Friday, August 6, 2010

GET THE LOOK!!!: Today we feature Jazmine's Dewy Look

      Jazmine Sullivan is already making waves with her new single Holding You Down. We are loving her music and also loving her new soft look. Jazmine showing a very delicate side and playing up her beautiful features gets an A plus from Blaque Beauty Mama. So you may be wondering how can you copy this fabulous natural dewy look...Read further down and I'll tell you how.

You will need:
A black eyeliner
Black mascara
A bronzer
Hot Chocolate Mama lip balm (Get this by going to

Now GET THE LOOK!!!...Dewy Natural Face here we go!

  1. Make sure you hydrate your face with a nice moisturizer. After that if you are using a liquid bronzer apply that  all over the face. If you have a powder bronzer wait that will be the last step!
  2. Draw a thick line along the upper lash line with the black eye liner.Then line your bottom lash with a thin line.
  3. Take your Hot Chocolate Mama lip balm and place some on the eye lids and smooth it out across the eye lid. Smudge and blend it some into the eyeliner.
  4. Smooth some Hot Chocolate Mama lip balm on the cheeks and lips.
  5. Now get your powder bronzer and brush it on your forehead, cheeks, eyes, and chin.
  6. Finish your Dewy Look  by applying your black mascara last.
Simple steps to get Jazmine's Dewy Look...


-Peace & Many Blessing

Soul Sistah Cosmetics...Hoping for success!

A long process for the sisters of Soul Sistah Cosmetics will pay off in the end. Years of planning lip balm formulas, the names of the products, and so much more. Courtney and Heather Hayes move forward towards the future of their business with high hopes to make a mark in the cosmetic world. Soul Sistah Cosmetics theme of products come with names like Hot Chocolate Mama. Caramel Kisses, and Brown Eyed Sugah Girl. The style and names of products take you back to a theme of blaxploitation. Blaque Sugah their logo girl is beautifully profiled on products with a natural fro. The sistahs of SSC are working hard on future products that will have customers coming back for more. They take pride in their products being all natural with great scents that will excite the senses. Heather and Courtney are just starting to embark on their journey but have no plans on stopping.

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-Peace & Many Blessings