Monday, June 16, 2008

The True Blaque Beauty Mama

People call her the "Black Madonna". Her name is Mary the mother of Christ. We don't often see her true image in America, but if you go to places like Europe you will see Mary's true image. Mary black and beautiful holding her son Christ black and beautiful. We as black women must look at ourselves and see the beauty within. The mother of Christ was a beautiful and righteous black woman. The media tries to shove their images in your face and wants you to change your hair, lighten your skin, lose the curves, but when do you say this is enough. When the world is getting you down about your image as a black woman just think Mary was black and beautiful . What does that make you?
Keep being beautiful from the inside out!
-Peace Mamas

Mama's Artist of the week is...

Lalah Hathaway is the artist of the week. I remember when I was a little girl watching her sing "Baby, baby don't cry". Her voice is soothing and relaxing for when you want to give your self a mask, paint your toe nails, or take a bath. Check her videos out on the left side of my page. Lalah is very talented and it seems she has been hidden to the mainstream music industry. Check her out at
Music is soothing to the soul.
-Enjoy Mamas

Give your feet a vacation!!!

Summer will soon be here. You know what that means Mamas... those cute strappy sandals you love to wear are calling your name. What about after you go through the day and you don't have enough time to take care of those aches and pains? Your feet are killing you, but you still have to cook dinner,check the mail, walk the dog, feed the children etc. Sounds busy right? Ours days can be so hectic but we still need to give our feet a little TLC! Listen up Mamas here is a quick way to shut the dogs up and give them a small vacation.

Vacation Feet/ Tip& Trick of the Day

While taking a shower close the drain so the tub will fill up with water.
(Note :Make sure the water is hot)

Pour your favorite oil in the water. It can be tea-tree oil, baby oil, whatever makes you happy.

Take your shower as normal and give your feet time to relax in the hot water.

See it wasn't that hard Mamas.

Thank me later after you try it.

*Also if you want to give your feet some extra loving check out Carol's Daughter: The Dogs are Talkin' Gift Set

-Peace to your feet Mamas!!