Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Beauty of Being MAMA

Solange Knowles has gotten alot of negative views for being a young mother. I'm a young mother my self of 4 beautiful little boys. I give credit to Ms. Knowles on the fact she is honest about motherhood. I remember when I was pregnant with my youngest son my doctor asked me how do I deal with the other boys? I told her they are very helpful and try to do little things to help me out. She laughed and said most mothers say their other children get on their nerves or drive them crazy. I thought to my self they do get on my nerves, drive me crazy and so much more. Motherhood has it's ugly side when your alone with the kids and all of them make you want to hide in a closet. Even in those horrible moments you find the beauty of being a Mama. When your child lays their head in your lap. When my oldest son tells me I look pretty and I know I look a mess. One of the boys finally eats all his vegetables without me making him sit there at the table all day. I could of thought back to all the negative days with my children and tell my doctor I cant stand my children. I didn't go there because I know the positive out weighs the negative. I'm proud to be a young Mama. I find the beauty in being a mother when I can look at them from a far and watch them be little boys having fun. Sure, motherhood has it's bad moments but it don't last forever. Soon I know my little ones will be men and I hope to see them deal with their own children. Right now I'll enjoy being their Mama and them being my little boys. Enjoy motherhood try not to take it as a burden. Finding the beauty in being a Mama starts with you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hope 2 Be Your Favorite

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-Thanks Mamas, peace

Coming Soon Teen Skin Care Classes

Coming soon in October, I will be teaching a Teen Skin Care class
@ Na' Klectic Hair Gallery& Day Spa. So be ready 2 mark your calendars for a time and date. I just wanted to give all my Mamas a heads up on the class. The class will be geared towards young ladies of 10yrs old to 18yrs old. The classes are to inform young black women about their skin. I want them to go home and be able to identify blemishes, choose products 4 their skin type, and feel confident about the skin their in. The classes are fun and hands on. An Q&A discussion will follow after class. Please know that some of the cost of the class will go towards a mini teen facial. The young ladies will receive their facial by appointment with me. Mothers, aunts, grandmothers etc. are able to sit in on class 4 free.
If you have a daughter, grand-daughter, sister, niece, or friend that you think will benefit from this class please email me at Just make the subject TEEN SKIN CARE CLASSES. I will send you a update of the time, date, cost of classes, and how 2 RSVP for this event. Please pass on information to others that may be interested.
Thank you, Hope to see many young ladies come out to my class.
-Peace Mamas and lil mamas

A True Blaque Beauty Mama Indeed...

I was thinking about her while I was washing the dishes. My sister means so much to me. Courtney Hayes is not just a MAMA but has so many hidden talents. This girl can capture life moments with just a camera phone. Her great talent in photography is God given and a beauty to see. She is a great mother to 4 beautiful children and wife to a righteous husband. I love her for so many things, but the one that stands out the most is she has always been there in my darkest moments. Always giving me advice and caring how I feel. Funny we didn't start off being so close when we were younger. Now I cant go a day without calling her. Our children are more like siblings than cousins and our family is tightly bonded together. Courtney is naturally beautiful and doesn't even know it. She is my big sister and best friend. I couldn't ask for more in a friendship and life long bond. I don't have to say I love her because she already knows. Courtney Hayes a true Blaque Beauty Mama Indeed, need I say any more.
Do you have a great friendship with your sister or sisters?
Sometimes we need to tell our sisters these things before its to late or because they just need 2 here you say it.
Think about it...
-Peace Mamas

Blaque Mamas in the Olympics: What a beauty 2 see

Where would the Olympics be without us?My sister and I were on the phone both screaming at the television. We weren't just screaming for USA but black women in general. I don't care if they are from Jamaica, Cuba, Canada, Virgin Islands, etc. these women are sisters. They have such style that even before they start running you know they mean business. I like to see the different skin tones and the beauty of their running. I'm happy to see Mamas doing their thing. If you have a daughters or sons show them these things and talk to them about the beauty of our people. We have a God given style of our own that is a beauty 2 see.
-Peace Mamas

Monday, August 18, 2008

Black Men Need Luv 2

When we think of beauty and pampering we usually think of treating ourselves or one of our fellow sisters. What about the man in your life? Black men need pampering too. I know my husband works hard all day. I'm sure you Mamas can relate. We are so used to them being strong that at times we forget to pamper them. If you live in Baltimore and you have a man in your life that deserves a little TLC. Look no further I have the solution.

For Him: A 30 minute facial dedicated to the special needs of a man. Treatments for ingrown hairs, mustache, & beard will have you turning heads. Enjoy a facial without all the fluff but still beneficial to your skin. ($45)

I provide this delightful service @ Na'Klectic Hair Gallery and Day Spa

36 E. 25Th Street

Baltimore, MD 21228

Call & make his appointment today! 410-889-0287

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Beauty of Art

Matthew Rice is a true artist. I say this because he wasn't trained to do it. His talent is God given and beautiful to see. You can go to school for basic skills but no one can show you how to open minds and hearts through art. He is a pro football player but now is focusing on his art work. Rice's art work is well thought out with meaning to captivate minds on subjects we avoid. He lets you take a small peek at his life through colorful canvas of images abstract and visual. You can purchase prints of his work. I know, I will support this brother in the future. Check out his site . I'm sure you will enjoy. I know I did. The saying "You can't judge a book by it's cover" fits him so well. Look at the site and you'll know what I mean.
Support a brotha...
-Peace Mamas

Mama of the Week:Vanessa Morales bka Mashayachaah Labyaah

Mama of the Week is Vanessa Morales. My big sister 4 ever. I had never been friends with a Hispanic sister before so Vanessa was one of the 1st. I met her through a site we both like to look at and talk to others about the truth. Our friendship came from our first conversation about eyebrows. We both love makeup and beauty so we already had a common bond. Our strongest bond is Christ and I know her friendship was God sent. Vanessa taught me so many things I will always remember. She introduced me to Puerto Rican cuisine that my oldest son loves. Her chicken rice and beans are off the hook. Not only can she cook but writing beautiful touching poems is her specialty. She is very humble and loves hard when you become her friend. Vanessa has a kind heart that touches others. My sister and friend you are great never forget that. Go do what you have to do to meet your goals. She knows what I'm talking about. I love you very much.
P.S. Mamas tell another sister how special they are. You never know what they are going through.
-Peace Mamas

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mamas Let Me Know...

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You never know I just might touch on the topic you suggested.
-Peace Mamas
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Shades of Brown

I can remember like it was yesterday Mamas, when I had this encounter with ignorance. I was dropping off my son at school. The doors were closed to the classroom so we had to wait. Another mother and her child waited at the door with us. She asked me "Is that your son?" I felt confused and said yes. She began to say that the little boy she had wasn't her son but was dropping him off for a friend. Funny, how I assumed that the little boy she had was her son without judgement of appearance. She then begin to tell me my son reminded her of her son. I get that line so many times I would be rich if I got money for it. I thought in my head really you think so. Then she went on to say people always think that her son is not her child because he is lighter and has "good hair". Not only did she comment on that but then begin to talk about her friends. I think this is where I felt sad. Her friends are very dark in complexion and had a child together. The child came out light brown. The sister said thank God the child came out light brown, because she would have no hope in the appearance department if she had her parent's skin tone. You know Mamas I had to interject in the matter because she was saying this madness around small children. I told her black is beautiful no matter how dark the skin may be. Not only did I tell her that but I told her Christ is Black. Rev1:14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; 15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a FURNACE; and his voice as the sound of many waters. Something burned in the furnace won't be white or light brown. Now would you say Christ is ugly if he came down in your presence?
I saw the ignorance and self hate and felt sad that she has lost out onthe beauty of black skin. We come in so many different shades of the earth. We can be as dark as the soft soil, reddish brown like clay, and light brown like the sand on the beach. Christ made us beautiful like him but we let society and other people brainwash us to think differently. I have seen so many times on t.v. a black man say " That baby ain't mine, she too light!" Two light brown people can get together and have a dark brown baby. My twin is dark brown and my other sisters and I are a lighter brown. People would ask us why is she darker than us. Mamas, we have to retrain our thinking and not pass it on to the next generation. I heard my Grandma say crazy stuff like "All that yellow wasted." I cant knock her because she came from a generation that were taught to hate their skin. It's time to come out of the slave mentality that has been embedded in our heads. We are much better than that. Christ compared us to a speckled bird , Jeremiah 12:9Mine heritage is unto me as a SPECKLED bird,the birds round about are against her; come ye, assemble all the beasts of the field, come to devour. We come in array of browns from the darkest to the lightest of the spectrum of brown. Let us remember who we are and love the skin were in.
-Peace Mamas

Thursday, August 14, 2008

F is 4 Fibromas

I remember my Grandma having small dark brown bumps on her face. I sometimes wondered were they freckles or moles. I never really understood them and assumed most black people just had them.Morgan Freemon is another man I saw with these small dark brown bumps on his face. I graduated from Aesthetics School and they never really touched on black skin. So my questions were never really answered until I researched black skin my self. Our skin is so unique and different from our white counterparts. I decided to specialize in black skin as an esthetician because its an area not touched to often by the aesthetics world.
Well, if you read the title remember it. The dark brown bumps are called small fibromas. That word may sound scary Mamas but the lesions are non-cancerous and normal in black skin. Fibromas are small growths made up of fibrous tissue. They are not to be confused with moles, skin tags, or freckles. Although they can be considered in the same family. Most commonly black skin will produce fibroma. I know for me I had started to get them after having my first baby. I actually like them but some people don't like them on their face. Fibromas can be easily removed if you really feel like they take away from your appearance. I don't think Morgan Freemon would be him without them. I see it has our own special characteristic for our skin. F is for Fibromas. Now if some one asks you " Are those freckles on your face?" You can respond, " No, they are called fibromas." LOL
We learn something new everyday...
-Peace Mamas

The Beauty of Fatherhood

The Olympics is going crazy over Michael Phelps, but I had the real black super swimmer as my dad. It's funny no matter how old you get if you had a good or bad father you remember everything they did. I compare my father to Michael Phelps because my sister and I were on the phone reminiscing on how my dad would take us swimming. Every summer it never failed he would take us to the pool. We couldn't swim but my father could very well. I would watch him swim and think he was a dolphin. When he would swim under water and let us be on his back I thought he was a super hero. I don't think my father knew he had that affect on his daughters. My dad was just being a dad. It was natural to him exposing us to new things that he already knew. He never knew the impact he made on me from just the normal things he did in life. A boy or girl that has a good father will be able to see
way more potential in themselves because they know their from someone great. My dad is great in so many things but it was those moments when he was just being him self that I cherish the most. Teaching me how to ride a bike, helping him plant a garden, taking us to different parks, and much more I have received in my life as a child from my father. The beauty of fatherhood comes from the look on the child's face when he or she receives that love. Along with that look he or she is storing in her memory every moment. I love you Daddy, I see the beauty in your fatherhood.

Jealousy: Makes Black Women Have Green Eyez

I was talking to my friend yesterday about how I
perceived her when I saw her picture. I told her I thought
she was stuck up. I was told many things about her
but none were negative. When I saw how pretty she was
and how others talked about her I made my
judgement. The funny thing is people would judge me
based off appearance and think I was stuck up.
Thinking back to seeing her picture I wanted to really
examine why I thought that of her. When I met her
she was one of the most down to earth women I ever met. She even invited me in her home when I first met her and we were basically strangers to each other. My question to Mamas is what makes you jealous of another sister?

Do you believe that sister looks better? Does that sister dress better than you? One thing my mother always told me is there will always be someone that looks better. Someone may do something better than you, but does that take away from who we are as a person? I had to apologize to my friend because I was wrong for the judgement I gave her in my mind. If you continue to envy others you will never see the beauty you have within your self. Every woman is special in her own way. Not only are black women special but Hispanic women are too. Hispanic women are sisters too. Lets stop hating when a black man marries a Hispanic woman. We have green eyes in many ways towards one another. I admit, I my self have been a green eyed hater. When will it end? First find the beauty within you and all other things will fall into place. If we let jealousy continue only bitterness will begin to show its ugly head. Sorry Qee, I love you. If you did that to a sister apologize and fight to erase the green eyed hater.

-Peace & Love Mamas

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Soap & Water : "That's all I use"

I had to write this blog Mamas, because I hear so many times people telling me they only use soap & water. At times some people will tell me all I use is water. Do you really think your skin is clean? We didn't just use soap and water back in the day contrary to popular belief. We tend to as a people except the history some one has told us in a text book or taught us. We used many natural products to clean our skin like herbs and olive oil to hydrate our skin. We were not a people that walked around half naked with bones in our noses living in huts. Even as slaves we were creative in creating beauty products. Some of us have gotten lazy and don't want to take the time to truly care for our skin. So some of you maybe wondering what's wrong with soap and water. Water is OK but when it comes to cleaning that's not enough. Do we jump in a steaming shower jump out and say I'm clean? Now I must go to using the soap on the face. Bar soaps are way too harsh on the skin. Soap strips your skin of all it's natural oils and make your skin produce more oil. I have seen many women walk around like Casper the ghost from the fatty acid residue that bar soap leaves. Don't blame your habits on Grandma. Find a home care regimen that is great for your skin type. I give advice on home care regimens. Email me at and I will be glad to help. I'm not just a talker I put things in action. I want to help and I get on the Mamas who do this because your better than that. We deserve so much more but allow ourselves to have less. Take care of your skin Mamas.

Future Artist on The Rise

When I met her I would never guess she could sing. When I found out she could sing I would never guess she could rap. Laneta Downing is an artist on the rise. I compare her to Mary J. Blige but the girl can rap just as well as she can sing. Her voice touches your spirit and a way that I can't explain. You have to hear her perform and then you will understand. I have heard this lady sing Happy Birthday and people cry. Hopefully she will be coming out with another sister soon. I know Laneta will go far and I wish her all the success. Her voice is blessed and she can flow better than many female rap artists. She is humble with her talent and sings about positive and righteous topics. Don't sleep on this sister. Hope to soon be posting her music in the near future. Love you Neta Peta, lol.
Everyone has a beautiful God given talent. Be humble with it.
-Peace Mamas

Natural Make-Up 4 Us

Looking for all natural make-up? Check out b.l.a.c. minerals.
We all should know by now Bare Minerals and other
so called mineral companies don't carry our skin tones. They will tell you "Use warm it will work." Yeah right all women of color are the the shade "warm". Mamas check out this site it's worth a look. The cosmetic line b.l.a.c. minerals was created by Merced Manning a black woman. So help support another sister trying to produce high quality products for all of us. My Hispanic Mamas there are shades for you too. She also has eye shadows, foundation, blush, etc.

The website is

Hope you will enjoy

-Peace Mamas

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mama of the Week: Aqueelah Williams

Mama of the Week goes to Aqueelah Williams. I can say so many good things about this woman. She is my beauty partner and crime!!! I always have told her she is a star but doesn't know how great she is to others. We met through a shared beauty mentor that talked about us to each other all the time. When I met her I felt like I already knew Aqueelah. Over the years I have saw many of her talents. One of her talents that I love is that she can makeover an average woman to look like a movie star. Aqueelah's hands are blessed and she has became one of the most talented makeup artists I know. Aqueelah has many other skills like model consulting, managing a magazine and photoshoots, event coordinating, and the list could go on forever. I'm proud of her and I know she will go far. I must not forget this lady is humble but confident.
Check out her website :
Mamas I'm sure you will love it!

Ancient Beauty Secrets

Hey Mamas, sorry it's been so long. I'm back working now in the field i love. Beauty and skin care have always been a love of mine. Now I get to come back to it after a long wait. I also like to try new things in the beauty industry. I don't know Mamas if you heard about eyebrow threading. It's an ancient beauty secret of the East Indian culture. Most little girls in India learn to do this technique at age 6 or 7. It's apart of their culture and I was told many times they don't teach "other people" this technique of threading the eyebrows. I really wanted to learn and was faced with trying to read a book or watch a video.
I prayed to the Lord for guidance and for him to bless my hands.
Looking on Youtube I found some demonstrations and started to copy them.
After that I sat down and tried to see if I could thread my leg hair off, lol. Mamas it worked!!!! I was so excited and thanked the Lord for opening my eyes that much to get the basic technique down. I'm practicing now but check me out when I'm a professional at eyebrow threading.
I have to go back to this ancient secret of Indian women because I feel a great deal on this topic. I don't understand why some one wont teach other techniques of their culture. In our culture we are known for braiding and cornrowing hair. We are the best at those beauty techniques but many want to learn from us. Black women are willing to show others their "ancient" braiding styles everyday. I refuse to let anyone tell me I cant do something because its of an other's culture. As long as it's not madness and I want to try it I will find a way. Learn something new and try to become perfect at doing it. Nothing is too far to grasp the understanding of learning. The word "can't" shouldn't be in our vocabulary. Letting others block you from trying or learning new things will keep you from growing.
Learn new things...
-Peace Mamas

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Star Ruby Mamas

Proverbs 31:10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

We had this verse as our foundation. Never knowing the friendships we would make and the bonds we would share. My sisters in Christ felt also like my blood sisters. We accomplished many things together and overcame differences. I'm writing this blog because I was thinking of you all. If and when you do read this know that you are always my sisters. I have seen you grow from afar and I'm proud. We aspired to do more than just be a sister , a mother, or a member, and I see we have gone far and above within ourselves to reach that goal. I see a light in you that can out shine the world if you let it. I saw that light in you all since the beginning of our union. I have much respect for you all. I miss you Star Ruby! Hope to see you soon. Until then endure to the end.

-Peace My SRP Mamas!!!