Friday, February 12, 2010

Not Always Pretty...

In front of the mirror we stand looking at all of our imperfections. The mirror holds no lies to our belief. At times the image you see in the mirror you are well pleased with the results of a hairstyle, makeup, or skin care product you just used. What about those days when you just don't feel pretty? In your skin you are the ugliest thing standing in front of the mirror. I guess you start from the root of what is making you feel ugly. Is it the extra pounds you gained over the years, pain from verbal abuse, your hair is not done, your spirit is low, low self esteem...the list could go on. Right now in this meantime of the ugly blues you just don't feel like you. All I can say Mamas is I've been there many times before. My advice is to try not to dwell there and do things that make you feel better. Reading your favorite scriptures from the bible can help up lift your spirit . Giving your self some much needed pampering always helps the ugly blues. Buying a little something from the store can make you feel special. Take out time to take care for yourself. When being a mother you truly are the one taking care of everyone else and before you know it your the one looking a mess. Take care of your self Mamas and sometimes put yourself first.


Mama of the Month: Daniele Johnson

Hey Mamas!
Some people may think I'm being bias on choosing Daniele but her works in life will put many to shame. A woman that lives in the now always trying to never look too deep in the past or go beyond the future. This lady is stable, consistent, and comfortable in her own skin. Daniele and her husband have started a natural hair and skin care company from the ground up with their knowledge and talent combined. While having teamwork in her home to take care of her daughter Daniele is always on the move. She is a business woman skilled in her crafts of jewelry, hair, and skin care. I watched this woman work her hardest while she is sick and standing by her word to keep promises to others. A virtuous woman indeed. She shows many other mothers you can live out your dreams with pure determination and drive towards your goals. Daniele is an example of doing it all while being a mother and wife. Striving towards perfection she makes Christ her center. Daniele Johnson you are Blaque Beauty Mama of the Month.