Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Soap & Water : "That's all I use"

I had to write this blog Mamas, because I hear so many times people telling me they only use soap & water. At times some people will tell me all I use is water. Do you really think your skin is clean? We didn't just use soap and water back in the day contrary to popular belief. We tend to as a people except the history some one has told us in a text book or taught us. We used many natural products to clean our skin like herbs and olive oil to hydrate our skin. We were not a people that walked around half naked with bones in our noses living in huts. Even as slaves we were creative in creating beauty products. Some of us have gotten lazy and don't want to take the time to truly care for our skin. So some of you maybe wondering what's wrong with soap and water. Water is OK but when it comes to cleaning that's not enough. Do we jump in a steaming shower jump out and say I'm clean? Now I must go to using the soap on the face. Bar soaps are way too harsh on the skin. Soap strips your skin of all it's natural oils and make your skin produce more oil. I have seen many women walk around like Casper the ghost from the fatty acid residue that bar soap leaves. Don't blame your habits on Grandma. Find a home care regimen that is great for your skin type. I give advice on home care regimens. Email me at and I will be glad to help. I'm not just a talker I put things in action. I want to help and I get on the Mamas who do this because your better than that. We deserve so much more but allow ourselves to have less. Take care of your skin Mamas.

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