Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where have all the nice girls gone?

Hey Mamas!
We have all used "lol" or put up a smiley face. In a text, IM, an email, or post on some social site we will see them. When we see this acronym or face we know the person is being friendly. I usually go on social sites or IM people and we will laugh it up on the computer. Sometimes I will have friendly conversations on the computer. I leave off the cyber world thinking dag so and so is a nice person. The funny thing that I experience is when I meet them in person they are nothing like I expected them to be. What shocks me the most but shouldn't is their not friendly and even sometimes very rude...smh(yes I'm really shaking my head!) In this day and age being nice can be masked with a smiley face and lol. I'm thinking if you took the time to be kind on the computer do the same in person. Let's be real mamas! I don't think you have to run and jump in someones arms hugging them and screaming hello. I do think you can say hello and seriously mean it without having your face screwed up. Nice girls and women need to make a come back. If you are really mean or don't want to be bother act that way on the computer. Blaque Beauty Mama in this blog that's what your gonna get. Yes at times I may be a little bit shy but if you come and talk to me I will more times than never act like I don't know you. I have a personality like my mother. My mother will talk to strangers like she knew them forever. Yes, the cyber world is different but my question is "Does this change who you are in person?" I don't think it should...
-Peace & Many Blessings

Mama's New Hot Find! :Chocolate Cheerios

Hey Mamas,
Two weeks ago I was in the grocery store with one of my sons. Skye jumps off the cart and grabs down some Chocolate Cheerios. I turn my nose but thinking yuck. I have always hated chocolate cereals. A couple of days later we are having cereal for breakfast and majority of the boys want some. I'm feeding my youngest son his Chocolate Cheerios and decided to have a little bite. The baby starts crying because I'm eating more of his cereal than feeding. I must say this cereal has grown on me and I love it! Most chocolate cereals are full of sugar but this has just the right amount of sweetness. Chocolate Cheerios has grown on me and it gets better with every bowl I eat. I am a chocolate lover so hopefully I will have my Cheerios before I go grab a candy bar. Try Chocolate Cheerios...go get a box today! the ingredients you will be surprised. You can read every
-Peace & Many Blessings

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Black Mama, Brown Mama...We are sisters, Right!

Hey Mamas,
Sometimes I get these emails that show black NFL or NBA players with white women. As I scroll down I see some of these men with Latina women. My first thought is that's not a white woman. Many times I have heard women say Kobe Bryant is with a white girl but he is with a Latina woman. Why are black women calling Latino or Hispanic women white? When we are classified in demographics of poverty, education and much more we are grouped together. I don't see Latino women getting the same benefits as white women. I see them going through the same struggles as black women. We are sisters and I hope one day many understand that. I have
Puerto Rican and Dominican friends that I love dearly that go through the same problems as I do dealing with race and gender. Another fact about Latina women is they all don't have light skin and long silky hair. I have seen many Hispanic mamas with hair like mine and darker than me. We are sisters even if we look different or speak another language. If a black man is with an Latina mama its okay...just know she is a sistah. I don't see them getting mad when we are with Hispanic brothers. Just a thought think about it.
-Peace Mamas

Bounce Update!

Hey Mamas,
Last month I purchased the Bounce dryer bar. I wrote about this product in a previous blog. I'm loving this product. It was easy to stick into the dryer. No more worrying did I put in the fabric softener or a dryer sheet in with the clothes. The price is affordable and you cant beat 2 months of use. I think I will purchase the 4 month bar. I am well pleased with the Bounce Dryer bar. Try it mamas you will love it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wisdom of Skin Care Game: Will you be the winner?!!

Hey Mamas,
In one of my previous blogs I wrote about natural skin care being a growing trend in the cosmetic industry. One of my favorite natural skin care lines I mentioned in my blog was Wisdom Holistic Skin & Hair. I love their products and today 2 lucky winners will each receive a Sweet Orange Cleanser and a 4oz.Healing Butter. I must say this is a treat because both products work wonders on the skin. Now here comes the fun part....
Are you ready to play?....
You will need to answer these 3 questions by going to for the answers.
1. Name 3 ingredients used in Wisdom Holistic Products.
2. If you have a dark line across your nose...What health problem is present in your body?
Hint: Read- Article "Beauty Is Good Health" to find this answer on the site)
3. Name 2 skin care problems Healing Butter cures.
****The 2 Mamas that email me 1st the correct answers will win the 2 Free Skin Care Products!!!****
Email me your answers at!!!!
-Peace & Many Blessings

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Big Texas Nightmare

Hey Mamas,
My problem started last week while shopping at Sam's Club. I stood there pondering do we really need a big box of cinnamon rolls in the house. I went against my better judgement and bought them along with many other things... oh lawd that place makes you spend. My madness started at home after eating one I started having one everyday. So two days ago I decided to read how many calories were in a Big Texas and it said there are 440 calories in just one cinnamon roll. The crazy thing is I keep eating them knowing a dress is coming in the mail soon. I have in my head maybe I'm burning all the calories from running around chasing children or I'm just a cinnamon roll away from a fatter stomach. One thing I do know is I have a sweet tooth and these things have been my guilty pleasure. After this blog I think I will treat my self to a Big I'm a fiend. I cant help it! I will kick this habit maybe I should just throw them away but then many other sweets will have to go too.
-Peace & Many Blessings

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Booty Pop....WTH!!!!

Hey Mamas,
I was up late watching T.V. and this commercial comes on about this underwear called Booty Pop. White girls can now have a black girl's booty with just the right amount of padding in underwear. I remember when white women hated our curvy bodies and called it fat not phat. Jennifer Lopez was talked about so much she went and worked her butt out until it turned into muscle. Now celebrity white chicks want the big booties and spend big bucks to have the curvy assets. In the commercial they say no surgery needed just slip on a big What happens when these guys find out they have flat pancake butts? Sorry white girls our natural beautiful curves are God given. Everyday in the hood an average black girl is walking around with a Kim Karddashian booty. Serena Williams will never need some Booty Pops and neither do I. So the next time your looking in the mirror saying this and that needs to be smaller... just love what God has given you. Some little white girl would die in surgery to have curves like yours.
-Peace My Bootylicious Mamas

Thursday, March 11, 2010

We are not crabs!

Hey Mamas!
In my search to get my blog more exposure I looked for other mom blogs like mine. I came across another mommy blog that I really enjoyed. When I wrote the sister an email she wrote me back with the same kindness and added me to her blog list. I don't think she knows how much that meant to me. So many times I have experience negativity from other sisters that are in the same field as me. I have dealt with jealousy and hate in many other fields like beauty and fashion. I sometimes ask my self when did it become a competition. Why are we as black women quick to see our fellow sister as an enemy? They say we are like crabs in a barrel ...quick to pull each other down. When will we start to support one another and want to see each other go far? I remember it being rumoured that Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce were fighting on the set of Dream Girls but all of this was lies. I saw not too long ago the media saying Oprah is messing with Obama and Michelle hates Oprah. The media wants to put this madness in our hearts and show other people that the black woman hates herself. A lack of confidence is going around like an ugly virus infecting the masses. When you hate another sister and her success it's like hating your self. I wont stand on my soap box and point the finger at everyone else. When I say this to my mamas I also say this to my self. I can't say I have never been negative towards another sister. I will say I have enough sense to know it's wrong and try my best to maintain being positive. Love your sister and support her when she is doing positive things. We are paving a way for our younger sisters to be positive women in the future.
Check out The Young Mommy Life!
I'm loving her blogs...
-Peace & Many Blessings

Waiting to be a Mama...

Hey Mamas,
My sister Qee is having a baby boy soon. When I think of her it brings me back to having my first son. While the baby grows bigger in your womb and the due date is nearing your wondering will you be a good mother. What will the baby look like? How painful will it be to have him? So much would go through my head. Then the time had came for me to have my baby and I was so scared but ready to have him. When it was time to push I was so tired. I told everyone around me I don't want to push no more. The one thing that made me keep pushing is when my sister Courtney said "Don't you want to see your baby?" I thought to my self this is what you been waiting for... push so you can see this baby that kept you up all night, kicked you repeatedly and now has you in the greatest pain ever in life! Holding my son in my arms was the best feeling. All my worries and doubts went away while holding him in my arms. The road ahead of me in finding my way as a mommy was a rough one but I learned many valuable lessons. Now I have 5 boys and each one of them I have learned something new about being a mommy. A true woman just has that God given instinct in her to be a great mother. All I can say to my sister Qee is you will be a good mommy. I know you will...
Peace & Many Blessings

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Having his say...

Hey Mamas,

My son was coming home from school with left over sandwiches in his bag each day. Then I decided to start asking him did he want me to make his sandwich...he would reply no. I got to the point I didn't feel like there was a reason to make his lunches so I let him eat lunch at school. Last night he asked me could he bring a lunch to school. Then he kept asking me could he make his own lunch. As I watched my son make his own sandwich I realized he is growing up. I found out he doesn't like cheese on his sandwich and loves tons of pickles on it. Letting your child have some choices as they get older makes them feel like a big kid. I know Jasiyah was so happy to feel like he can do adult things on his own. I remember driving my grandmother crazy because I wanted to eat mayonnaise sandwiches. She would get mad every time I picked the meat off. As children get older they start to know exactly the things they like and don't like. A child having their say on small things makes them less indecisive in the future to make big decisions.
-Peace & Many Blessing

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mama's Book Pick of the Week: Please, Baby, Please

Hey Mamas,
I decided to keep updating the book of the week. Most of the books will be books you can read to your children. My son has to read 15minutes every night for homework so we read many books in our house. Please, Baby, Please by Spike Lee and his wife Tonya Lewis Lee is one of the boys' favorite books. The illustration by Kadir Nelson is amazing and fun to the little ones eyes. The repetitive sentences will have your children reading along with you. The story is about a child that wont go to sleep and the parents are tired and trying to make the baby go to bed. I know many parents can relate to this story. They also have another book that is absolutely adorable called Please, Puppy, Please. Check it out and keep up the reading with the little ones in your lives.
-Peace & Many Blessings

Mama's New Hot Find!

Hey Mamas,
I don't know if you saw this commercial about Bounce's Dryer Bar. If you haven't I must tell you about this amazing new creation. You stick this bar on the wall of your dryer and it works like the fabric softener sheets. The great thing is you can get the dryer bar that works for 2 months or 4 months. Also the bar melts down after uses and then you can replace it with a new bar. No more worrying did I pour the fabric softener in or did I put the sheet in. I haven't tried it yet but I will let you know if it's worth it. If you have already used it let me know if it's any good.
-Peace & Many Blessings

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wedgie Free!

Hey Mamas!
We are usually very quiet about wedgies. No one wants to tell someone their panties are riding up their butt. A wedgie can bother you so much you just might not rush to the bathroom or some where of privacy to get it out. Try sitting with a wedgie because you are too cute to get up and get it out...the feeling can be torture. The fact is it happens to the best of us. I have never heard a woman not to have one. When I saw the commercial for Hanes Wedgie Free Underwear I didn't believe it. I thought to my self yeah right how could that be possible. Last month I bought me some wedgie free underwear and I must say they are my favorite underwear to wear. Hanes stays true to their promise in their ads. I have comfort, style, and everything I want my underwear to be without the wedgies. I'm telling you mamas buy some you will love them.
-Peace & Many Blessings

Against the Odds: We are good parents

My family went to my son's kindergarten science fair last week. When we entered the cafeteria I saw so many black families. I saw both parents standing together watching their child win awards and the children telling the audience the college they wanted to attend in the future. The science fair projects looked like the parents put a lot of time and effort into their children's projects. In today's society black parents are stereotyped as being uninvolved in their child's education. It is said black families usually consists of single parent households or the grandmother is raising the kids. People will say we don't care about our children in the inner city. They will say no one attends the PTA meetings or school programs. At my son's school I saw black parents that cared about their child's education. I saw young mothers and fathers clapping and cheering for their children. Don't believe all the statics society sets for us. Against the odds of our surroundings we will still strive to be good parents.