Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mommy's Temper Tantrum

Often times I find my self asking others,how do you deal with the stress of being a mother? I get different answers that will sometimes help me but really hasn't stopped me from having a tantrum or two. Yes, Mamas have temper tantrums too. If you say you don't then you might not know how to identify it. A child's tantrum comes from not getting their way most often. A mother's tantrum comes from bottled up frustration, stress, or reoccurring problems. So how do you calm down a mommy tantrum? Here are a few of my tips that may or may not work. Sometimes you have to scream or stomp for a couple minutes.

  • Remove yourself from everyone and breathe
  • Take some time out to read the bible. (I usually read scriptures about anger)
  • Keep a journal and write out how you feel and things you go through as a way to vent out any emotions you might have.
  • Take time to pray about your situation or problem.
  • Get a punching bag and beat the crap out of it. LOL
  • Go running for awhile, it sometimes clears the mind.

If all else fails do your "Rumpelstiltskin Dance" until you get it out, lol. I'm just playing think about what is really making you mad and go from there. Try to fight to get over the anger and find the source of it.

-Peace Mamas

Friend or Foe

When we grow up we learn about friendship and enemies. The process of choosing between the two can be hard for some and very easy for others. At times we tend to call anyone a friend because they are nice to us or talk to us frequently. What is friendship based off of? Is it the girls you grew up with for years? Is it the co worker at your job? Is it your sister? Is it the woman you met a few days ago? Is it the person that sent you a friendship email? It is said you must try a friend to find out if they are worthy or not to be called one. As women I find a lot of black women will say I don't deal with women because they are too catty. So some women will find so called friendship among men. Other women only have a few they are close too. While others run in cliches of women. Experiences happen to make you choose any of the choices above. I wonder at times could friends you believe you tested be enemies? I have seen many times before lies, secrets, and most of all jealousy circle around friends destroying relationships. Friends can be the medicine of life but be careful who is feeding you poison. Conflict will occur in relationships but honesty, trust, and loyalty must be the foundation in order to resolve any problem. In closing of this blog , I examine my self to say have I been a good friend? Think about it, I know I will.

-Peace Mamas

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Beauty Health Tip

Hey Mamas, want to know a way to have a good start that will last through the day?

A simple thing you can do is stretch in the morning. Before you do anything stretch out your muscles. You will feel so much better. We often unconsciously stretch our limbs while sitting at work or in many other places that have you stagnated in one position. You don't have to exercise to stretch or be a certain age.

Many benefits come from stretching such as

  • More energy throughout the day
  • Helps the circulation of blood
  • Enhances your coordination
  • Increases your range of motion
  • Reduces muscle tension.

Remember to use stretching and your daily wake up routine and get the little ones involved. Your body will thank you.

-Peace Mamas

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lies from the start bring dirty shame

I woke up a little early than usual because I had left on the T.V. Surprising to my eyes the Jerry Springer show was on. It's not a habit for me to watch this show but something made me not change the channel. I saw a black woman sitting on the stage with her legs crossed waiting for the show to begin. Taking a closer look I knew she was a man. A Mama knows her own kind,lol. Jerry starts asking her questions about her being a man and when did she become a so called woman. Well this man has been pretending to be a woman since he was a child. He had begun his sex change but hadn't got rid of "bob". The man had got in a relationship pretending to be a woman. When he revealed he was a woman the man beat the living crap out of him. So now he must come tell another man he has lied about the truth of his identity but of course on national television. So they bring out his boyfriend that comes out and kisses him on the lips. He tells his boyfriend (Shawn )he is a man. Now the shock on this man's face words can't express. I wont ever forget his face. We all know what happen after that, he wanted to whip the she man's ass!!! I'm sorry there is no other way to say it. She man tells him I didn't mean to hurt you and all the cliche madness a she man would say in that type of situation.
The relationship started off with lies and illusions. Often we begin relationships like this and wonder why it comes to a shameful ending. She man knew he was a man and had his boyfriend moving in knowing the lie he held within. At times we lie so much we begin to believe our lies are true. If you start off with false images of your self instead of showing the real you only a negative outcome will manifest. On the other hand the boyfriend should had really examined the person he was getting involved with. Shawn jumping in head first with the love of she man's beauty, moved in with her after only 4 months. Mr. Shawn never paid close attention to his mate to know she was a man. The crazy thing is he slept in the bed with she man. Sometimes in a relationship the evidence of your mate being a liar is right in front of you, but you convince your self all is well. Both sides are to blame for the shame that comes from lies. The sad thing is Shawn forgot we live in a sick world where lies are the foundation of society.
-Peace Mamas

Friday, December 12, 2008

A better reflection

In "the 2ND gate of hell" I wait for my number to be called. While waiting a woman comes in with her daughter. The lady next to me knows the woman and they greet one another. "She gets on my nerves... I can't stand her", said the woman with the little girl. I look at the child and then look at her. The woman stands there looking at her daughter annoyed as the child smiles back at her. The little girl is full of life with light in her eyes and a sweet little voice. I smile at her and think she looks just like her mother but better. The mother doesn't look that great, but I believe once upon a time she looked very similar to her daughter.
Life has taken over the mothers looks as the child is full of youth. Our little ones are only better reflections of us. One day our children will have little ones that are greater than them. I have a mini me that looks just like me. I look at his eyes and see me. I only hope that he is better than me. As I look at my own reflection I wonder has life got the best of me? Will my own children see the frustration and tiredness in my eyes? I don't cast judgement on the woman I saw but she made me wonder about my self. Our mirror image doesn't just reflect from a mirror but reflects also from our child's eyes.
-Peace Mamas

Be careful what u say...

Hey Mamas, If your not from Baltimore then you wont know our Mayor Sheila Dixon. She has been a little firecracker lately. I write this blog not to say how great she is but how selfish she has been. Ms. Dixon received a raise in her salary while others lower on the scale suffer. Its been reported the city council use money on frivolous things and spend tax payers money. Ms. Dixon gets on television and tells the public she deserves her raise and has a family to support. I'm thinking and no one else works or has a family. I say do a good job as Mayor first before you say you deserve something. After seeing how others reacted about her response Sheila now wants to donate her raise to charity,lol.
Sorry Ms. Dixon, your too late you said how you felt and you cant take it back. What would you see if you remained in front of a camera? Many people on reality shows always say after the show that's not me they edited it to make me look bad. Words can't be changed after you say it on live television. Often we say things or do things to others that cant be taken back. You can say sorry but that person wont forget your words. I my self have said harsh things to others. I think its even worse when your in a high position on the news speaking reckless. Words to the wise listen more than you speak, choose your words carefully, and think about how your actions might affect others. I know we all have to work on this but Sheila you can't erase your words by saying you had an epiphany over night. You were selfish and all of Baltimore knows it.
-Peace Mamas

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Give me a minute to my self !!!

I get up 3am usually on the dot. I don't know why I guess that's the schedule the little boy in my womb has me on. Around that time I get time to my self to think, eat(yes I eat 3am in the morning), read, or study. Today my ritual was rudely interrupted by a crying baby boy sliding down the steps to find me downstairs on the computer. You never know how grand your me time is until someone ruins it. As I type my blog Mr. Pharez is laying on me now pinching my lips.

Everyone needs a little me time. Mamas definitely need a little me time to reflect upon their day, their thoughts, or to just get caught up on anything they haven't done in a while. My twin will sit and read a magazine cover to cover and don't interrupt her,lol. I find that amazing because I just look at pictures half the time. Take out a minute to your self everyday. I promise you wont regret it. Hey, if a certain little on tries to interrupt it act like their not there, lol. Well That's it for me today Mamas, I cant ignore the face of a certain little one that wants me to go back to sleep with him.

-Peace Mamas

The Growth of a Great Woman

My sister, my close friend, my ace, and the list can go on forever is getting married. I am so very excited for her because she is an amazing woman. When I first met her in Owings Mills Mall I never knew what our relationship would become, but I watched her grow into a new person. The girl I knew became a woman before my eyes. I know after she is married her growth will continue.
When your a little girl all you do is think of the day you will be older like your mother or big sister. You blink your eyes and here you are in the midst of growth. Growing up doesn't end when you become a woman it continues and keeps changing. Some women look like women but still act like girls. Some little girls look like young ladies but try to act like women.
Growth is a process that Christ will guide you through. You don't have to push or force the process. As a woman growing into something great recognize the opportunities before you for that change.
A caterpillar would never change into a beautiful butterfly if it never made the cocoon...
Peace Mamas

Friday, December 5, 2008

Give the gift of a beauty this winter

Treat your self or someone else to a nice beauty treatment this winter!
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Beauty Tip Reminder

Hey Mamas,
If you forgot the best way to not have crusty lips this winter you must do this...
When you brush your teeth brush your lips as well. you can do it during or after. Always do this once a day and your lips should stay chap free.
Don't forget give your lips some hydration after a good scrubbing.
-Peace Mamas

Beauty Tip 4 a Wonderful Morning!!!

Hey Mamas! Need a morning energizer treatment.
Here are 2 ways to get you bright and refreshed for the day.
Play up beat fun music while washing your face and putting on makeup.
Scrub your body with a Coffee Scrub!!!
All you need is 1cup of coffee and some shower gel.
Mix it together and get scrubbing!
Have fun!!!
-Peace Mamas

Life is full of disappointments

Two days a go I got the news I'm having a little boy. I was very disappointed because I really wanted a girl. I thought I would have tons of girls not 5 boys, lol. Yes, I might sound selfish and ungrateful and sorry if I offend. I felt just like the frowning little girl in the picture. I was sad and had my time to be upset and disappointed.

Life can be full of disappointments but we must always remember the good things in our life. There is nothing wrong with being disappointed. My girl Qee let me know it's okay and I know that because I wont stay in that feeling forever. I can't say this is the last baby for me. I will leave it in the Lord's hands. I love my boys never get it twisted but that wont stop me from wanting a girl.

Times are getting hard and there will be major and minor disappointments in you life. Your life wont wont seem so bad if you keep in mind all the great things & people within it. Feel disappointed but don't stay there and let it fester. Keep it moving Mamas!!!

-Peace Mamas