Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We all sometimes have 2 hang up the cape...

I saw my mother do it all from taking care of us, going to work, picking up my father, and so much more. As a child I never stopped to think how hard she worked. In my mind that was how she was and liked doing those things. Although sometimes we would hear her fuss she still was the one cooking and cleaning until we were old enough to help. We still depended on her for many other things.

Now I have my own children and find it funny that they don't care if your tired or sick they want you to do it all. I went to my doctor last week and she has in her mind I have it all together. I guess because she believes most of her patients with a lot of children and on the next one look like a train wreak hit them. I come in dressed, hair, and makeup done. The only reason I do this is because I don't want to lose all of me. I do say to women that do it all in the household and outside the house, hang up the cape sometime and just relax.

There will always be more laundry to do, a dirty bathroom to clean, another trip to the store, and the list can go on forever. I realized that sometimes all won't get done and I wont beat my self up about it. I haven't all the way learned to say no to everything I must or want to do. I have decided to stop worrying and sometimes sit down and say that will have to wait. I will take my cape off and the "S" on the chest because sometimes I can't do it all. Ask me about my fun filled week coming up and I tell you something different,lol.

-Peace Mamas

Monday, November 24, 2008

Times R Hard so Sale your Goodies!!!

Hey Mamas, I woke up to the very early morning news. I will not say what time but I still had on my complete outfit from the day before. Please keep in mind 3 things I'm pregnant, have 4 sons, and had a birthday party for my son that is 3 yrs old. No, let be honest I fall asleep in my clothes all the time. Maybe I should be like my oldest and put on pajamas on at 2pm in the afternoon, lol.

Well getting back to my story. The news was showing this young lady that was going to be a prostitute because of hard times. It was at a ranch in Nevada where prostitution is legal. She told the news reporter she filled out application and sent out resumes to over 30 places. I don't know if she was telling the truth or she just wants to be a hoe. The crazy sick thing is they glamorize this whore house like come one come all ladies and sell your self to survive. The madame over the place said a lot of women have been sending applications to her. She even her self complained that selling booty has gotten slow. Now the high rollers that come in her place rather put food on their table than have an orgie party. Well, that was a tough decision. Booty or food , um um mm let me think food! I'd rather clean someones house, work at a fast food place, or something before I sell my self for a living. I wasn't really shocked by this crazy world until I heard a that a woman that is 72yrs old sent her application,lol. The economy is going down, but keep your heads up because going down for a buck is not the way.

Isaiah 33:6 And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times, ...

-Peace Mamas

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Searching 4 Baby girl

If you don't know by now I have 4 little boys. I love them dearly but since day one I've been wanting a little girl. Growing up in house with so many women I thought I was bound to have girls. My first son I hoped was a baby girl and so on and so on. At each ultrasound I laid there hoping not hear those words "it's a boy!". Yes, I was disappointed and cried sometimes too. After I saw my little boys face I was happy. I can't get that longing for a girl out of my system. Yes, I want to have fun dressing her up and all that comes with the frills and thrill of baby girls, but there is more than that to my longing. I'm pregnant again and haven't found out the sex of the baby. I stay up at night wondering if she has arrived. The waiting sometimes feels like torture to me.
I want a little girl because I always wanted to raise my daughter to be better than me. You always want your daughter to not go through some of the things you went through. I know you can teach a boy all these things but it's different. A bond between a mother and daughter is special. If your a good mother your daughter will always cherish that bond. I dream of the day my daughter getting married, having children, and carrying on me. I wait for them to say "its a girl!!!". A little princess for me. So cross your fingers for me even if you have your doubts, lol.
-Peace Mamas

Heels of Glory

Kiss those crusty, cracking and ashy heels goodbye. I know some of us Mamas have this problem but fear no more, I have a trick to share with you...
You need 1. Stidex pads
2. Vaseline, coco butter, or something
thick 2 coat the skin.
3. Cotton thick socks
First wipe the Stridex pad all over the heel.
Then spread the Vaseline over the heel.
After that put the sock on over the foot with the combination spread over the heel.
Do this on both heels for 5 days and you will have smooth heels.
I don't know if this works for the entire bottom of the foot but try it. I saw this on Oprah not too long ago and it peaked my interest. The lady sharing the tip said the salicylic acid in the Stridex pads helps to remove the dead skin. I say try it and see for yourself .
-Peace Mamas

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

True Class: We always bring it!!!

Yesterday, I was checkin for Michelle Obama. I was very proud to see her stand out like the starlet she truly can be. Mama was dressed in a Narciso Rodriguez original. I looked at the other women on the platform wearing ugly suits and here comes Mrs. Obama styling like no other. Mama is in a class of her own and does it with much grace. All I can say is the dress was beautiful.I remember her saying to Jay Leno she got her outfit from J.Crew We can make a thrift store outfit look like it's worth millions. Take note from Mrs. Obama 1st lady of class & style. She shows us being a lady is wonderful, feminine, and doesn't have to cost a fortune.
-Peace Mamas