Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wedgie Free!

Hey Mamas!
We are usually very quiet about wedgies. No one wants to tell someone their panties are riding up their butt. A wedgie can bother you so much you just might not rush to the bathroom or some where of privacy to get it out. Try sitting with a wedgie because you are too cute to get up and get it out...the feeling can be torture. The fact is it happens to the best of us. I have never heard a woman not to have one. When I saw the commercial for Hanes Wedgie Free Underwear I didn't believe it. I thought to my self yeah right how could that be possible. Last month I bought me some wedgie free underwear and I must say they are my favorite underwear to wear. Hanes stays true to their promise in their ads. I have comfort, style, and everything I want my underwear to be without the wedgies. I'm telling you mamas buy some you will love them.
-Peace & Many Blessings

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