Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jealousy: Makes Black Women Have Green Eyez

I was talking to my friend yesterday about how I
perceived her when I saw her picture. I told her I thought
she was stuck up. I was told many things about her
but none were negative. When I saw how pretty she was
and how others talked about her I made my
judgement. The funny thing is people would judge me
based off appearance and think I was stuck up.
Thinking back to seeing her picture I wanted to really
examine why I thought that of her. When I met her
she was one of the most down to earth women I ever met. She even invited me in her home when I first met her and we were basically strangers to each other. My question to Mamas is what makes you jealous of another sister?

Do you believe that sister looks better? Does that sister dress better than you? One thing my mother always told me is there will always be someone that looks better. Someone may do something better than you, but does that take away from who we are as a person? I had to apologize to my friend because I was wrong for the judgement I gave her in my mind. If you continue to envy others you will never see the beauty you have within your self. Every woman is special in her own way. Not only are black women special but Hispanic women are too. Hispanic women are sisters too. Lets stop hating when a black man marries a Hispanic woman. We have green eyes in many ways towards one another. I admit, I my self have been a green eyed hater. When will it end? First find the beauty within you and all other things will fall into place. If we let jealousy continue only bitterness will begin to show its ugly head. Sorry Qee, I love you. If you did that to a sister apologize and fight to erase the green eyed hater.

-Peace & Love Mamas

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