Wednesday, November 10, 2010

She has a gun & she knows how to use it...

         I was watching Dateline about women carrying concealed weapons while out alone or with friends. One particular woman the report was focused on carried a purse that allowed her easily to pull her gun out and shoot. She told the reporter she now carries the gun because she saw her husband shot right in front of her. A man during her husband's karaoke party  was bothering her and was kicked out of the event. After the party  the guy waited for them to come out and shot her husband repeatedly in front of her. In Nashville you can carry concealed weapons inside public places but you cant drink and you must take classes. I think what hit me the most is when the woman on Dateline said that a cell phone and mace is just not enough for her.

     A woman with a gun has been very taboo. Yes, we have women police officers and women in the military that are familiar with regular gun usage. How many women do you know have a gun or know how to shoot one? I remember on Harlem Nights the character Jasmine Guy was playing was sent to kill Eddie Murphy. She had this tiny little gun tucked away under her pillow.The character Eddie Murphy played laughed him self to tears when he found her gun. Back in those times depicted in that movie a great deal of women had guns and knew how to shoot them. Guns and women are not that  common in our society now but should a lot more of us learn to use one. I hear so many times about rapes, kidnapping, and etc. happening to women. I guess a rapist would never be expecting a woman to pull a gun out on him. Let's face it a woman will always be seen as an easy target. If you don't want to go the gun route maybe some self defense classes wouldn't hurt. Let's face it we live in a sick world. So mamas what do you think...Would you learn how to shoot a gun to protect your self?