Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Growth of a Great Woman

My sister, my close friend, my ace, and the list can go on forever is getting married. I am so very excited for her because she is an amazing woman. When I first met her in Owings Mills Mall I never knew what our relationship would become, but I watched her grow into a new person. The girl I knew became a woman before my eyes. I know after she is married her growth will continue.
When your a little girl all you do is think of the day you will be older like your mother or big sister. You blink your eyes and here you are in the midst of growth. Growing up doesn't end when you become a woman it continues and keeps changing. Some women look like women but still act like girls. Some little girls look like young ladies but try to act like women.
Growth is a process that Christ will guide you through. You don't have to push or force the process. As a woman growing into something great recognize the opportunities before you for that change.
A caterpillar would never change into a beautiful butterfly if it never made the cocoon...
Peace Mamas

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