Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tough Love makes A Strong Woman

As I pass out the plates of spaghetti the boys wasted yesterday I watched their faces look shocked. I laugh in my head remembering my grandmother making my sisters and I sit at the table to eat our food. You would have to sit there all night until you ate all the food on your plate. We used to watch the Cosby show and my eyes would get heavy but I would try my hardest to pop them back open. My grandma would say if you tired go to bed because if you fall asleep I'm gonna beat I thought she was so mean. Not too long ago the boys were watching a movie in the living room and Siyah was falling asleep. I told him you better not fall asleep down here. I can now understand that carrying a heavy sleeping child to bed isn't great fun. My grandma didn't feel like carrying a heavy child to bed but at the time I couldn't see it. She told me not to go across the street and play with a little strange boy but I did exactly what she told me not to do. It never crossed my mind I could get hit by a car, his parents could be bad people, or the little boy could hurt me. I was the cry baby out my sisters and many punishments and tough love came my way from my grandma. Never would I think her tough love would pay off and I would be the most like her. She had common sense that alot of black women don't use too much any more. Her hard love built strong women. My Grandma White wanted us to be the best and I believe she brought the best out of us. Right now she doesn't remember to much because she has Alzheimer's but she left me with so many memories and great life lessons. My grandmother's voice, her laugh, her hands, her scent, her smile, the way she would talk to my grandfather when she thought no one knew...these memories and love transcend through my mother, Keha, Courtney, Kristin, and me. Her legacy will never die because she built it in us through tough love she gave us priceless gifts. At one time I resented my grandmother but when the smoke clears things all make sense. Juanita White...I love you and I know you know this.
Tough love isn't meant to break a spirit but to build character.
-Peace Mamas

Indirect Talk infects the Masses

Hey Mamas,

I was out last week with my sister and while we
were eating I noticed a couple at a table both texting on their phones. OK this is normal for today's society but I saw this with 3 different tables. While eating their dinner they have the phone sitting there like a little computer waiting for messages. Whatever happen to talking to each other? The third wheel now in a date is Mr. Text. I have friends that tell me I talked to you twice this week and I'm like no you didn't you texted me. Don't get me wrong texting is helpful to get the word out and let someone know something while their not in your presence. The infection of this indirect talk is causing the younger generation to not have any type of social skills. When I was dating all you did was talk on the phone all day and all night and then hook up later. Now people breakup with you through a text. Some of us at times hide behind a screen betraying a certain life. Couples say they are wonderful but cussing each other out once they get home. A girl sits at home saying she is bored and logs on to talk to her boyfriend...a man that is 50yrs old but puts up pictures of a young man he copied and pasted from another boys page. In this little crazy cyber world I do say be careful. We can say words that my seem cold or things we can never take back. We use this indirect talk and no one can see your face so we go off assuming is so and so okay...? Lets go back to the basics sometime. Go have a nice long talk with a friend, love one, child, etc. Let's talk face to face...something seems so much more personal and sweet to look a person in the eye and say So how was your day girl? I've been infected by the indirect talk bug but that doesn't stop me from having face to face gatherings and talking on the phone to hear another's voice say hello.
Try it... you just might like it.

-Peace Mamas

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mama's Tip:Trick Your Little Ones into Drinking Water

Lets face it little kids don't like to drink water. It doesn't matter how healthy you brought them up from a baby. Once they get a taste of juice they hate to go back to the bland taste of water. I currently found out that Deer Park has water called Aqua Pods. My sons love these little waters. I think the shape of them and the size make them very appealing to small people. If you don't believe it just try it for a week. I believe it comes in a pack of eight. Your children will become "Super Drinking Aqua Kids" within the blink of an eye. You can find them in your local stores every where Deer Park is available. Here are some other ways to get the little ones drinking more water...

  • I sometimes cut up lemons in their water. The boys like to watch the fruit float around the bottle.
  • Tinted water in a cool color will please the kiddies. Add a drop of food dye in the water and shake.
  • Let them only have juice at night for dinner and the rest of the day drink water. I tried it but the boys went crazy
  • They now have these individual flavoring packets to put in water. Try sprinkling a few drops in the water but not the entire packet.

Hope this helps your Aqua Babies to be healthy and happy!

-Peace Mamas

Tragedy 2 Triumph: Melody Gardot

Good Morning Mamas!
Its "Good Music Tuesday" but I must tell you first the story behind this sultry songstress Melody Gardot. In a tragic accident Melody was riding her bike and was hit by a SUV. She suffered great injuries to her spine, bones were shattered in other parts of her body, and neurological damage to her brain. She had to learn how to walk, talk, and remember again. The doctors felt there was no help for her and she wouldn't recover completely from all the damages. Melody went back to her first love music and started playing the piano as part of music therapy. Doctors discovered the music therapy helped Melody to heal. She still deals everyday with great pain at times. When performing and everyday life Melody wears tinted glasses to block out light that causes pain. She is also sensitive to noise that can cause painful headaches. In all this tribulation Melody found her voice and is making the charts with a smooth jazzy voice that will have you relaxing in no time. My first time I ever heard her music was last Sunday. I have already became a fan of this songbird's music. Check out her new album called "My One and Only Thrill" At times we think that the worse thing in our lives could never be a blessing. You never know how your life is meant to go so we pray and hope for good even in tribulation.
-Peace Mamas

Monday, January 25, 2010

Beauty Trend: Back2 Basics...Lets go Natural

Hey Natural Mamas!
The growing trend is to go natural. Many black women are going back to their natural beauty of hair. Many beauty lines are creating pure products for the natural lady in you. We cant forget skin care. The new beauty trend is to go back to the basics. Products free from chemicals can be seen in your local drug and beauty supply stores. As an esthetician that specializes in black skincare I suggest natural products to my clients. Ingredients that occur in nature produce great results of change in the skin My favorite current natural skincare line right now is Wisdom Holistic Skin and Hair. The products are very effective and energizing to the skin. Wisdom Holistic Hottest Products to try are:
Healing Butter: This butter truly heals the skin. The Healing Butter you can use from head to toe. The sweet smell of lemons will have you in love with this creamy butter. I scrape the jar every time I get this product because its that great.
Castile Liquid Cleansers: These gel like cleansers will have you skin squeaky clean and fresh. The cleanser come in a variety of scents and uses such as Country Lavender, Peppermint Magic,Lemongrass Zen, Tea Tree, and my favorite that leaves your skin tingling Sweet Orange.
Go natural today!... check out

Dress Like a True Romantic

Hey Mamas!
Love is in the air and you want to show it. My little sister asked me last week what would I call the style of dress I had on. I told her "Romantic"and my husband laughed. The Romantic or feminine chic is truly a style of dress. If you want to show your tender and delicate side I have some very easy ways to dress like the True Romantic. Keep in mind this style is nice for dates, proms, weddings, and when you just want to be a doll.
  • Pearls are a must. It doesn't matter what color you wear just have some around the neck,in the ears, or on the wrist.
  • Pastel colors are another key principle to the romantic look. You can go with some winter pastel colors that have darker undertones to them.
  • Ruffles on the collar of a shirt , dress or sweater are very sweet in achieving this style.
  • Add a charm bracelet or necklace to create a dainty playfulness to the outfit
  • A pastel cardigan paired with a silky camisole will complete any romantic creation.
  • Suede boots,pumps, or flats finish off this soft and delicate look.

Ladies have fun showing a little

Romance your style today!

-Peace Mamas

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking 4 My Blaque Beauty Mama Readers

Hey Mamas!
I have a new app on my page for followers of my blog. If you reading this from an email or a forwarded email go to my page and become a follower. The follower app is on the left side of the blog. I would love to know who likes my blog! You never know I just might be giving out free services of skincare, beauty, or wardrobe. Become a follower today...
-Peace Mamas
Thanks 4 reading

Rules 4 finding The Perfect Dress!

Hey Mamas!
I want to share some wonderful advice with you... Finding the right dress will never be a problem again. The rules I'm about to share with you can apply for any dress occasion. You ask any woman what is the hardest thing to do while shopping and their answer will probably be finding the perfect dress. The problem is we go to the mall, online, or to a thrift store and believe something will just pop out at us. I believe sometimes a dress will catch your attention but what if its too expensive or they don't have your size? We become devastated because the perfect dress we saw on display isn't available. The truth of the matter is most stores put an I catching dress on display and usually its a size 2. Then other women have ran into the store and bought up all the sizes of your fabulous dress. So your thinking than I wont ever find the perfect dress. No, no, no I tell you as I wag my finger. Your perfect dress is waiting for you. All you have to do is arm your self with these rules for finding the perfect dress!...

Perfect Dress Rules
  1. Get your body measured! We always go out looking for clothes saying to ourselves I think I wear a size 7 or 8.
  2. What do believe are the best & worst features on your body? You must know this so you can decide what areas you want to cover and expose. Do you want your back out or to cover your arms because you think they appear fat?
  3. Decide on the length of your dress. Think of the occasion and season this dress is for? Do you want a long or short dress? If you already have in mind I want to wear a short dress to prom than that eliminates you aimlessly searching through long dresses
  4. Figure out what type of sleeves,straps, etc you want on your dress.You might not want sleeves at all
  5. Decide on 2-3 colors you would like to wear. Now the perfect dress is getting easier as we go!
  6. Decide on the neckline of your dress...will it be a plunging V or high Victorian collar.
  7. Choose what style you want your dress to be. Vintage, Romantic, Trendy, Elegant, Sultry...the list can go on forever so choose!
  8. Decide on where to look for your dress... Do you want to go to a trendy retail store, shop online, go to a department store, look in a thrift store, or look in a vintage boutique?
  9. Look online or in magazines for what you like and bring the pictures with you to the store.

I hope this helps you on your adventure for finding the perfect dress.

It may sound like a lot to consider but its better than giving up and settling for a dress you don't like.


You can contact me

Heather Hayes

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I can help you find that "Perfect Dress"!

Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm Celebrating!!!!

Hey Mamas!!!!!!!!!!
I have a more than 100 blog posts and I'm very happy about all that. Thank you all for supporting my blog. I know that so many of you have forwarded my blog on to others and people have read my blogs on Facebook. I'm also happy to say I'm almost finished my book and Lord's will it will be coming out this year. Please keep supporting my blog and look out for my book. Forgive me for my absence on my blog. I'm an emotional writer and I have to feel things to write. I think this might be the season to write so stayed tuned til the next
-Luv, peace, & blessings mamas

In The Meantime

On my long hiatus from my blog I have been through life changes that only I can understand. When tribulation hits home and much chaos evolves in your life I look around at all that I do have to be thankful for. How many of us can be thankful for the bad things that happen in our lives? When hell hits and you have lost a job, a love one, your home or a car can you stand in your tribulation and smile. In all situations there is something to learn whether they be good or bad. Don't get me wrong I have my days when a dark cloud comes I'm not always smiling, but if I can get through it I know I will be stronger. The cliche saying that we always hear is "what doesn't kill you only will make you stronger". I watch the tribulation in Haiti and wonder how would I feel if that was me or my family. How would I feel if I was in a collasped building breathing out of an air pocket hoping and praying the Lord would send someone to help me. Looking at others go through affliction makes my pain less difficult to go through. In the meantime of my hardships I pray for the good but I wont stay in a place of pity for my self nor my situation. Someone out there is going through much more hell than me and surviving to breathe is their blessing.
-Peace thankful