Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Beauty of Being MAMA

Solange Knowles has gotten alot of negative views for being a young mother. I'm a young mother my self of 4 beautiful little boys. I give credit to Ms. Knowles on the fact she is honest about motherhood. I remember when I was pregnant with my youngest son my doctor asked me how do I deal with the other boys? I told her they are very helpful and try to do little things to help me out. She laughed and said most mothers say their other children get on their nerves or drive them crazy. I thought to my self they do get on my nerves, drive me crazy and so much more. Motherhood has it's ugly side when your alone with the kids and all of them make you want to hide in a closet. Even in those horrible moments you find the beauty of being a Mama. When your child lays their head in your lap. When my oldest son tells me I look pretty and I know I look a mess. One of the boys finally eats all his vegetables without me making him sit there at the table all day. I could of thought back to all the negative days with my children and tell my doctor I cant stand my children. I didn't go there because I know the positive out weighs the negative. I'm proud to be a young Mama. I find the beauty in being a mother when I can look at them from a far and watch them be little boys having fun. Sure, motherhood has it's bad moments but it don't last forever. Soon I know my little ones will be men and I hope to see them deal with their own children. Right now I'll enjoy being their Mama and them being my little boys. Enjoy motherhood try not to take it as a burden. Finding the beauty in being a Mama starts with you.