Friday, September 27, 2013

Say Hello to "The Bad Guy"....

You have at least one reality show you love to watch. Most people watch reality shows for the drama. A reality show would be nothing without a villain. A show must always have a bad guy or the "bitch". I recently saw people comment in a very hateful and negative way on Instagram about Dutchess of Black Ink Crew. Last season everybody loved Dutchess and now this season everyone hates her. People say she has changed and they hate her. She now is officially the bitch of the show. I have heard many reality stars say the show edits so much and makes people look like the "bad guy". I then hear others respond well don't give them nothing bad to record. I disagree with both responses because no one wants to be the villain. Nobody wants to admit there is a bad side to everyone. We got it all wrong about being "bad". Everything has duality because balance must be present. Evil and good must both exist. You have two sides to one whole. Even if your good side out weighs the bad,the evil is still present. If a camera crew followed you around for a week what would they record? If you were on a reality show would you be the bad guy or the "bitch"? I think people should think about themselves before pointing out who is negative. Once in your life you have played the villain...Everybody takes a trip to the dark side. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

3 of My Fav Curling Products!

I must say it's been a journey since I cut my locs off. Finding the right products for your natural hair is a job within its self. I'm willing to try anything that will help me achieve the perfect curl. I have finally found three that make me happy.

Below are my 3 favorite curling products.

#1 My Favorite
I love the smell. It enhances my curls without the crunch. It's not too greasy and gives you soft curls. It also dries quickly with little shrinkage of the curls. Only con I wish it didn't cost so much.

#2nd Fav

I love the smell. Gives me a nice curl. It can be a little greasy. It takes some time to dry. It will give your curls a little crunch so you have to pull the curls out some to get rid of the hardness. It can be a little pricey but worth it.

#3rd Fav

The smell is wonderful. It can be very greasy depending on how much you put in your hair. It curls the hair fairly well. I like to use it for twist outs. It sometimes can make the hair look shorter but  usually after my hair dries I pull my hair to extend the curls. The cost is great when I can't buy #1 or #2

I hope this helps my Curly Mamas...

Have fun!

-Peace Mamas

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Peace in Confrontation

Hey Mamas,

     I was inspired to write this blog from a recent confrontation I had with a friend. I thank her for the inspiration because it has brought me back to something I love to do. So lets go back to the topic at hand..."Confrontation". Why is confronting another person necessary? Why can it bring peace to a situation? Two very good questions to ask my self and to ask you my fellow readers.

Confrontation is defined the act of confronting someone face to face. It also can be defined as a conflict of ideas or a conflict between armed forces. All these definitions sound negative. The reality of the matter is confrontation is needed. You can assume in your head all day about if a person feels a certain way about you. You can assume someone did or said something towards you. The truth and the fact is you never really know until you confront the matter. I enjoy confrontation because it clears out all the bullshit and the fluff.

As a child I was very quiet. I never spoke up for myself. Most times I would cry if someone hurt me. I hated to get in arguments or confront another person. It was a fear in me to get get hurt. I was told recently I couldn't handle hearing the truth about myself. I now laugh to my self because I know that's far from the truth. The truth is I can handle truth and I can handle confrontation right in front of my face. I like to hear the tones and vibration from another person. If your angry than let me hear you shout. If your sad and you want to cry it out I'm here to see it and hear it. Another person can tell me to my face they hate me because with face to face confrontation it's real. So you may be wondering where the fuck is the peace. The peace comes
in after the storm of the confrontation. Its the comfort of getting it all out. You said all you had to say and the other person said what they had to say. At the end you might be able to hug one another and say I'm glad this shit happened. The assuming has disappeared and there is room to grow and learn from the confrontation. Can you see it? Can you see the peace in confrontation?....

_Peace Mamas