Sunday, September 19, 2010

Look out St. Ives!...You have some competition...

I'm always on the look out for new products in the skin care world. Having a skin care background I will try just about any product once to see if I like it. In my search of what's hot and new I receive a sample of a new great exfoliant for the face. Svetlana Minevich of Future Face LLC has been nothing but generous and kind to me with products and information.  Future Face is on the "Green Scene" creating healthy natural alternatives for skin care. I recently have used Future Face's Vegetable Exfoliator. I would call it a "Fruit Exfoliant" because it contains quince, apricot seeds, and ether oil from wild orange seeds. So you know you will smell a jar full of good stuff. When I first used this product it reminded me of St. Ives Apricot Scrub. The difference about this product is it contains natural ingredients and has oils that leave your face baby soft. I would recommend this exfoliant for people with normal to dry skin. If you have oily skin you might find it a little irritating. Make sure to rub the exfoliant on the skin in backwards circles until the product starts to peel. You must create friction on the face to see great results. I give this product three stars. Future Face has a nice Milk Cleanser that I tried out in the past few weeks. I love the Milk Cleanser to remove makeup. I highly recommend the Milk Cleanser for make up wearers and people with dry skin. The seasons are changing so now is the time to revamp our skin care products too!

Buy Vegetable Exfoliator & Milk Cleanser from me!
Try it out for your self it's worth it

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Gifted Hands...Meet the talented Daniele Johnson

I went on a short hiatus due to many changes...what else is new. In the life of being a mommy there is always plenty to do and much more ahead of you. In my busy travels I got to take out some well needed time for my self. I was finally able to get my hair treated and styled by one of the hottest natural hair stylist in Baltimore. Daniele Johnson's work speaks for its self. While other stylist are still figuring out how to keep up she is far beyond her years of natural styling. Many people have taken care of my hair but I will say Daniele has been my one true favorite. So while she was twisting my locs I was able to interview Daniele about hair, being natural, and much more. Her thoughts are deep and always make you think. I hope you enjoy the interview...

BB Mama: When did you become a natural hair stylist?

DJ: I've been doing hair since 2002. Labeled as a natural hairstylist in 2005.

BB Mama: Why did you decide to work with natural hair?

DJ:  Natural hair has so much more strength, texture, feeling, growth, and energy...that it made me appreciate it.

BB Mama: In three words describe natural hair?

DJ: Strength, Conductor of Energy, & True

BB Mama: What would you say to a black woman scared to go natural?

DJ: Come see uuummm No, I would say, first observe thoughts as to why you are afraid to go natural. Examine is it truly you or is it the reaction or thoughts of others...and then the conversation starts.

BB Mama: Would you ever work on clients with relaxed hair ?

DJ: Absolutely, but not applying or the application of chemicals.

BB Mama: How long have you been natural?

DJ: For 9years

BB Mama: Why did you choose to go natural?

DJ: I wanted to truly see what I was made of without chemical manipulations.

BB Mama: Is it important to use natural hair products?

DJ: Absolutely.

BB Mama: What products do you use on your clients?

DJ: Natural oils, essential oils and herbal remedies...all that I make and formulate my self.

BB Mama: What should future clients look forward to experiencing their first time with you?

DJ: They can expect to experience good energy.

BB Mama: What sets you apart from other natural hairstylist?

DJ: People would have to judge that for themselves. Check out

BB Mama: Why do you think hair is so important to black women?

DJ: Because its an extension of expression.

BB Mama: What hairstyles do you offer?

DJ: I like to use adjectives to describe my hairstyles. I offer hairstyles as such; stylish, classical, creative, "fly", sexy , cool, simple, etc.

BB Mama: What does Itarah mean?

DJ: Royal Female

BB Mama: How do you balance your career with your personal life?

DJ: Teamwork. My whole household is involved with everyday life. One particular job is not limited to one particular person. Everyone pitches in and helps with everything.

BB Mama: What are your career goals in the future?

DJ: To keep progressing and forever learning.

Daniele Johnson a natural stylist with understanding of natural hair's beauty,creative thoughts, humble, and great abilities to transform the energy of hair. Check her out at


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In the mind of a SINGLE BLACK FEMALE...The Interview

We all know her in some type of way. She is your mother, sister, friend, daughter, or co-worker. Yes, and  once upon a time she was you! We soon forget our single life when we get married and have children. We have watched many shows that focus on the single black woman's life. Living Single, Girlfriends, Half and Half are shows that display how black women cope in society being single and figuring out life. I decided to pick the brain of Miss S.B.F.. I must say her answers were honest and at times thought provoking. In her answers I have to acknowledge my own stereotypes of the single black woman shattered. I now have new view on the black woman's single life. Reading this interview married or single you just might have many thoughts in common with Miss S.B.F.
I hope you enjoy...

BB Mama: How long have you been single?

SBF: Long enough

BB Mama :Why are you single?

SBF: Because I have not met the right person... And I refuse to settle and I've become picky.

BB Mama: Are you looking for love?

SBF: Yes and No....I make inquires and scope men out but.... rarely follow through. I want someone to look for me...

BB Mama: Do you think the perfect man is out there for you?

SBF: Perfect man? there is no such thing....I now know that, and age and experience have taught me that.

BB Mama: How long do you think a woman should date when getting to know a guy?

SBF: I think she should date as long as she can to the point where she knows his spirit, his family, goals, and if he can support a family without me if I lose my job or if I am out of work. lol

BB Mama: Do you think you will know when you've found your soul mate?

SBF: Yes, I think I would know....I believe I will feel like I never have before...

BB Mama: What would you like to achieve or do before being married?

SBF: I would like to have a strong spiritual foundation within myself 1st, travel some, and buy a house.

BB Mama: What do you like about being single?

SBF: My alone time, my party time, my bar time....hehehehe. ummmm, just doing what I want and not having to worry about checking in with anybody.

BB Mama: What do you hate about being single?

SBF: I don't really hate anything about it, maybe dislike things at times. Wanting to stay in the house and sometimes having no one to have movie night with, or go out to eat with... church events where I would like to be with a family of my own there. but after a while you find some peace in it and some enjoyment.

BB Mama: What has been the worse place to find a man?

SBF: I don't think any place is the worse, it determines the type of person your meeting at that particular place...I've had luck at a variety of places.

BB Mama: Do you want children? Why or why not?...

SBF: Yes, because Its natural for a woman to want children.

BB Mama: What age do you think is too old to be single?

SBF: A woman can be single at any age and she can never be too old, because different circumstances make women of all ages single. Society places a stigma on women that if your a certain age like over 35 or 40 your too old to be single.

BB Mama: Do you believe in love at first sight?

SBF: No, I don't...its more like lust at first sight. Love at 1st sight? How can you truly love someone at first sight? I dunno...

BB Mama: What has been the worse thing a married person has said to you?

SBF: Married people don't say bad things to me because I'm single, usually they give advice about there own marriages and what not to do....

BB Mama: Do you have married friends?

SBF: yeah.

BB Mama: What do you like to do as a single woman?

SBF: The same things married women like to do! lol.... be with friends, family, relax, church....I don't think my daily activities are different than a married woman besides me going out more often to lounges, parties, and bars. Oh I like to go by myself and get pedicures and manicures... but a married woman might enjoy that too.

BB Mama: Being a single black woman use 3 words to describe it?

SBF: This is funny....because I don't have 3 words to describe it. ummmm, nope. blank.

BB Mama: What would you say to other black single women looking for love?

SBF: I dunno, I have no advice I don't have anyone either.... I guess don't give up, but I have to tell myself that too soooooo......

BB Mama : In the future how do you hope to see your life?

SBF: A righteous husband soon then later kids... and a

Monday, September 6, 2010

Life in Rewind...

In search of some study material I pulled down a box full of notebooks. I found some old journals I have kept from the past years and decided to read them. I read over some pages of a journal I kept from 2001. Yeah, I'm a pack rat and keep almost everything. I laughed, cried, and wondered at the things I wrote at such a young lady's life. If I could go back in time to talk to young Hev I would tell her not to worry so much, stay focused, and so much more. My words of wisdom on love to young Heather I have plenty. I might scare her by telling her the bad things she might experience in the future. Although time travel doesn't exist for me at times I wish I could change some things in my past. Reality shows are kind of like time travel. You can watch people's lives in the past and know their future. I was watching some reruns of a reality show and I thought to myself  did these girls ever think they would be enemies. In the older episodes of the reality show they were best friends. Now in 2010 you see them in interviews spitting venom on each others name. We never know what's in store for us in life.
We just keep on living hoping whatever is to come it just might be better than before.

Eating In The Dark: Mama put down the cookie!

OK...I'm a night eater. My cravings come at night and I love to eat junk. You can find me eating cookies while the open refrigerator gives me enough light to stand in the dark. I know I'm getting bad when I really don't care about how much I consume at night. I know its wrong but I'll eat something sweet and then drink a bottle of water and tell my self that was your healthy choice for tonight. I know I'm not alone with the sweet tooth night cravings. Some people might like to eat salty food at night but sweets are my thing. So next grocery visit I have a plan to turn around my bad prego night cravings. I have to before I'm a fat girl and not a phat girl. Its easy to pack on the pounds while pregnant. I have a plan and I wanted to share it with my preggers & night eating readers....

  • Drink lots of water with meals and in between. Water can fill you up and make you eat small amounts of food.
  • Have fruit rinsed off and cut all ready in Ziploc bags for quick eating.
  • A nice trail mix can be nice for when I want a little salty sweet treat.
  • Also have vegetables in bite sizes rinsed and ready to eat.
  • Dark chocolate Raisinets are healthier to eat instead of the milk chocolate ones.
  • Keep a box of Chocolate Cheerios in the house to eat dry with out
  • Maybe granola bars can replace my cookies
  • Stop buying junk food period and only have healthy options for me and the boys

    So I will see how it works out and update you later. Its late right now and I'm trying finish this chocolate cake before I go on my healthy eating voyage...ttyl

Happy 200 blogs BB Mama! :How Blogging gave me a voice

I started blogging in 2008 and now I have hit the mark of 200 blogs. I am amazed at this accomplishment. Who would ever think the quiet little girl from Indiana would have a voice to speak her mind and others would listen. I found out my love for writing in high school but really my true love for writing came from journal writing. I remember watching The Color Purple and how the characters wrote back and forth to each other. I cant remember which character wrote letters to God but after reading the book and watching the movie I decided to do the same. Then years later  I wrote a beauty article for my son's school newsletter for parents. After writing for the newsletter my love for writing was sparked again. I found out about blogging on blogspot and now you have yours truly Chronicles of Blaque Beauty Mama. I have shared my tips, tricks, advice, and  life lessons with all. I thank all my readers, followers, and even the closet BB Mama readers that would never tell a soul their a fan. Thanks for reading it means alot to me. I found my voice through blogging and I can only hope it gets stronger with time. I still keep a journal but its nice to share my thoughts with others. Keep reading!....

More to come...interviews, beauty reviews, trending fashion and mommy life stories.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hair done, nails done,...oooo no look @ her face!

While your dancing to Drake's song Fancy did you ever think "pizza face" doesn't fit the description Miss Fancy Pants. I find it to be a horrible problem among black women to leave their skin as the last priority. Washing your face with bar soap and rubbing Vaseline on your face just wont cut it. Sorry mamas a great amount of us don't have Lena Horne's genes to just apply Vaseline on our faces and wake up spectacular. If your first thought is to make sure the hair, nails and clothes are right please remember your face is the first to be seen. You just might be fancy but the blemishes and dark marks will over shadow your wonderful look. So now is the time to get your skin healthy and blemish free.

Follow these simple steps and be "Fancy" From Head, Face, to Toe!

  • Find out your skin type... Are you Normal, Oily, Dry, or Combo?
  • Start off with the basics Cleanse, Tone , & Moisturize
  • Try spot treatments for your blemishes.
  • Look for moisturizers with a SPF of 15. Yes. mama you need to protect your skin from the sun as well. Black skin loves to produce pigmentation. If you pick a pimple the skin will produce more pigmentation to protect your skin. A dark mark will protect your skin before it does the job for you.
  • Don't pick pimples!
  • Visit a esthetician once a month to get your skin properly cleansed.
  • Try to use an exfoliant for the face at least every other week.
  • Masks are fun and can bring extra care to the skin. Try using a mask twice a month.
  • Find a great dermatologist if you are really having horrible skin care problems
  • Drink lots of water!
Try some of these steps on the list. Make sure to keep up with a skin care regimen day and night.

 Now is the time to make your skin the first priority!

The New Corduroy On The Block

   Autumn is making its way here and your ready for the nu nu trends. Well the new kid on the block is skinny, soft, textured, and comes in a variety of colors. Skinny Cords the new alternative pants for fall. You love your skinny jeans, leggings, and jeggings but skinny cords are calling you from across the aisle. Don't be scared to wear them their easy to match up with any shirt or boots. Skinny Cords are a must have for the fall. I call them a great staple item in your wardrobe. You can dress them up and make them casual. I know just about every store will have them so choose the right color and the best fit  for you. Dare to wear the new kid and I promise it wont embarrass you.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ask Hev...Why can't I use lotion on my face?

  My close friend inspired me to write about this topic from a question she asked me yesterday...

"Hey,Why is it good to use a moisturizer for your face? Is lotion not good enough?"

  I love her question because many think its ok or good enough to use lotion on the face. The fact is lotion is only meant for the body and not for the face. You may be thinking I don't see the problem its all skin. Yes, the face and body is all skin but they each have different pore sizes on the top surface of the skin. Pores on the body are usually small and the pores on the face are large. Molecules in lotion are imagine a big bubble. Now visualize this large bubble on top of the point of a pin. Lotion slowly seeps inside the tiny pores on the body. The large molecule is time released slowly going in the skin to hydrate. So if you put a large molecule in a large pore it will pop right in and clog the pores on the face. Moisturizers are made for the skin on the face. They will slowly time release, balance out and hydrate the face correctly.

You must cleanse, tone and then moisturize to make sure you moisturizer works properly. A toner is a must with a moisturizer. Toners restore the normal balance of your skin while your moisturizer can hydrate effectively on the skin.  A simple and great toner is Witch Hazel. Also make sure you are using the right hydration. Find out your skin type before you go looking for a moisturizer.

Here are some of my all time favorite moisturizers...

  • Murad Energizing Pomegranate Moisturizer
  • JASON Natural Aloe Vera 84 Ultra-Comforting Moisturizing Creme
  • Dove Deep Moisture Facial Lotion
  • Boscia Vital Daily Moisture
  • Boscia Oil-free Daily Hydration
Find these moisturizers in local stores, Sephora, and online
    *Keep in mind its always great to switch up your skin care products seasonally and with other life changes such as pregnancy, the use of certain medications, hormonal changes, and if your nursing.