Friday, June 25, 2010

Success:Does this come with a cost?... (For a Woman)

Hey Mamas,

You remember that movie Baby Boom? Well this movie has been recently coming on lately. I used to watch it with my mother and sisters when I was younger. I would watch it but never truly understand it. My sisters and I would ask my mother dumb questions about the movie and my mother would explain to us the situation like we were So recently while watching it I finally understood the movie and could relate it to my life. My sons were watching it with me and were asking the same dumb questions I was asking when I was younger but I realized something... they are boys. Little boys become men and will never truly understand this movie. If you never seen Baby Boom its about this woman that has a career at this firm. She is very powerful and focused on her career. Being a woman she doesn't want anything to stop her from making partner but a great unexpected change awaits her in the future. Her cousin dies and wants her to take over the care of raising his daughter. In a split second her life changes and a little baby girl turns her world upside down. I have to say the major part in the movie that affected me is when her boss said a woman cant be successful like a man. If she decides to get married or have a baby she wont be able to perform her duties on the job like a man can. The sad thing and I believe its true... that she cant. Some women will think I'm crazy but think about it. Usually a woman has to give up something to make life easier in the home. In the movie the lady became successful but she had to sacrifice some things. She ended up moving, working from home, having a crib in her office, and sometimes taking her daughter with her to do business. I don't think it is horrible or wrong that we have to sacrifice and make changes as women to have successful careers but it can be more difficult. At times I feel our fight can be harder but it makes us stronger. A famous author I remember watching on show has six children. When they were younger she said she would be up in the middle of the night writing her books. She went on to say cant count how many times one of her children would get up needing something or watching her type. A successful career for a woman comes with a cost and many sacrifices. I don't think it should get in any woman's way of achieving her goals. Can she have it all? I guess in our own little way we have just what we need.


In a Time of Change

Hey Mamas,

 I remember one of the biggest changes in my life is when I moved from Indiana to Baltimore. As a little girl I didn't know that this major move would change the life that I knew forever. When I came to Baltimore everything was so different. The people looked and talked different from me and I wasn't sure if that was a good thing. I am happy I made that major move as a child because usually children adapt and easily embrace change differently from adults.My parents making that one decision impacted so many things in my life like who my friends would be, my schools, my personality, the men in my life etc.I'm not mad about my parents decision because so many great things happened to me I would had never experienced. Even the bad that occurred in my life in Baltimore was only growth and needed change. A new job, relationship, or child can cause change. Time goes by and change keeps occurring in every ones life. In my life many good and bad changes are occurring at a rapid pace. At times while this change happens I'm not always happy about it. I realized I have to suck it up and deal. Some changes in my life have made me really sad but I cant let it stagnate my growth. I used to be scared of things being different in my life and sometimes I still am. I give my self a little pep talk that change must occur in all areas. I pray I'm always remain consistent in my life changes and embrace the future to come. Whether it be good or bad change must happen or we will never grow. As this world rotates we move with it never knowing all of life's changes. All I can do is pray for the good and ask Christ to help me get through the bad.

-Peace & Many Blessings