Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Beauty in The Elements

I had to write this blog before I went to bed. It's been very hectic these pass few days. My sister had her baby boy two days ago. Congratulations Greenways to the new life in your family. Today I took a minute to breathe and I thank my niece for bringing up a memory I had almost forgot.

My grandmother to me was very strict but she had a care free side to her. Sometimes when it rained she would let my sisters and I run in the rain. Then she would give us towels to dry off and we would watch T.V. I never felt so free and happy. My niece said today while it was raining that she wanted to go out in the rain. I thought why not, my grandmother let me. Jasiyah, Skye and I went running in the rain. The rain was beating down hard and the boys laughed and jumped in the rain. It took me back to my childhood with my grandmother. A care free moment that would last in my mind forever. Our clothes were soaked and we couldn't see out of our eyes at times. Most times black women run from the rain but today I enjoyed it. India my niece held back from getting wet which surprised me because she suggested going outside. Often we hold back from people, feelings, or wonderful moments because we are scared to find out what will happen. Next time it rains take the umbrella down and walk in the rain. Don't run to the car Mamas. Walk in the rain, now that's a simple tip /trick for the week. The rain is just the right temperature, soothing, and relaxing. If your scared to get your hair wet put a shower cap on, lol. You can find beauty treatments in the elements just stop and enjoy what's already there for you.

-Peace Mamas