Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lies from the start bring dirty shame

I woke up a little early than usual because I had left on the T.V. Surprising to my eyes the Jerry Springer show was on. It's not a habit for me to watch this show but something made me not change the channel. I saw a black woman sitting on the stage with her legs crossed waiting for the show to begin. Taking a closer look I knew she was a man. A Mama knows her own kind,lol. Jerry starts asking her questions about her being a man and when did she become a so called woman. Well this man has been pretending to be a woman since he was a child. He had begun his sex change but hadn't got rid of "bob". The man had got in a relationship pretending to be a woman. When he revealed he was a woman the man beat the living crap out of him. So now he must come tell another man he has lied about the truth of his identity but of course on national television. So they bring out his boyfriend that comes out and kisses him on the lips. He tells his boyfriend (Shawn )he is a man. Now the shock on this man's face words can't express. I wont ever forget his face. We all know what happen after that, he wanted to whip the she man's ass!!! I'm sorry there is no other way to say it. She man tells him I didn't mean to hurt you and all the cliche madness a she man would say in that type of situation.
The relationship started off with lies and illusions. Often we begin relationships like this and wonder why it comes to a shameful ending. She man knew he was a man and had his boyfriend moving in knowing the lie he held within. At times we lie so much we begin to believe our lies are true. If you start off with false images of your self instead of showing the real you only a negative outcome will manifest. On the other hand the boyfriend should had really examined the person he was getting involved with. Shawn jumping in head first with the love of she man's beauty, moved in with her after only 4 months. Mr. Shawn never paid close attention to his mate to know she was a man. The crazy thing is he slept in the bed with she man. Sometimes in a relationship the evidence of your mate being a liar is right in front of you, but you convince your self all is well. Both sides are to blame for the shame that comes from lies. The sad thing is Shawn forgot we live in a sick world where lies are the foundation of society.
-Peace Mamas