Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Goodbye Lady Lily

Hey Mamas...
It's been awhile but now is the season for me to write. My mother called me and told me my Aunt Bibi is in a hospice. She always told me before she was very ill to call her. I would say in the back of my head I'll call her after I get done with this or that. Now I want to talk to her and she isn't up to talking because death weighs the spirit down. Her spirit now ready to leave and the flesh holding on to something that wants to be free.
My Aunt was so full of life and care free. My favorite memory of Aunt Bibi was her teaching me how to crotche. Her long delicate fingers would spin the yarn with the needle. She made hats for men and women, she was a painter, and she was special to me. So how do you say goodbye to someone ready to leave?
I made a picture for her with this poem:
In a field of lilies
I find peace.
Christ talks to me in the whispers of the wind...calling me home.
I see the dove fly towards the sunset.
He calls me home.
I remember my youth and kiss the sky.
Close my eyes and he takes me home.
Angels sing holy praises and my heart can rest ...saying bye to the flesh.
I am home.
Tell someone goodbye before its too late.

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