Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eye & Brow Makeover: Why it can do wonders for the face...

    Sleepless in Baltimore this has been my nights for many weeks. I haven't felt like writing but finally was motivated after attending a spa day for my friend's birthday. My sleepless nights are causing my eyes to look tired and old. I have bags and dark circles...this combo is not  a girl's best friend. A spa day with my girls was at the top of my list. Mama was in need of a makeover and some TLC.

   I was blessed to sit in the chair of top makeup artist Aqueelah Williams. I have recently did a interview about her in an earlier blog...check it out. So back to my makeover miracle. I told my friend a million times I need a transformation on my eyes. I never really had eye brows and my brows grow in a certain way due to an accident that happened as a child. Aqueelah got to work on my brows. When she told me she wanted to shape my brows another way I was hesitant but willing to see the difference. I usually shape my brows in a way that gives me a skinny brow tail but I make up for that by filling in my thin areas. I looked in the mirror and saw Aqueelah gave me more eyebrows than before. I was amazed at the difference. My eyes were looking better already. After applying my makeup she applied single eye lashes on my lash line. She applies them much differently than the Asian women that use krazy glue on your The lashes are guaranteed to last on your eyes for at least 1-2 weeks. I must say I love my new lashes that are still on as I type. When I came home later on I washed my face and saw a brand new person. My eyes are open and my brows are shaped to perfection. It wasn't just the makeup that made me look alive. A true makeover starts with the basics of a great foundation. Always remember take care of the eyes.The eyes are the main attraction of the face and the brows are a beautiful frame. If you live in the Baltimore and would like a brow & lash makeover by Aqueelah Williams...spend me an email (go 2 my contact page)...and I will give you her contact information. TTYL.