Sunday, November 16, 2008

Heels of Glory

Kiss those crusty, cracking and ashy heels goodbye. I know some of us Mamas have this problem but fear no more, I have a trick to share with you...
You need 1. Stidex pads
2. Vaseline, coco butter, or something
thick 2 coat the skin.
3. Cotton thick socks
First wipe the Stridex pad all over the heel.
Then spread the Vaseline over the heel.
After that put the sock on over the foot with the combination spread over the heel.
Do this on both heels for 5 days and you will have smooth heels.
I don't know if this works for the entire bottom of the foot but try it. I saw this on Oprah not too long ago and it peaked my interest. The lady sharing the tip said the salicylic acid in the Stridex pads helps to remove the dead skin. I say try it and see for yourself .
-Peace Mamas

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