Sunday, November 16, 2008

Searching 4 Baby girl

If you don't know by now I have 4 little boys. I love them dearly but since day one I've been wanting a little girl. Growing up in house with so many women I thought I was bound to have girls. My first son I hoped was a baby girl and so on and so on. At each ultrasound I laid there hoping not hear those words "it's a boy!". Yes, I was disappointed and cried sometimes too. After I saw my little boys face I was happy. I can't get that longing for a girl out of my system. Yes, I want to have fun dressing her up and all that comes with the frills and thrill of baby girls, but there is more than that to my longing. I'm pregnant again and haven't found out the sex of the baby. I stay up at night wondering if she has arrived. The waiting sometimes feels like torture to me.
I want a little girl because I always wanted to raise my daughter to be better than me. You always want your daughter to not go through some of the things you went through. I know you can teach a boy all these things but it's different. A bond between a mother and daughter is special. If your a good mother your daughter will always cherish that bond. I dream of the day my daughter getting married, having children, and carrying on me. I wait for them to say "its a girl!!!". A little princess for me. So cross your fingers for me even if you have your doubts, lol.
-Peace Mamas

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