Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In the mind of a SINGLE BLACK FEMALE...The Interview

We all know her in some type of way. She is your mother, sister, friend, daughter, or co-worker. Yes, and  once upon a time she was you! We soon forget our single life when we get married and have children. We have watched many shows that focus on the single black woman's life. Living Single, Girlfriends, Half and Half are shows that display how black women cope in society being single and figuring out life. I decided to pick the brain of Miss S.B.F.. I must say her answers were honest and at times thought provoking. In her answers I have to acknowledge my own stereotypes of the single black woman shattered. I now have new view on the black woman's single life. Reading this interview married or single you just might have many thoughts in common with Miss S.B.F.
I hope you enjoy...

BB Mama: How long have you been single?

SBF: Long enough

BB Mama :Why are you single?

SBF: Because I have not met the right person... And I refuse to settle and I've become picky.

BB Mama: Are you looking for love?

SBF: Yes and No....I make inquires and scope men out but.... rarely follow through. I want someone to look for me...

BB Mama: Do you think the perfect man is out there for you?

SBF: Perfect man? there is no such thing....I now know that, and age and experience have taught me that.

BB Mama: How long do you think a woman should date when getting to know a guy?

SBF: I think she should date as long as she can to the point where she knows his spirit, his family, goals, and if he can support a family without me if I lose my job or if I am out of work. lol

BB Mama: Do you think you will know when you've found your soul mate?

SBF: Yes, I think I would know....I believe I will feel like I never have before...

BB Mama: What would you like to achieve or do before being married?

SBF: I would like to have a strong spiritual foundation within myself 1st, travel some, and buy a house.

BB Mama: What do you like about being single?

SBF: My alone time, my party time, my bar time....hehehehe. ummmm, just doing what I want and not having to worry about checking in with anybody.

BB Mama: What do you hate about being single?

SBF: I don't really hate anything about it, maybe dislike things at times. Wanting to stay in the house and sometimes having no one to have movie night with, or go out to eat with... church events where I would like to be with a family of my own there. but after a while you find some peace in it and some enjoyment.

BB Mama: What has been the worse place to find a man?

SBF: I don't think any place is the worse, it determines the type of person your meeting at that particular place...I've had luck at a variety of places.

BB Mama: Do you want children? Why or why not?...

SBF: Yes, because Its natural for a woman to want children.

BB Mama: What age do you think is too old to be single?

SBF: A woman can be single at any age and she can never be too old, because different circumstances make women of all ages single. Society places a stigma on women that if your a certain age like over 35 or 40 your too old to be single.

BB Mama: Do you believe in love at first sight?

SBF: No, I don't...its more like lust at first sight. Love at 1st sight? How can you truly love someone at first sight? I dunno...

BB Mama: What has been the worse thing a married person has said to you?

SBF: Married people don't say bad things to me because I'm single, usually they give advice about there own marriages and what not to do....

BB Mama: Do you have married friends?

SBF: yeah.

BB Mama: What do you like to do as a single woman?

SBF: The same things married women like to do! lol.... be with friends, family, relax, church....I don't think my daily activities are different than a married woman besides me going out more often to lounges, parties, and bars. Oh I like to go by myself and get pedicures and manicures... but a married woman might enjoy that too.

BB Mama: Being a single black woman use 3 words to describe it?

SBF: This is funny....because I don't have 3 words to describe it. ummmm, nope. blank.

BB Mama: What would you say to other black single women looking for love?

SBF: I dunno, I have no advice I don't have anyone either.... I guess don't give up, but I have to tell myself that too soooooo......

BB Mama : In the future how do you hope to see your life?

SBF: A righteous husband soon then later kids... and a dog...lol