Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rules 4 finding The Perfect Dress!

Hey Mamas!
I want to share some wonderful advice with you... Finding the right dress will never be a problem again. The rules I'm about to share with you can apply for any dress occasion. You ask any woman what is the hardest thing to do while shopping and their answer will probably be finding the perfect dress. The problem is we go to the mall, online, or to a thrift store and believe something will just pop out at us. I believe sometimes a dress will catch your attention but what if its too expensive or they don't have your size? We become devastated because the perfect dress we saw on display isn't available. The truth of the matter is most stores put an I catching dress on display and usually its a size 2. Then other women have ran into the store and bought up all the sizes of your fabulous dress. So your thinking than I wont ever find the perfect dress. No, no, no I tell you as I wag my finger. Your perfect dress is waiting for you. All you have to do is arm your self with these rules for finding the perfect dress!...

Perfect Dress Rules
  1. Get your body measured! We always go out looking for clothes saying to ourselves I think I wear a size 7 or 8.
  2. What do believe are the best & worst features on your body? You must know this so you can decide what areas you want to cover and expose. Do you want your back out or to cover your arms because you think they appear fat?
  3. Decide on the length of your dress. Think of the occasion and season this dress is for? Do you want a long or short dress? If you already have in mind I want to wear a short dress to prom than that eliminates you aimlessly searching through long dresses
  4. Figure out what type of sleeves,straps, etc you want on your dress.You might not want sleeves at all
  5. Decide on 2-3 colors you would like to wear. Now the perfect dress is getting easier as we go!
  6. Decide on the neckline of your dress...will it be a plunging V or high Victorian collar.
  7. Choose what style you want your dress to be. Vintage, Romantic, Trendy, Elegant, Sultry...the list can go on forever so choose!
  8. Decide on where to look for your dress... Do you want to go to a trendy retail store, shop online, go to a department store, look in a thrift store, or look in a vintage boutique?
  9. Look online or in magazines for what you like and bring the pictures with you to the store.

I hope this helps you on your adventure for finding the perfect dress.

It may sound like a lot to consider but its better than giving up and settling for a dress you don't like.


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