Thursday, September 11, 2008

Good Hair, nappy hair, etc...

"Oh, yo baby got some good hair." People say that about my oldest all time. I reply "What's good hair?" Really what is good hair? I believe my son's hair is beautiful but my son Skye's hair is beautiful too. Skye's hair is a different texture but that's what makes it beautiful. The diversity in texture and color. A lady told me yesterday at work she used to go see a friend of the family at a nursing home every week. She would come to check up on her and give her some company. The lady is 90 years old. Well the lady at my job said she had a short little Afro when she saw her and the lady said to her "How you gonna be yellow and have short, nappy hair?" She said it really hurt. Back in the day if you were yellow you were suppose to have" good hair" and long hair. They would say you must got white or Indian in your family. Really listen to the ignorance we speak among one another and to one another. I guess my niece that is light or what people call high yellow didn't make the cut. She has very thick beautiful hair that is easy to manage. God forbid she walks around without it done. Well then she is just walkin around like a lil ol' yellow buck wheat. All of us nappy head folks should just put ourselves in "Black Face". If Christ has nappy hair then why are we ashamed. Revelations 1:14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire. Now that scripture doesn't describe the white man you see displayed on a cross with stringing long hair. All black hair is good hair. Happy to be nappy, happy to be wavy, happy to be curly. All of our hair is beautiful. Our hair makes us unique and beautiful. Think about it.

-Peace Mamas