Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Grass is Greener?

  After having some bad experiences with Cavalier telephone I decided to switch phone services. CLEAR won me over to move on after watching tons of their commercials. My thought was I was moving on to something better. While I waited for my phone to be switched over the Internet service was up with CLEAR.  I thought to myself wow the Internet runs faster with CLEAR. I was hooked and well pleased until my phone was fully switched over and the problem begun. My voice comes in muffled to others and sometimes my phone line is dropped in the middle of a conversation. Now I want to go back to Cavalier but I've came to far to go back. So in my mind I'll just stick it out with CLEAR. I will let them know my problems and hope the phone service gets better with time.

        You may be wondering why the hell is she talking about phone companies. If you really think about it we always have a "grass is greener" moment in life. Sometimes we may wonder if I chose her or him what would my life be like? If I went to this school would I be more successful like Kelly or John. If I was living her life I would be much happier. Life lessons surround us in the smallest matters but its only up to us to learn the lesson. So sure you might move on to someone better sometimes. Other times you can move on and experience someone way worse than the one before. The grass is greener logic is you think "I'm missing out on something better" or "I just want to experience something new".

      I don't think its wrong to try new things or experience new people(like a new set of friends..etc) but you have to weigh out the pros and cons. At the end of your decision if you hop over to the other side you have to deal with the choice you made. Life is full of choices and sometimes you might not know if your choosing the right one. So with decisions and hopping fences choose wisely and if its a bad hand suck it up and take it like a woman or man. TTYL...