Friday, September 19, 2008

Peeling away the layer: Where the inner beauty dwells

While Keisha is at the MAC counter buying the newest trend of makeup to look wonderful to the world, I'm standing in the mirror trying to see through my eyes my soul. The "layers" we hold make up the core that lies within us. We always want someone special in our lives especially the ones we hold close to our heart to know every layer of us. We say to our self they should want to get to know all the layers of me. Appearance attracts the man, but will it keep him there in the long run? The black woman is sick of cheating, lies, and dogs. I hear it I see it everyday. Some women say "I must have loser posted on my forehead because that's all I get". I say you are in some way what you attract. If we are to treat and think of our selves as trash will we not get that in return? Our layers are deep but have you peeled back every layer to see the core within. When the flesh is gone will your spirit shine? Its not the make-up, hair, or clothes that make you. It's your spirit that can out shine the flesh. The core of you is your spirit. Looking at your self and being honest with the your self might help you find it. I found my spirit through "the truth" and Christ. A black man that came in the flesh to show us perfection that showed us the way. He is real and he is in me. Deep within the layers is a spirit that lives and breathes the positive, you just have to pray the Lord helps you find it.

-Peace Mamas

The Black Family: It lacks luster when it used 2 gleam

My mother taught me the meaning of "family" and the bonds it holds. I never understood it entirely until I had my own. During slavery times white master would do everything in his power to destroy the bond of the black family. One way are another we held together. Even if daddy got sold up the river because the family was too strong with love. The little boy would remember his daddy's presence. Mama would keep his memory alive to her children. Now in the present the "black family" is dying but we refuse to see it. The bonds our ancestors would never break we cut everyday. Sleeping around and having children with just any man is okay. Father's not being within the family unit for both mother and child is at a rise. Seeing a black man take care of his children is not a norm and looked at like a side show project to others. Our respect and dignity has vanished. Many black men never really make bonds with their family when older and lack to have their children get to know their family. Why is that so common in the black community? Name one black child that will say "I dont really know my mother's side but I do know my father's". It's always the other way around. If both sides of the families' blood run through this child there should be a bond on both. I say I will break the cycle becauseI am raising boys that will become men and have families. I will teah them the bond of family and their children will grow up to know their father's family. Our children hold our legacy. Let us keep the black family alive to push forward to forever. Sorry if this blog is too much for you but my thought are real and run deep.

-Peace Mamas