Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Aqueelah Williams: A true star behind the many faces on a cover

Hey Mamas,

Welcome to my new edition of Chronicles of Blaque Beauty Mama. My treat to you and new format is to provide you with great blogs in magazine format. What better way can I start off my new style with an exclusive interview about Aqueelah Williams. If you don't know her name you might have saw her face and name grace the covers and pages of Black Sophisticates and many other black magazines you know and love. Not too long ago I caught up with Aqueelah to find out more about her career and the humble beginnings of her start in the beauty industry. I promise this is a treat... I hope you enjoy

BBmama: When and how did you start out in the beauty industry?
AW: I started when I was 18, my first real job as a receptionist for a black owned beauty/ hair magazine company.

BBmama:What was the benefit of starting out young in the beauty field?

AW: My lack of terminology and industry etiquette afforded me the chance to experience different avenues of the business, constantly given tasks out side of my job description. Being on photo shoots, traveling, modeling I learned everything! I moved up in the company quickly because of the fresh ideas I had. I got hip and stayed with the company long enough to build relationships and freelance with other companies. After a while I was more of a partner/advisor not an employee.

BBmama:What are your talents?

AW: I’m a published MUA, that has had jobs as a production manager, model, modeling instructor, photography coordinator, and wardrobe stylist. Within the last few years I've added lash tech and wig stylist to my arsenal.

BBmama:How did you learn to be a makeup artist?

AW: I'm self taught, some of the tips and tricks I learned from the artist I use to hire for shoots at the mag. Most of my practice was on my self, I had my own formula no real rules

BBmama:Who have you worked with in the beauty industry

AW: My resume includes and is not limited to: Miss USA, Cover Girl Tour, Clinique, Mirror Image Cosmetics, B.E.A.T., Little Mo, KeKe Wyatt, Sicili Sewell, The Philadelphia Eagles (print), and The Baltimore Ravens (commercial).I also have tear sheets from my published work featured in: Sophisticates Black Hair, Salon Profiles, Da Book Magazine, and Salon One. Allen Media Group and Spicer Productions…

BBmama:What are your likes and dislike in the beauty industry?

AW: I like the beauty industry for staying trendy and because of that it has highs and lows for a freelance artist, so that's not consistent pay which is my small dislike however it keeps me on my toes.

BBmama:Tell us one thing you think people don’t know about makeup artistry?

AW:People don't know that its not as easy as it looks, for example to create a "natural" look can require a lot of makeup.

BBmama:What is Powder Room Consulting? When did you start it?

AW:I started the group a few years ago, we serve as a liaison between the client and the beauty industry.

BBmama:What are the services you provide?

AW: I merged my experience with skilled professionals through powderroomconsulting as a platform where artists, stylist, and photographers can provide expert assistance.

BBmama:How is your career now being a newlywed and mommy?

AW:I’m learning every day, its all about balance.

BBmama:What would you like to do in the future in the beauty field?

AW:In the future I want to brand my own "beauty survival kit" and mineral line, and I’d also love to have a beauty supply store.

BBmama: Name 2 words to describe you?

AW:Versatile and highly motivated…

After chatting with Ms. Williams I can agree with those two words.

-Peace & Many Blessings!