Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Juicy Lips: Get them this summer!!!

Lip gloss is my favorite for the summer. I like high shine lip gloss.

I'm talking about the juicy shine you get from eating chicken.
Sike, I'm just playing. I do love lip gloss for the summer. Lip glosses come in all types that have very little color and some have the color and shine. If you missed out on my tip/ trick for smoother lips I will inform you again.

Smooth Lips Tip/ Trick
  • Brush your lips with your toothbrush everyday

Yes its that simple, lol.

I can't leave you without my favorite lip glosses & lip scrubs to check for this summer.


  • Victoria's Secret: Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

(I love it because it smells good and has a little taste)

  • Victoria's Secret:Very Sexy Makeup Lip Gloss

(Very Sexy lip gloss gives you just enough color and shine)

  • The Body Shop: Hi Shine Lip Treatment

Wet& Wild Cosmetics: Glassy Gloss Lip Gel

(Reminds of a cheaper MAC lip glass)

  • Carol's Daughter:Candy Paint

( It's all natural and nice color)


  • The Body Shop: Lip Scuff
  • Philosophy: Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub
  • The lip scrub by Sara Happ(Comes in the cutest container and variety of scents)
  • Lollibomb Beauty: Vegan Whipped Lip Frosting (all natural and fun)
  • Fresh: Sugar Lip Treatment(This one is my all time favorite and it smells really good)

Another Lip Tip/ Trick of The Day

Do you have a favorite lip liner that you wish was a lip gloss or lip stick?
Well if you do, here is a tip for you Mama.

All you need is your favorite lip liner and clear lip gloss of your choice.

First outline your lips with the liner and then color in entire lips .
Your lips should be evenly colored in with the liner.
Apply the lip gloss and rub your lips together.
Blot a little with tissue.

Wow!!! You have your favorite lip liner now a lip gloss.

Have fun...

-Peace Juicy Lip Mamas