Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Best Shave Ever!!!

This is for the men folk…lol but if you are a mama reading this pass it on to the men in your life. Say good bye to ingrown hairs and hello baby face! Here are some quick tips to a have clean & clear skin. Follow these steps and you will achieve a smooth shave every time!

· Always cleanse your skin with a liquid cleanser. Try cleansers that foam up. The bubbles in the foam stimulate the hair follicles in the skin.
· A must have is a facial brush. It can be manual or one you place batteries in. Before shaving brush with cleanser on the face in backward circles. It's important to brush before you shave because it lifts up the hair follicle away from the skin. So with the hair away from the skin it prevents ingrown hairs
· What ever tool you use make sure it’s sanitized and clean
· After cleansing the skin make sure to wash your skin with hot water or place a hot towel over the face. Heat opens pores and loosens up the hair shaft.
· After shaving try another hot towel!!!!
· Last but not least a must have…must use Tend Skin! I stand by it’s the best. Pat this product on after every shave or haircut. Tend Skin prevents ingrown hairs.
· You can get Tend Skin at Sephora or do a search on Google.
To be continued... with The Best of the Best skin care products 4 men!!!
-Happy Shaving Baby Face


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gold, Leather,& Studs...Oh my!

Fall, Fall, Fall,....

Hey Mamas!

It's getting cold out there and you know what that means...pull out the fall clothes. Start sorting through your clothes for the must go and the must have. Autumn trends are looking hot this season. Check out this list of trends you might want to add to your wardrobe!

  • Gold is the color for the fall. Whether it be a shoes or hand bag have fun including this metallic in your wardrobe.
  • Studded purses will be a hit this fall. You will find studs on just about any size or style of purse.
  • Clutches are making a big come back! Look for chocolate suede, studded silver, or sparkling gold clutches to complete your look for girls night out.
  • Suede shoes of any kind or color has always been a perfect accessory for a fall wardrobe.
  • Leather blouses and skirts will be a hot trend to try.
  • Sweater dresses in bright bold or baby soft colors will keep you cozy and cute. Complete this look with a pair of suede knee boots and leggings.

Quick tip Mamas: When sorting through your clothes make three piles *Keepers, *Throw away, and *Give away. Also make a list of Staple clothes you need to update like basic t-shirts, black pants and skirts, a nice neutral colored blazer, etc. If you will be shopping soon for the beautiful Autumn weather make sure to do an inventory of your closet. Find clothes that will match up with other items that already exist in your wardrobe. I can never stress enough get your body measured. Proper fitted undergarments make any look great.

Have fun!


Monday, September 14, 2009

No More Muffin Tops!

Hey mamas!

Have you ever heard the saying crack kills! I remember not too long ago going to my son's school orientation. I saw so much butt crack and muffin tops I wanted to scream. Whatever happen to women wearing jeans that fit them properly? So we think I got the jeans up my thighs and over my butt they must fit. Shame on you muffin top mamas...stop right now. Fall is around the corner and now is the opportunity to redeem yourself from the horrible dress habits you display. Check out these tips on how to find the perfect jeans!

  • Big booty mamas stay away from jeans with big bulky pockets on the butt area. Also try dark demin instead of lighter washes
  • Small booty mamas get jeans with the pockets and detail on the jeans
  • If you have big thighs don't get those jeans that look like they have stretch marks on the thigh area.
  • Short mamas get your jeans tailored so the jeans wont drag on the floor.
  • If your tall it's good to know your inseam and go from there. If you sit down with the jeans make sure they still come down to the ankle.
  • Also know that demin relaxes after being worn.
  • Find out your lower body measurements before you go shopping.
  • Your jeans should fit but not be too tight that your fighting you way into them.
  • Older women stick with dark demin and not the light stone wash mom jeans ,lol. Dark demin you can wear to work and then go casual.
  • Whether it be a skinny jeans,boot cut, high waisted,...figure out what is best for your body type.

Okay mamas say goodbye to muffin tops and hello to classy style. Be a lady this Fall!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Goodbye Lady Lily

Hey Mamas...
It's been awhile but now is the season for me to write. My mother called me and told me my Aunt Bibi is in a hospice. She always told me before she was very ill to call her. I would say in the back of my head I'll call her after I get done with this or that. Now I want to talk to her and she isn't up to talking because death weighs the spirit down. Her spirit now ready to leave and the flesh holding on to something that wants to be free.
My Aunt was so full of life and care free. My favorite memory of Aunt Bibi was her teaching me how to crotche. Her long delicate fingers would spin the yarn with the needle. She made hats for men and women, she was a painter, and she was special to me. So how do you say goodbye to someone ready to leave?
I made a picture for her with this poem:
In a field of lilies
I find peace.
Christ talks to me in the whispers of the wind...calling me home.
I see the dove fly towards the sunset.
He calls me home.
I remember my youth and kiss the sky.
Close my eyes and he takes me home.
Angels sing holy praises and my heart can rest ...saying bye to the flesh.
I am home.
Tell someone goodbye before its too late.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Red is sexy and so are you

A red dress can be short, long, slit up the side or off the shoulder and it will still be sexy. People have their different views on the color red. I have heard it brings out emotions that get the blood pumping. Emotions like passion and anger to name a few. I also heard from a professional match maker on television red is the color for women to wear on their first date. Your date will never forget the color if you end up together and the color red is suppose to excite. The top color that men love but don't see women wear often is the color red. I asked my husband how did he feel about the color red would it turn his head? He told me ,"Well you don't see a black woman in the hood to often strutting around in a red dress." So I say to my Mamas add a little red dress to your wardrobe forget the little black dress. Red is the classic sexy dress. Please my friends don't get sexy twisted with slutty. If your too scared to wear the red dress ease your self into the sexy with these classic tricks:

  • Red nails- Women have did this for decades
  • Red lips- Please do it right and do not line them with black eyeliner and choose the right shade.
  • Red shoes-This is another color that goes perfect with neutral clothes
  • Red bra and panties- Key way to feel sexy is to wear matching sets and red just pushes it over the top.

Have fun Mamas!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Thinking of my Parents

When I was a little girl I asked my parents for a doll I saw on television. All I knew is that I had to have it. My parents told me no and I cried for hours. I continued to ask them and every time they told me no I cried my self to sleep. I never considered their situation. I was a child and only knew that the desires of my heart I should receive. Damn, my parents situation I wanted that doll!
Talking to my sister on the phone she heard my oldest fussing over something he wanted. Funny how we receive pay back from our own children. As a child we don't think maybe my parents have to pay bills or the car needs to be fixed. I saw my parents as being mean for not getting me the things I wanted. Now I understand what is means to be a parent. Sometimes you have to be the bad guy. You have to make big choices for the family and some of them hurt.
I don't celebrate mother or father's day but I do know and show how much I love my parents. My father and mother didn't always have much but they gave what they could. I still see them giving and doing all that they can for their grandchildren. Life lessons are always present and through my children I am always learning. I thank God for the lessons I have learned and will continue to experience.
-Peace Mamas

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bring "Pink" into your office

Summer is here and bright colors are a must in the wardrobe. Don't be caught in the office with the basic neutrals. Bring a little fun into your work wardrobe by adding pink.
The best way to add pink can be with your shoes. Pink flats or heels combined with your outfit will spark some conversations in the office.
Pair your pink shoes up with
  • a black dress
  • white button up shirt with black pants
  • a black blouse and gray skirt
Any favorite neutral combination you always play it safe with wearing add pink shoes.
Options are endless with pink but I'll let you decide. To my mamas that don't work in the office but are scared to add color to their wardrobe try wearing some pink shoes, a pink hand bag, bracelet, or glasses. Barbie has fun with pink and we can too!
-Peace Mamas

Change and Help

Hey mamas, its been three months and I have many things to talk about. Bad and good changes have occurred in my life but all are lessons to make me stronger. In a time of change I think of a butterfly's transformation. A creature starting off very ugly and then turning into something beautiful. I think we all want to be beautiful in the end result.
In the past few months I have learned its okay to ask for help. Having my fifth son was a major change in my life. At first I didn't want to ask for help. I think most of us want to be super woman because we are so used to doing many things on our own. My friends and family helped me out a great deal after my son was born. Sometimes when things change in your life you will need help. Asking for help doesn't mean your needy or incapable. There will be times in your life where you have to set pride to the side and realize help is needed. Help someone in need if their going through changes in their life. If your the one that needs help don't be afraid to ask.
-Peace Mamas

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Letting Go

At times we don't know when to let go. We hold on so tight as if that thing or person is the only love we have. Right now I ponder on some things wondering if I should keep them or leave them alone. Letting go can be a hard decision depending on who it is and why we do it. Sometimes we let go of things and people that were worth fighting for and keep the bad that was not. Then sometimes we let the other person let us go and don't fight to stay. How do we know when it's the right time to let go? At times I think it's a gut feeling that won't leave you alone but you ignore the feeling. There are a million love songs telling you to give it up turn it lose but you hold on to them anyway. I guess you don't let go until that person or thing hurts you so much that you feel their not necessary to keep.
-Peace Mamas

Facebook: A Sea of Many Faces I Know & Knew

I just recently started using Facebook. At times I was hesitant to use it because I knew it would remind me of my past. Looking at my present I feel so far from where I began. Finding old friends bring you back to memories, silly moments, and old loves lost. In the sea of many faces on this online social gathering I see old classmates in the present all grown up, older relatives that seemed so much older than me now feel the same age, cousins younger than me in college experiencing life, my favorite cousins moving up in the world, and me feeling okay with my past present and future. Reconnecting with family and friends but never forgetting where I'm trying to go.
-Peace Mamas (Reconnect)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get your facts straight!!!

So many myths have been around for years about makeup and how it affects yours skin. I only see it right to set the record straight. My conversations with clients, friends, and just in general bring me to the conclusion that we are ignorant to this topic.
  • Myth number 1: Makeup makes your skin breakout.
A foundation just might cause an allergic reaction but most often that's not the case. Really the only way makeup can break you out is if you go to sleep with it on. Proper cleansing of the skin leaves makeup no room to break out your skin. Also another factor of your skin breaking out can simply be from not cleaning your brushes or over using those little sponges that come with your foundation or eyeshadow.
  • Myth number 2: Makeup will break down your skin and make you look older in the future.
Makeup actually protects your skin from all the bad elements in the environment. Most powder foundations and eye shadows have SPF in them. You will get older but properly taking care of your skin will help the aging process look wonderful. Let's face it your gonna have wrinkles one day but if your a Black Mama you have a lot of time. So don't worry yet about the crows feet knocking at your door come 40. Don't blame your old face on the makeup. Blame your broken down face on being too lazy to take care of your skin, not keeping a proper diet, smoking and drinking too often, or your parents passed down bad genes
Myth number 3: Makeup makes people look pretty that are ugly. So ugly people depend on makeup, I have natural beauty.
Well, I say to this one... It doesn't matter how much makeup you wear if your ugly your ugly.
Some women that wear makeup that look pretty are ugly just by their personality. I will say that makeup enhances the beautiful features that already exist. A lady asked me was I wearing MAC. I said no the Queen collection but it doesn't matter what foundation you wear if you have healthy beautiful skin. In order for makeup to do its best beauty already has to exist.
So there you have it Mamas, Makeup is not the enemy of your skin. Most often you are the problem. Lets try first achieving healthy skin and then apply makeup.
_Peace Mamas...Don't get it twisted your listening 2 a pro!!!

Fashion Designer : Anna Sui

Sorry about previous blog the new baby is making my mind slip. Spring is in the air and I recently saw a interview on Anna Sui. I instantly fell in love with her designs and style. She combines bold colors with a hippie like bohemian prints. I see her clothes and can actually see women on the street wear them. I know if I cant afford her clothes, I will copy her designs in my own way. Other colors to try this spring in which Anna Sui displayed in her spring fashion show are Current & Coral. Both colors can be matched up with gold accessories. Bold and fun is the way to go this spring. So have fun showing off beautiful colors and earthy patterns.
-Peace Mamas

The Hot Color this Season

My girl Qee said it was hot but I was hard headed and said "any who". Now I'm seeing this Cobalt Blue is on every star and in every store. I do love the bold color for the spring and summer. I don't think of this beautiful color as a trend but a wonderful color to add some life into you wardrobe. Go shopping and update those tired spring and summer clothes with Cobalt blue.
You cant go wrong with adding a colorful dress or bold accessories.
-Peace Mamas...Stay fabulous!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring cleaning

Hey Mamas!
Spring is approaching soon and we know what that means... time to clean out the old & bring in the new. It's time to update your facial products. your skin most times changes with the seasons. Many times our skin will get immune to the products we use over and over again. When switching your products start one product at a time. First try changing your cleanser then toner and so on. If some of your three basic regimen products still work nicely on your skin keep them but try a new mask or facial scrub. It's time to renew our skin and look fun and fresh for the beautiful season Spring!!!!
-Peace Mamas

The grudge

I must say it's so hard to find a picture expressing the emotion or action of having a grudge. In search of a picture I came to understanding most times a grudge can't be seen. When a person has a grudge towards you it's not usually expressed physically. Occasionally you can pick up on the vibe of grudge if your sensitive enough to how others treat you. What is a grudge? How does a grudge come about?
Looking up the definition I came to see a grudge embodies many negative feeling such as bitterness, jealousy, envy, and malice. It's an extreme resentment towards another because of so called wrong doing. Grudges usually come about because you are offended by someone and never confront the person about your hurt.
I often see my oldest son Jasiyah and his cousin Isaiah get into fights or arguments. Right away when they are hurt by one another its expressed . One will scream,"You hurt me ,I'm not your friend no more". It's funny how children can be so honest and open about their feelings without harboring them inside. It is said if someone offends you to come to them alone and tell them their offence.
Most often we confide in others our hurt instead of letting that person who has offended know their fault. Sometimes we spread rumours without really examining the entire situation. If the time is taken to talk to that person you might just find out that person is truly sorry or find out somethings about yourself. I my self have carried grudges but its a heavy bag to carry. I think it's time we but down the heavy bags and open them so we can get rid of all that's weighing us down. Sometimes we say we are okay or cool with whomever has created the the offence, but how can you be alright if it never was talked about? Knowing that a grudge contains so much negativity, why would we want to carry so much hate? Think about it.
-Peace Mamas ... Put down the heavy bags

Life & Death

Hey Mamas, its been awhile. We all know life can get you tangled up and you have no time for certain things you love to do. I'm back and have a lot to talk about. I have to start my return back on a sad note. My husband just lost his father not too long ago. I just recently heard my cousin just lost her dog. Whether it be a person or animal if it's someone dear to your heart the pain will overcome you. I also see when it's a parent or sibling it affects you more than others. It is said in life we will lose but we will gain. No one can replace the one you lost but through your mourning never forget who you still have in your life. As life ends for some I await a life to come and experience the world. Life and death its a circle that keeps going. My heart goes out to all that have lost someone close to them. When death comes that person must go where they have to go and you must keep living and remember them. Their spirit may be gone and the flesh buried but your memories of them can never fade.
-Peace Mamas