Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Pity Party

My grandmother would always tell me tears wont solve the problem nor will it make anything better. I was a cry baby as a little girl and I sometimes still feel her resurface. We all have had a pity party at least once or twice in our lives. Some of us live are lives in a pity party and believe the world is against us. Maybe not everything is going our way so we just want to sit and wallow in depression. I can say I've been there. Depression brings heaviness upon our spirits. We get down and stay in a dark place not knowing how to get out of our despair. The Pity Party makes you feel alone but other types of friends will come and join you and none of them are positive. Okay we get down but in my pitiful moments I decided to get up out of my depression. I know God has much better in store for me. If you get down don't stay there forever. There will be moments of sadness, pain, and grief but choose to move on and find the good in your life. The Pity Party is never fun. Keep living and looking forward to the good no matter how hard it gets.

-Peace & Many Blessings