Follow this list and have fun...

  • First make separate piles for each cosmetic:eye shadows, lipsticks. blushes, brushes, etc.
  • Get a trashcan to have near by so you can toss stuff right away.
  • Make a keeper pile
  • If you just bought new make-up place in keeper pile

Here is the rule of thumb for shelf life for cosmetics. After that you should toss the makeup out and buy new makeup.

Lipsticks:5-6months if kept sanitized

Blushes, powder foundations, loose finishing powder: 1 year

Liquid foundations: 4-5 months, keep in cool place, change seasonally to be for sure your keeping up with shelf life. You can also tell if it's extremely old if the oil and water in the product separates.

Eyeshadow:5-6 months because it comes in contact with your eyes

Mascara:3-4 months

Eyeliners & brow liners: 6months or more because you can sharpen them

Keep cosmetics closed and keep in cool dry places.

That's all Mamas.

It's "Beauty Clean Up Week" so keep looking for the clean up blogs.

-Peace Mamas

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Self Image: Learning to love the MAMA body after the babies

Standing in front of the mirror, I look at the body of a Mama. Yes, that reflection is me. I have days when I like my reflection and times when I hate it. Media shows famous women back in a size 2 after they have had a baby. Some women are rumoured to have tummy tucks right after giving birth. I think about these women and wonder is it worth it. Are we that vain? I liked my body before the babies. I cant entirely say that now, but I'm growing to love my body. I have stretch marks , sagging parts , and I'll keep the rest to my self. I see all these flaws in the mirror but I turn around and look at my sons. Having a baby your body goes through drastic changes to accommodate the life growing inside you. I had to realize some things won't look the same on my body and some parts will. I can try to lose the weight and tone my body , but will I be satisfied? Learn to love the skin your in because its the only one you have for now. I have a husband and sons who think I'm beautiful shouldn't that be the only thing that counts. I say to you Mamas, stop looking in the mirror criticizing your self. Love the beautiful skin your in. Your beautiful Mamas, stretch marks and all.

-Peace Mamas.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Juicy Lips: Get them this summer!!!

Lip gloss is my favorite for the summer. I like high shine lip gloss.

I'm talking about the juicy shine you get from eating chicken.
Sike, I'm just playing. I do love lip gloss for the summer. Lip glosses come in all types that have very little color and some have the color and shine. If you missed out on my tip/ trick for smoother lips I will inform you again.

Smooth Lips Tip/ Trick
  • Brush your lips with your toothbrush everyday

Yes its that simple, lol.

I can't leave you without my favorite lip glosses & lip scrubs to check for this summer.


  • Victoria's Secret: Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

(I love it because it smells good and has a little taste)

  • Victoria's Secret:Very Sexy Makeup Lip Gloss

(Very Sexy lip gloss gives you just enough color and shine)

  • The Body Shop: Hi Shine Lip Treatment

Wet& Wild Cosmetics: Glassy Gloss Lip Gel

(Reminds of a cheaper MAC lip glass)

  • Carol's Daughter:Candy Paint

( It's all natural and nice color)


  • The Body Shop: Lip Scuff
  • Philosophy: Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub
  • The lip scrub by Sara Happ(Comes in the cutest container and variety of scents)
  • Lollibomb Beauty: Vegan Whipped Lip Frosting (all natural and fun)
  • Fresh: Sugar Lip Treatment(This one is my all time favorite and it smells really good)

Another Lip Tip/ Trick of The Day

Do you have a favorite lip liner that you wish was a lip gloss or lip stick?
Well if you do, here is a tip for you Mama.

All you need is your favorite lip liner and clear lip gloss of your choice.

First outline your lips with the liner and then color in entire lips .
Your lips should be evenly colored in with the liner.
Apply the lip gloss and rub your lips together.
Blot a little with tissue.

Wow!!! You have your favorite lip liner now a lip gloss.

Have fun...

-Peace Juicy Lip Mamas

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blaque Beauty Flashback Moment

When your a little girl you
usually have someone as an inspiration of beauty.
You look to that person to show you how to be beautiful.
I remember when I was a little girl my mother would apply makeup on my sisters and I. After we did that we would help her put makeup on my father. My most favorite beauty moment was watching my big sister put on makeup. I would watch her all the time. So one day I got a black colored pencil and started to try to out line my eyes like I saw Keha do all the time. I didn't get the memo that she used eyeliner not a colored pencil. I'm still in the mirror pressing hard on my eyes and Keha stops me laughing. She gave me one of her eyeliner pencils.
The beauty bug bit me that day. I used that eyeliner
everyday and perfected applying it. I still laugh about that moment.
That was my start in becoming Blaque Beauty Mama.
When was your moment Mamas? Who taught you about beauty?
If you have a little girl or a little sister give them

"Blaque Beauty Moments". I promise they will remember.

-Peace Mamas

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Not too early... get the kiddies involved with skincare

My oldest son Jasiyah tells me he is handsome all the time. He is so in love with him self. One day I was watching him look in the mirror and I wondered will he have nice skin in the future. Then I decided that Jasiyah could start early on a skin care regimen. It's not too early to begin skin care with little ones. Children at an early age learn to brush their teeth, comb their hair, put on clothes, and many other personal care routines. So I ask, why can't they learn to take care of their skin? If your child is 3yrs old and up start them on a skin care regimen. Do your skin care routine along with your child or children. Show them how to care of their skin by example. They have beautiful skin now help them to maintain it. Here is a simple "Kiddie Skincare Regimen" Play some music, while your child goes through the steps. The kids will find it fun and exciting .

Kiddie Care Plan

  • First, let him/her wash their face with a cleanser. Only a small amount of cleanser is needed.

My suggestions are to use (Cetaphil Cleanser, Noxzema, or Boscia:Soothing Cleansing Cream)

  • Then let him or her wipe their face down with Witch Hazel on a cotton ball .
  • Finish off with having him/her apply a natural moisturizer on their face in circles.

Use (Olive Oil or Aloe Vera Gel)

Get your little ones on the right track to skin care success!!!

-Peace Mamas, lil mamas, & lil papas

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

4 All the 80's & early 90's Mamas

Remember this when you were younger. I loved this song when I was a little girl. Yeah, I'm showing my age. Black Pearl made me feel good about being a black girl. I hope it gives you a pick me up. It always did for me. Whatever happen to positive songs like this one? Music in the 90's was fun and positive. All the Black Pearls in the world this goes out to you.

-Peace Blaque Mamas

Monday, June 16, 2008

The True Blaque Beauty Mama

People call her the "Black Madonna". Her name is Mary the mother of Christ. We don't often see her true image in America, but if you go to places like Europe you will see Mary's true image. Mary black and beautiful holding her son Christ black and beautiful. We as black women must look at ourselves and see the beauty within. The mother of Christ was a beautiful and righteous black woman. The media tries to shove their images in your face and wants you to change your hair, lighten your skin, lose the curves, but when do you say this is enough. When the world is getting you down about your image as a black woman just think Mary was black and beautiful . What does that make you?
Keep being beautiful from the inside out!
-Peace Mamas

Mama's Artist of the week is...

Lalah Hathaway is the artist of the week. I remember when I was a little girl watching her sing "Baby, baby don't cry". Her voice is soothing and relaxing for when you want to give your self a mask, paint your toe nails, or take a bath. Check her videos out on the left side of my page. Lalah is very talented and it seems she has been hidden to the mainstream music industry. Check her out at
Music is soothing to the soul.
-Enjoy Mamas

Give your feet a vacation!!!

Summer will soon be here. You know what that means Mamas... those cute strappy sandals you love to wear are calling your name. What about after you go through the day and you don't have enough time to take care of those aches and pains? Your feet are killing you, but you still have to cook dinner,check the mail, walk the dog, feed the children etc. Sounds busy right? Ours days can be so hectic but we still need to give our feet a little TLC! Listen up Mamas here is a quick way to shut the dogs up and give them a small vacation.

Vacation Feet/ Tip& Trick of the Day

While taking a shower close the drain so the tub will fill up with water.
(Note :Make sure the water is hot)

Pour your favorite oil in the water. It can be tea-tree oil, baby oil, whatever makes you happy.

Take your shower as normal and give your feet time to relax in the hot water.

See it wasn't that hard Mamas.

Thank me later after you try it.

*Also if you want to give your feet some extra loving check out Carol's Daughter: The Dogs are Talkin' Gift Set

-Peace to your feet Mamas!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chocolate Lovers Delight

I love chocolate!!! When I was pregnant with my
4rth son I ate a hand full of Hershey Kisses everyday. They say you should eat dark chocolate because it's healthier , but I like milk chocolate. Most women know when its that time of the month you have a crave for chocolate. If your like me and feel guilty for eating chocolate everyday , try indulging your self in some chocolate treats for the skin.

Check out My list of Chocolate Delights!!!

  • Laura Mercier:Chocolate Truffle Bath & Body Collection

  • Philosophy:Just Because

( This has a trio of chocolate scents milk,white, and dark chocolate)

  • The Merry Chocoholic

Their site is full of chocolate products, check it out

  • Gourmet Body Treatments

This site has Chocolate Bath Truffles, Chocolate Salt Glow, and much more tasty treats for the body. All their products are organic for you natural junkies.

  • Everything

This site has Chocolate perfume, shampoo, bubble bath and candles

No more guilt Mamas. You don't gain weight from inhaling chocolate scents.

-Enjoy Hot Chocolate Mamas

The best feature goes to...

The best feature from the poll was the EYES! It has been said the eyes are the window to the soul. Your eyes can be played up in so many ways. Eye shadows and eyeliners come in a variety of colors, textures, and forms. You may be wondering whats the best out there?

My favorites to make the eyes extra delightful are the following:
Top to Bottom/Left to Right: Wet & Wild(Mega Eye Trio), Smashbox(Jet Set Eyeliner),
Vincent Longo(Diamante Quad eyeshadow), Maybelline(Great Lash Mascara),
Wet& Wild(Idol Eyes:Retractable Eye Pen), UrbanDecay(24/7 Glide on eye pencil),
Dior(Dior Show Mascara), Wet&Wild(Eye Liner Pencils), NARS(Duo eyeshadow), &
Make Up Forever:(Eye Seal)
Enjoy flashing and batting those beautiful eyes!!!!
-Peace Mamas

Friday, June 13, 2008

Have questions 4 Mama?

Need some 1 on 1 skin care advice?
Have problems with your skin?
Need help finding the right foundation to use?
Email me at or leave a comment in one of the blogs.
Ask all you want I'm here to help.
-Peace Mamas

Are you the enemy of your skin?

Last night my son came to me and said I hurt my self. I looked and asked him where did you hurt your self, he then showed me the inside of his arm. His arm had little red bumps on it and red scratch marks. I knew he had came in contact with something that gave him an allergic reaction. He probably sat in front of the t.v. for a good while scratching on his arm. Can we be our worst enemy to our skin? I believe we go through the day not even realizing what we may do to ourselves . Simple habits or sanitation practices we can change may just give our skin a fighting chance to be beautiful. I turn to you Mamas and ask are you the enemy of your skin? Here are a list of things you might do that make you an enemy .

  • Picking your pimples while watching t.v., when nervous, and on the computer
  • Wearing your hair on your face
  • Not changing your pillow cases
  • Using the same washcloth that you use on you body for your face
  • Touching your face with unwashed hands
  • Using washcloths that have color/ try using white wash clothes
  • Not wearing a SPF
  • Scratching your skin
  • Going to bed with make-up on
  • Not cleaning your make-up brushes
  • Choosing the wrong products for your skin

If your doing any of the above listed try to change them and you might see a difference. Keep reading the blogs for more expert skin care advice.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sistah Beauty Mamas

Hey Mamas, I was watching the Tyra show today and I thought about my sisters. On the show Tyra was talking about ugly girls, pretty girls, confidence, and inner beauty. Tyra also confronted her high school best friend about how envious she was of her in the past. She felt like an ugly duckling and her friend was beautiful and confident. Its fine to get all dolled up and be glamorous. Its fine to be a plain Jane. If your okay with your self then others will be okay with you. I have three sisters that are beautiful. All of them have their own style, personality, and beauty that
sets them apart. I know at times my sisters and I have expressed the
times we felt beautiful and the times we felt ugly. My father told me there is nothing more attractive than a confident woman. Find your inner beauty and don't be afraid to tell someone else they are beautiful. We as sistahs have to stop being haters and find the beauty within one another. So with saying that Keha, Courtney, & Kristin you are my three beautiful sisters. I love you all!!! Later...

-Peace MAMAS

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Baby luv:You smell so good

Don't you love the smell of a baby. Its the cleanest and delicate smell you probably will ever inhale. I had to put a pic up of my baby luv because majority of the time he smells so good. He smells tasty enough to bite one of his fat little cheeks. Well, that's enough about my baby. Fragrances are wonderful to me when they are clean and soft. Most of us have out grown wearing the Johnson& Johnson baby lotion and powder, but we can come close to it with these following products.Smell like a baby luv Mamas its okay, lol. It's not okay to walk around with white powder all over your chest & neck.

Baby Luv Fragrance List
  • CLEAN perfume: Clean, Warm Cotton, Fresh Laundry
  • Philosophy: Baby Grace & Pure Grace
  • Donna Karan: Cashmere Mist
  • Johnson& Johnson: Melt away Stress Body Lotion& 24 Hour Moisturizer
  • Demeter(Fragrance Library) : Laundromat & Baby Powder
  • Marc Jacobs: Essence
  • Lolita Lempicka: Lolita Lempicka
  • Bcb Girls Metro by Max Azria for Women

-Peace Mamas

Mamas need love too!!!

As Mamas we tend to care for everyone else first. I remember my mother telling me how she went without new shoes so we could have. Well now were older and she has every shoe known to man in her closet, lol. I just wish she took out the time to put a little aside for her self back then. Its not a bad thing to take time out on you. If it's shoes, a new lip stick, or to get a facial take a lil someting out for you. If your reading this and you know a Mama or you are a Mama that needs a little TLC, take her out for a beauty treatment or buy her a beauty product. Mamas give your self a little love. Trust me your love ones will notice.

-Peace Mamas

Blaque Love Throwback: Max & Kyle

Who didn't love Kyle and Max together? I was watching a rerun of Living Single tonight. The episode was about Kyle and Max having a secret love affair in a hotel, so nobody would know about their relationship. The one part that caught my eye was when they were laying intertwined on the bed. I thought wow, they look beautiful together. Their beautiful chocolate skin against one an others was a site to see. Blaque love is beautiful to look at, but even more when you see beautiful skin tones together. So when you're laying next to your loved one or maybe doing something else, take the time out to look at your skin. It's a beautiful thing. It may sound weird, but try it.
-Peace Mamas

Cucumber Cool Down

It's hot out there Mamas!!! The weather already feels like summer is here. Allergy season is here and red, tired, puffy, eyes are the result of it. I was at Walgreens when I found this wonderful eye gel.
St. Ives(Cucumber Eye & Face Stress Gel) is a great product for tired, stressed out, puffy eyes. I love to apply this gel around my eyes at night. It's affordable and works well for it's purpose. I like how it tightens the skin and takes out the puff. Look for it in your local drugstores.

Eye Tip/Trick(Cool the Puffs)
You need 1 cucumber, toner, a bowl and foil

  • First cut the cucumber up in slices.
  • Pour the toner in the bowl and place cucumber slices in toner.
  • Let the cucumber slices stay in the bowl of toner for 15-20 minutes
  • Take the cucumber slices out of the bowl and place on foil
  • Put the cumber slices in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes or until cold
  • Place the slices on the eyes and relax.
  • Place left over slices in a plastic Ziploc bag for future use.

Have fun Mamas!!! Be cool baby... Peace

Friday, June 6, 2008

Get Bodylicious 4 the summer!!!

I just recently saw on t.v. Serena Williams posing for Essence Magazine. I believe she defines the phrase "brick house". I think if my body was like that my husband wouldn't be able to leave home, lol. Well ,that got me thinking about summer and all the skin we show during this season. You may not have a body like Serena but you can get bodylicious for the summer. Bodylicious is that smooth, delicious, glowing, hydrated and vibrant skin. Sounds good right. Get bodylicious with these top body products for the summer.

  • Fresh (Sugar Lemon Shower Gel)
  • Fresh (Brown Sugar Body Polish)
  • L'Occitane (Amande Shower Oil )
  • Sephora Brand Body Wash
  • Philosophy (Shower & Bath Gelee Collection)
  • Bliss (Lemon+Sage Body Scrub)
  • Bliss (Lemon + Sage Body Butter)
  • Bliss(Vanilla+ Bergamont Body Buff) must have product 4 the summer
  • Carol's Daughter (Almond Cookie Sea Salt Body scrub)
  • Carols Daughter (Gelee de Soleil Browning Oil With SPF 15 )
  • Carols' Daughter(Ecstasy Body/Bath Oil)

Tip/ Trick of the Day: Bodylicious Scrub on a Budget

  • You need Kosher Salt and your favorite shower gel
  • Mix the 2 together in a plastic bowl
  • Scrub on your body in the shower
  • Rinse off and after that rub some baby oil on your body

Wow!!!! You got bodylicious for the summer.

Believe me heads will turn. Let your man see the results!!! lol

-Peace Mamas

Thursday, June 5, 2008

What's your best feature?

Keep up the votes Mamas! The most voted for feature I'll have a special blog on how to enhance it on the face. If you haven't voted yet cast your votes now.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Ugly Side of a Black Man's Beautiful Skin: Razor Bumps!!!

Yes, I said it "The Ugly Side" because we all know its not cute. I love a man with a fresh cut but when you see those nasty bumps it's a sad case. The crazy thing is a black man will still walk around like their the hottest man alive. You know you see it when your looking in the mirror. Now is the time to do something about it. If your a Mama reading this blog please pass it along to your brother, daddy, husband or son. My sister told me she believes many black men and women would benefit from this topic. I know your on the edge of your seats believing there is some kind of magic potion you want me to tell you about. Well, you know what there is lol... but first let's find out the cause of razor bumps.

Most often when black men shave their hair it will curl back into the skin. A bump will appear in the skin showing the skin is inflamed. Its basic cause in and effect with razor bumps.

Another cause can be bacteria being present in the skin because your barber might not have cleaned his clippers.

    Simple Solutions & Prevention

    Make sure your barber is keeping his/her tools sanitized.

    Now here is the magic potion in the bottle. Believe me it works. Tend Skin will work wonders on preventing razor bumps and removing them. Check out their site at or go to Sephora to purchase this product. 

    Also try Tea-tree products you can find Tea-tree products at The Body Shop. Tea-tree oil helps clean out the bacteria in the skin. Look on for the oil. 

    Use facial brushes. Scrub your beard before you shave. 
    Brushing before you shave raises the hair up out of the follicle and prevents it from coming back into the skin. 

    Now aren't you happy you stop by to listen to MAMA. 

    -  Peace

    Juice Face

    My sons are always asking for juice. Today I woke up to my oldest son standing next to my bed begging for a juice box. I'm surprise juice doesn't seep out of their pores. As I think about this, I must share one of my top black skin care products. Juice Organics BRIGHTENING CLEANSER is one of the best alpha-hydroxy acid cleansers I ever used. You can look on the back of the label and understand the ingredients. I also used their BRIGHTENING MOISTURIZER. I love this product for women of color because it helps remove hyper-pigmentation(dark marks).
    No lie, I used it for 2 weeks and saw my dark marks start to fade away. The products will tingle at 1st because of the AHAs. Don't let that stop you from continuing to use the products. They sell a small kit if you want to try it out first. When you start any AHA treatments make sure to use a sun screen and a hydrating moisturizer. Also use this treatment at night to prevent sensitivity to the sun. Your face will become dry in some areas so stop using it for a couple days and then come back on. The product is very affordable. Check their site out at A clear complexion is just around the corner. Oh yeah, I almost forgot my Baltimore Mamas you can find this product in Giant Food stores!!! Well Mamas catch you later... until then keep it tight and keep it right!

    Blaque MAMA Award of the week goes to...Michelle Obama

    People can hate on her all they want but I must say this woman keeps it tight. I could only imagine how busy her schedule is on a daily basis. She seems like a good mother and most of all has her husband's back. Critics have compared her to JFK's wife Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis but I believe Michelle has a style of her own. Hello! Black women are the originators of style. The lady is a classic. My hat goes off to you Michelle for being a MAMA and still remaining to look fabulous.

    Makeover Quickie 4 Bizzy MAMAs

    Hey, Mamas on the move! As we rush through the day at times we forget about ourselves. A quick look in the mirror to check your appearance before you leave out and that's the last look you get the whole day. Don't you wish you could look fabulous like the star mommies you see on t.v. ?They look like they have it all together, but I guess we would too if we had their money. Fear no more, here are some quick steps to a Bizzy Mama Makeover.
    • First cleanse your face . Then mix your favorite moisturizer and liquid bronzer in your hand. Smooth the mixture on you face to achieve a beautiful glowing complexion

    • Second apply 2 coats of mascara to your lashes for that wow factor!

    • Third apply your favorite lip gloss. Make sure to brush your lips with your tooth brush to achieve smooth plump lips

    Look for these products at your local drugstore। Looking great should be simple and cheap.

    Now I hope you can go out everyday feeling a like a Star Mama.