Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Beauty of Fatherhood

The Olympics is going crazy over Michael Phelps, but I had the real black super swimmer as my dad. It's funny no matter how old you get if you had a good or bad father you remember everything they did. I compare my father to Michael Phelps because my sister and I were on the phone reminiscing on how my dad would take us swimming. Every summer it never failed he would take us to the pool. We couldn't swim but my father could very well. I would watch him swim and think he was a dolphin. When he would swim under water and let us be on his back I thought he was a super hero. I don't think my father knew he had that affect on his daughters. My dad was just being a dad. It was natural to him exposing us to new things that he already knew. He never knew the impact he made on me from just the normal things he did in life. A boy or girl that has a good father will be able to see
way more potential in themselves because they know their from someone great. My dad is great in so many things but it was those moments when he was just being him self that I cherish the most. Teaching me how to ride a bike, helping him plant a garden, taking us to different parks, and much more I have received in my life as a child from my father. The beauty of fatherhood comes from the look on the child's face when he or she receives that love. Along with that look he or she is storing in her memory every moment. I love you Daddy, I see the beauty in your fatherhood.

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