Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BB Mama New Product Review: BUTTER HANDS

Hey Mamas,

     I'm always washing my hands or having them in some type of water. My hands tend to peel at the end of the day from all the cleaning and washing I do in the house. I have tried to put lotion or coco butter on them but after I wash my hands their back to being dry. Then Miss Oops Butter Hands came into my life and my hands are feeling brand new. I had to put this product to the test so I applied it once and went as I regularly do during the day. I washed dishes, washed my hands after diaper changes, washed clothes, and washed up little people. My hands still felt nice and no peeling. It felt like my hands were protected throughout the day. BUTTER HANDS has and SPF of 30 in it which is great for sun protection. It also has Sesame Seed Oil and Indica Seed Butter that keeps your hands hydrated without the greasy residue. I'm hooked on this hand cream that comes out the same color as butter with a sweet smell. Miss Oops Butter Hands gets The BB Mama Approval! Now you can buy this lovely hand cream from my shop...

Check it out buy it and love it!
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