Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Best Shave Ever!!!

This is for the men folk…lol but if you are a mama reading this pass it on to the men in your life. Say good bye to ingrown hairs and hello baby face! Here are some quick tips to a have clean & clear skin. Follow these steps and you will achieve a smooth shave every time!

· Always cleanse your skin with a liquid cleanser. Try cleansers that foam up. The bubbles in the foam stimulate the hair follicles in the skin.
· A must have is a facial brush. It can be manual or one you place batteries in. Before shaving brush with cleanser on the face in backward circles. It's important to brush before you shave because it lifts up the hair follicle away from the skin. So with the hair away from the skin it prevents ingrown hairs
· What ever tool you use make sure it’s sanitized and clean
· After cleansing the skin make sure to wash your skin with hot water or place a hot towel over the face. Heat opens pores and loosens up the hair shaft.
· After shaving try another hot towel!!!!
· Last but not least a must have…must use Tend Skin! I stand by it’s the best. Pat this product on after every shave or haircut. Tend Skin prevents ingrown hairs.
· You can get Tend Skin at Sephora or do a search on Google.
To be continued... with The Best of the Best skin care products 4 men!!!
-Happy Shaving Baby Face